Premium USA V-Liquid - Menthol Burst

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  • Premium USA V-Liquid - Menthol Burst

Premium USA V-Liquid - Menthol Burst


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This E-Liquid gives you a Menthol Burst throughout your mouth, hence the name of the flavour. If you could imagine vaping a breath mint, this would be the flavour for you.


This E-Liquid gives you a Menthol Burst throughout your mouth, hence the name of the flavour. If you could imagine vaping a breath mint, this would be the flavour for you. Volcano's menthol is great for mixing with others to deliver that real minty kick, but if you're planning to vape it straight, try wearing a jacket.

Contains 1 15ml or 30ml child-proof bottle of US-made, top-quality, premium V-Liquid in your choice of strength.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavouring.

Additional Information

Cartridge Color Black
Flavor Menthol Burst

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    Great taste
    Review by Adam on 14/05/2017
    This is the best menthol I have ever had
  • Overall rating
    Best ever
    Review by Adam on 05/03/2017
    Have tried many menthol products and this is the best by miles
  • Overall rating
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Claire on 30/06/2016
    Great product.
  • Overall rating
    Best menthol Ever
    Review by Adam on 07/10/2015
    This has to be the best menthol ever I have tried loads and have no given up others as this is the best menthol Cape I have ever had.
  • Overall rating
    Best Menthol I,ve tried.
    Review by samon 25/03/2015
    I have tried loads of different menthols and this is by far the best. It is always consistent with a fantastic refreshing taste.
  • Overall rating
    Review by Carlon 12/10/2014
    Really is a beautiful vape, very refreshing and a nice crisp cold burst on every puff. Probably my most regular vape!
  • Overall rating
    new best friend
    Review by marieon 30/08/2014
    ive just ordered this flavor and i love it got good hit and mixes well with RY4
  • Overall rating
    Great !!!
    Review by Alexanderon 30/08/2014
  • Overall rating
    Best I have used.
    Review by Christopher Bon 22/08/2014
    Have been using Menthol Burst for nearly two years; great for mixing with other flavours. If it was not for Volcano I would still be smoking now, have not had one in 18 months.
  • Overall rating
    Great !!!
    Review by Alexanderon 16/08/2014
    Superb menthol taste -
  • Overall rating
    menthol burst
    Review by scotton 13/08/2014
    The best menthol liquid on the market by a mile.
  • Overall rating
    Ok but...
    Review by Umeron 09/08/2014
    Tastes more like im vaping Vicks. Too strong for me.
  • Overall rating
    my favorite flavour
    Review by Michelon 29/07/2014
  • Overall rating
    Good product
    Review by Claire on 23/07/2014
    Tastes better than the standard menthol. Arrived well before I though with the free delivery. Best liquid to use for the inferno as have bought from an e liquid place on the high street and it stopped working properly. Lasts longer and my inferno works like new now.
  • Overall rating
    Superb Menthol
    Review by Alexanderon 22/07/2014
    Been using this product for a couple of months and cannot grumble at all :)
  • Overall rating
    Review by Pon 16/07/2014
    Much better than the Menthol e-liquid.
  • Overall rating
    Review by CDawgon 10/07/2014
    Never been much of a menthol person, but after buying this I was converted. Definitely going to be one of my staples. Great for all occassions and doesn't make you vape-sick! Great!
  • Overall rating
    Just like menthol cigarettes
    Review by Timon 07/07/2014
    I mixed this with tobacco flavor and it's just like a menthol cigarette.
  • Overall rating
    good drop
    Review by Carlon 06/07/2014
    horses for courses, but if I was a horse this drop would be my course. have tried a lot of other menthol juice when I had run out but found this one the best (own opinion)
  • Overall rating
    Great Taste
    Review by Alexanderon 01/07/2014
    Very Good taste :)
  • Overall rating
    Very Good
    Review by Alexanderon 29/06/2014
    Forgot to say... Very good dispatch time.....
  • Overall rating
    Very Good
    Review by Alexanderon 29/06/2014
    Excellent taste :)
  • Overall rating
    A change from Drum roll ups
    Review by Paulon 23/06/2014
    A refreshing change, 16mg menthol a great change from 16mg normal.
  • Overall rating
    Nice and smooth
    Review by Cllinton 05/05/2014
    I would have preferred a bit stronger not sure I got the Menthol Burst. Tasted just like the menthol! Still this is a smooth vape.
  • Overall rating
    Strong but amazing!
    Review by Roxieon 30/04/2014
    This has to be the best menthol I have ever tried! It is strong but so very satisfying , if you crave that throat hit! My all day vape and cant get enough of it. No sweet aftertaste either. Im using the 8mg. and its exactly what I need.
  • Overall rating
    Great taste -
    Review by Alexon 28/04/2014
    Very Good menthol aroma :)
  • Overall rating
    Review by ashleyon 23/04/2014
    Haven't smoked menthol before so don't know why I bought it....... so glad I did! Refreshing taste while smoking and leaves a nice taste afterwards!!
  • Overall rating
    Still going strong...!
    Review by Alanon 03/04/2014
    I reviewed these before but this time I would like to review the service. I have ordered many times now from volcano and each and every time the service has been impeccable. I like to order a couple of days before I run out, yet the order always arrives before I expect it. This type of service is rare and because of it, I will never go anywhere else. Well done Volcano....!
  • Overall rating
    Review by Jameson 02/04/2014
    The best menthol on the market hands down. This juice has saved me from a years' long pack of menthols a day habit!
  • Great again!
    Review by Alanon 04/03/2014
    Head and shoulders above the rest. Which reminds me, I must order more....!
  • Overall rating
    Best there is
    Review by Alanon 19/02/2014
    The only true menthol flavour I have tried. Like others, I add a few drops of it here and there to other flavours for a different kick, or on its own for a pure menthol hit...!
  • Strong menthol
    Review by Piotron 06/10/2013
    It's good for adding couple of drops and mixing with other flavours. Pleasant and fresh taste while you're vaping!
  • The very best menthol
    Review by Peteron 26/09/2013
    I have tried most menthol e-liquids and this one is, by far and away, the very best. Clean icy taste that really makes your mouth come alive. Cannot recommend highly enough
  • Brilliant mixer
    Review by JANETon 25/07/2013
    This e liquid is fab you can add this to most liquids I use it with tobacco pure on occasions for a great menthol taste will order more as soon as ...
  • A must have juice.
    Review by Richardon 29/06/2013
    Two words: fantastic juice. Great vapour, taste, and throat hit – and this is now my ‘go to’ juice when others fail. Works first time, every time, straight out of the bottle (with no need for steeping). Try adding a few drops of a fruit juice to it. I can thoroughly recommend a few drops of Cherry Lava for a 'Menthol Soother' like vape. Awesome stuff.
  • Tops
    Review by Bsmarteron 25/06/2013
    Nice and smooth and close to the menthol flavour I'm used to. Don't get the menthol as you might be disappointed as I was when I first tried the menthol and later tried the Menthol Burst.
  • Menthol Burst
    Review by Peteron 17/06/2013
    This is THE one. It's the very best menthol e-liquid I've used (and I've used a whole raft of 'em). Recommended wholheartedly
  • Must Have
    Review by Sx1907on 21/05/2013
    This is not just for menthol flavor. I've ordered 3 batches of fluids from Volcano till now and MB was in all of them.

