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Video Transcript:

Charging your MAGMA and VOLCANO components is also an easy task.  For demonstration purposes, I’ll be doing all of the charging procedures using the MAGMA accessories, but the procedures shown will also apply to the VOLCANO line of products. It’s important to note that you cannot use MAGMA charging accessories to charge your VOLCANO products and vice versa, as both products have their own operating specs.  If you were to use the wrong the charging component, you will most likely destroy your unit and void your warranty. So make sure to use the correct charging components if you own both products. To start, lets charge up our pack.

The M-Pack and the V-Pack both pull double duty and not only stores your ecig components, but will also act as a mobile charger for your ecig batteries when you are on the go. To charge your pack simply plug the supplied mini usb cable into the side of the pack like so.  You can then either choose to charge the pack via a standard wall outlet using the supplied wall adapter or you can plug the usb cable right into any standard USB port like so. Once your pack is plugged into a power source, the screen will light up and the charging cycle will commence.  As you can see, the battery indicator will cycle showing you that is charging the pack.  Once the pack shows a full set of 4 bars, the pack is fully charged and ready to be used. You can check the charge of the pack at anytime by clicking this button located on the side of the pack.  This button actually serves three purposes which includes showing you how much charge the pack is currently holding, initiating the charge of an eCig battery, and an activation button for the included LED light that you see here on the outside of the pack as well as here on the inside. The LED on the inside of the pack will help to illuminate the accessories you are currently storing and will make it easier for you to retrieve items in the dark.

Both the M-Pack and the V-Pack have the same amount of storage slots and each has its own purpose.  The last slot all the way on the right of the pack is the charging receptacle where you will screw your ecig batteries in to charge.  Behind that you have an extra slot for your second ecig battery .  In front of that slot is a slot for your atomizer and attached cartridge and the remaining slots will hold your tanks or cartomizers….whichever of the two you may be using.

So now that our pack is charged up, lets go ahead and charge one of our ecig batteries with it.  To do this, simply insert the ecig battery all the way into the slot and screw it into the pack like this. Once its fully screwed in, you will press and hold the bottom of the button until you see the light on the top of the ecig blink.  The screen will then turn from red to orange and begin to cycle to let you know that your ecig battery is charging.  Its important to note that the battery display on the screen is not an indication of how much charge the ecig battery has.  It is only an indication of how much charge the pack currently has.  Once the screen has switched back to red and the charging cycle has completed, your ecig batteries will be fully charged.  You can check the status of the charge at any time by simply clicking on the button and checking the screen. 

In addition to the pack, the MAGMA and VOLCANO kits both come with separate USB chargers that are specifically made to charge your ecig batteries giving you two options!  To charge your ecig batteries in the supplied USB charger, simply screw your ecig battery into the USB charger like so and either plug the USB charger into the wall adapter or into an available USB port to begin charging.  The USB charger has an indicator light on it which will glow red when charging and will switch to green once it it fully charged. It's important to note that it is not recommended that you leave your batteries screwed in to the pack or the USB charger once the charging cycle has commenced, as this can damage your batteries.

Well that pretty much wraps up the charging tutorial.  We hope you enjoy using your MAGMA and VOLCANO ecigs and until next time.  Happy Vaping and Aloha…