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  • USA V-Liquid - Kona Coffee

Premium USA V-Liquid - Kona Coffee

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Kona Coffee, a classic E-Liquid flavour improved further. Our Kona Coffee is newly crafted and hand mixed in the US to take you away to Kailua Kona and its foggy hills with each puff.

Regular Price: £9.99

Special Price £5.99

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Kona Coffee, a classic E-Liquid flavour improved further. Our Kona Coffee is newly crafted and hand mixed in the US to take you away to Kailua Kona and its foggy hills with each puff. Our inspiration for this unique flavour came from Hawaii where you can pick some of the best tasting coffee beans on Earth. Where else can you vape your morning coffee.

Contains 1 15ml or 30ml child-proof bottle of US-made, top-quality, premium V-Liquid in your choice of strength.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavouring.

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Cartridge Color Black
Flavor Kona Coffee

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    good for a serious coffee drinker!
    Review by Maryon 17/04/2015
    Perhaps because I'm a caffeine addict, but I really liked this e-liquid. It did have quite a bitter, strong, coffee taste which I wasn't expecting. I was pleasantly surprised that it did taste of coffee, rather than being 'coffee flavour' - hope that makes sense! I'll probably buy it again at some point, but think I'll try a few other flavours first (i'm still quite new to vapeing!)
  • Overall rating
    not bad
    Review by johnon 19/07/2014
  • Overall rating
    definately tastes of coffee
    Review by Elizabethon 07/01/2014
    Now I'm being honest in the fact that I didn't dislike this flavour but I'm not sure if I would reorder, It is a very strong coffee taste and definitely tastes of real coffee but a bit too strong for my taste
  • has a coffee taste to it
    Review by Brenton 29/10/2013
    yes was about what i was expecting if your after a coffee type taste i would recommend this
  • 4 of 5
    Review by Marion 03/08/2013
    After i try Choconila, then i try the Kona Coffee. What to say about Kona Coffee, is great, for me the taste is like dark rich coffee, . And after taste is good, i mean you can taste the coffee when you vaping Kona Coffee. Is not my favoritt, so far i have try from Volcano is Choconila haze, and i prefer Choconila haze more then Coffee, couse i like more sweet flavours. But is just me. If you like to drink dark cofee then, Kona Coffee is way to go.
  • Flavour tastes of coffee
    Review by Gail on 21/07/2013
    My favourite flavour so far. Smells and tastes of real rich coffee flavour. Didn't leave any horrible after taste like other coffee flavours I have tried in the past. Will definitely be buying this flavour again.
  • Smoooth....
    Review by Paulon 30/06/2013
    Nice smooth rich coffee taste, perfect for a Sunday afternoon!
  • Best coffee vape i have found
    Review by Jayne on 09/04/2013
    I love vaping but one thing confused me, i love coffee and haven't liked a single coffee vape.. tried this as my last chance when it was flavour of the month. wow.. its not a fake "coffee flavouring" taste .. more like the after taste of real coffee. i hope this makes sense ...??
  • Coffee surprise
    Review by Jacqueson 28/03/2013
    Being a fan of coffee flavours in general (plain, cappuccino etc) this came as a pleasant surprise. A strong full flavour with lasting after taste and decent throat hit, this has become my number one coffee flavour so far. Definitely recommended for coffee afficionados.
  • not what i expected
    Review by Nathanon 17/03/2013
    It's not the coffee taste i was expecting but then again i have never tried Hawaiian coffee before. It has a pleasant taste and does not leave a horrible after taste.
    I would recommend this flavour because it has an unusual taste but its nice.
  • Unexpected but not unpleasant
    Review by Chik'kion 29/11/2012
    I have never tried Hawaiian coffee, but I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong.

    When vaped I found this juice didn't so much taste like coffee as give an impression of the taste of coffee, more like the aftertaste of a good Javan ground coffee if that makes any sense.

    I once had the pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee made from beans I had picked, stripped, roasted and ground while working as a conservator in the Sumatran jungle, a time full of wonderful memories, and the taste of this vapour took me back there as soon as it hit the back of my mouth.

    Thank you, Volcano for bringing back that memory.