    I mix this with EVERY flavor, a drop or more depending on the flavor. Makes sweet flavors smoother and hard flavors softer for my taste.

    Also It was great to deal with regular smoke crisis for me.

    Every vaper should have this one.
  • My absolute go-to flavour.
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    I absolutely love this menthol burst. It gets added to my basket with every order because I just cannot get enough. It's a strong, ice cold flavour that I love as former menthol smoker. I love it by itself, but it's very versatile and mixes with almost everything - particularly any fruit or sweet to add that fresh taste. Love this one - more than any menthol I've ever tried. It's strong, but if you like menthol (and maybe even if you don't!) you will love this.
  • Fresssshhhh breath!
    Review by Adrianon 16/05/2013
    This is awesome, the first puff almost knock me out! if you breath it in refreshes your throat but if you just pump it straight throughout your nose it can really freeze your brains!!! I only bought it because of so many good reviews it had, not because I'm a menthol enthusiast, in fact I dislike mints and menthol flavouring in my toothpaste, but the more I vape menthol burst the more I like it! It seems to linger around more than other vapours... very good experience.
  • Excellent all day vape
    Review by Pedro Guilhermeon 08/05/2013
    This is the best menthol flavour in the market. Strong but perfect for all day vaping.
  • Great flavour
    Review by Lornaon 27/04/2013
    One of the best menthol's I've tasted. Leaves your mouth tingling. Also great to mix with other flavours. I've added it to tobacco pure for a great tasting vape! I know there are cheaper e-liquids out there but you really get what you pay for. Superb stuff!
  • Ecellent alrounder
    Review by garyon 10/04/2013
    this is lovely on its own or if you get one of them flavours that your none too keen on, this changes it totally. keep a bottle handy just in case..
  • Best Menthol around
    Review by Andyon 05/04/2013
    I discovered this menthol burst flavor, and volcano , while i was in the USA. This is the best menthol flavour on the market, hands down. I can vape it on its own, or mixing it up and its definitely vapeable all day. A very fresh vape indeed. Highly recommended if you like menthol and even if you dont, you will be suprised how great it is. A very nice and pleasant flavor.
  • Excellent Menthol
    Review by Alion 31/03/2013
    If you want 100% menthol experience this it the one for you. Its like vaping an imperial mint. By far the best menthol flavor out there.
  • OMG
    Review by Jayne on 26/03/2013
    This is soooo good i have just ordered a big new bottle. Its like a blast of ice menthol through your tubes. i am pondering mixing a bit into some cherry lava, i wonder if it will create a sort of cherry tune (uk folks will know what i mean dunno if you have them in the us) whoo i love it.
  • Perfect menthol experience.
    Review by gr0danB011on 22/03/2013
    I will probably not go back to analog cigarettes.
    Mix this with Tabacco pure for the best taste experience
  • Perfect menthol experience.
    Review by Algolon 09/03/2013
    I was a menthol cigarette smoker until the very last day I quit and became a vaper. So it is quite easy for me to tell the difference. And I can definitely say this eliquid contains more fresh and more powerful menthol taste than the menthol cigarettes. Maybe it is because that you don't inhale other hazardous chemical substances which can be found on those cigarettes. But it's way better anyway. Menthol aroma is not so sharp, not so weak either. Appropriate for most users. (Personally I don't say "no" for more strength though.)
  • Mix it Up!
    Review by Ovy on 04/02/2013
    Already said how fantastic this is on its own as an analouge menthol replacement but by chance mixed this up with my Grape Escape and now have the sweetness and smoothness of that with a menthol kick at the end.Would highly recommend tweaking other flavours with a dash of this Wonder juice, you won't be disappointed.
  • astonishingly realistic
    Review by Ovy on 29/01/2013
    Bought this as my first ever flavour to go with my new Magma after smoking Menthol roll ups for years.Sensation and flavour is virtually identical to analogue Menthol without the sore throats.Refreshing and sense tingling,Thanks.