Premium USA V-Liquid - Tobacco Pure

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  • Premium USA V-Liquid - Tobacco Pure

Premium USA V-Liquid - Tobacco Pure


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This E-Liquid will give you the truest flavour of Tabacco Pure. Hand mixed in the US from the genuine artificial, Tobacco Pure is the best depiction of an analog cigarette on the market.


This E-Liquid will give you the truest flavour of Tobacco Pure. Hand mixed in the US from the genuine artificial, Tobacco Pure is the best depiction of an analogue cigarette on the market. A great help for those cravings.

Contains 1 15ml or 30ml child-proof bottle of US-made, top-quality, premium V-Liquid in your choice of strength.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavouring.

Additional Information

Cartridge Color Black
Flavor Tobacco Pure

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    Review by elaine on 24/01/2017
    this is the only liquid I buy its nice tastes nice and smells ok
  • Overall rating
    Review by Eszteron 05/10/2014
    I think it tastes better than the tobacco.
  • Overall rating
    Full tobacco flavour
    Review by Titianon 15/09/2014
    Very nice and full tobacco flavour, but a bit to sweet for my liking.
  • Overall rating
    Tobacco Pure.
    Review by Christopher Bon 22/08/2014
    Great flavour l always mix it with Menthol Burst.
  • Overall rating
    Review by Umeron 09/08/2014
    Definitely the best flavour I've had so far
  • Overall rating
    i taste tobacco
    Review by elaine on 24/06/2014
    this is the first one i have tried, tastes a little sweet but nice like tobacco with a cotton candy back flavour
  • Overall rating
    good tobacco flavour
    Review by JANETon 20/03/2014
    I have been using this tobacco flavour for months and recommend it to any one who is trying to quit; I use lights 8mg and 16mg depending on how i feel - both are a great vape
  • Overall rating
    Review by Ginaon 20/02/2014
    This is the best tobacco flavor you can possible get, almost like chocolate. It mixes well with other flavors if you are into combining flavors
  • the best liquid ever
    Review by Raduon 29/10/2013
    That's definitely the best liquid I've ever tried. I used to be a smoker before for almost 10 years. But with this liquid and with volcano inferno ecig it was piece of cake to quit smoking. I managed to quit smoking completely with these products 1 and a half years ago. Thank you Volcano !!!
  • Tobacco pure
    Review by Craigon 11/09/2013
    Excellent stuff, nothing to dislike about it, doesnt taste like old ashtrays which some other brands do
  • Nice
    Review by Marion 21/08/2013
    If you try to quit smoking, so i think this e-liquid wil help you. Is little sweet, but is similari tot he real tobaccoo. I wil order more of this, couse i just love it!
  • Fairly good product.
    Review by Stephen on 01/08/2013
    Got the impression from the reviews the juice was stronger than actually is, will order the 24 strength next time not a bad mouth hit and decent flavour I've had a lot worse, slightly sweet and a little to lean. Lacking the wow factor.
  • Love it!
    Review by Laverticuson 31/05/2013
    I have tried lots of different juices from different companies but none of them seem to be consistent in quality. But i have placed three orders of this juice and i can say that it is the best i have found. The taste is slightly sweet but i like that. And the quality is high.
    I have already recommended this to all of my vapers.
  • a bit different from regular cigaretts :-)
    Review by Kristofferon 18/05/2013
    it's actually hard to compare taste of Pure Tabacco with taste of regular tabacco :-)

    if You are noobie (like me) to vaping You will probably find it 'perfumy' - but on the other hand:

    maybe it's just me and my destroyed taste sensation after 20 Years of smoking talking her

    I started with 16mg and I didn't have any problems with transition from regular cigaretts to Pure Tabacco - good TH and absolutely not the worst after taste

    it's probably (together with 'Tabacco') 'non-flavored' replacement for the taste that we ware (and still are) used to - so if You just switched to vaping try it - couse flavored ones may not be 'anough' for You at the beginning - but it's (like with everything else) individually from person to person :-)

    3,5 out of 5 stars from here :-)
  • Best tobacco flavour ever
    Review by Lornaon 27/04/2013
    Just arrived! This version of tobacco is the best flavour I've tasted. I've bought a number of different ones from supposedly good manufacturers but this one is by far the closest to a real cigarette flavour. Great for first time Vapers. Would recommend it to anyone.
  • My go to liquid.
    Review by stevenon 18/04/2013
    Vaped 16mg at first, now i'm on to 8mg. My favourite tobacco flavour
  • hits the spot
    Review by garyon 29/03/2013
    nice for when you first come off the fags. you wont crave for a cigg after a couple of vapes on this trust me, i got the lights 8mg version and get really good throat hit. love it...
  • Amazing!
    Review by Kejalon 06/03/2013
    I love it... Tastes like candy floss!
  • Very nice juice
    Review by Stuarton 02/03/2013
    This was my first juice. Nice tobacco flavour and a pretty good throat hit. I'd recommend this as a first juice before moving on to other flavours.
  • does exactly what it says on the bottle.
    Review by Ovy on 06/02/2013
    Got This to tempt my curious friends over from analogue that wanted to retain a "real" tobacco taste rather than the more candy flavours.They won't be disappointed.Is an accurate and enjoyable vape that should tempt them to cross the divide in droves.Consistant satisying taste and expenience so if tobacco is your thing then this should hit the spot.