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Premium USA V-Liquid - Choconilla Haze

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Choconilla Haze is hand mixed on the beautiful shores of Hawaii and this signature E-Liquid gives a flavour like no other.


Choconilla Haze is hand mixed on the beautiful shores of Hawaii and this signature E-Liquid gives a flavour like no other. Created in the Volcano Vapour Bar in Waikiki by mixing just the right amounts of Chocolate, Vanilla and Hazlenut it creates a desert flavouring that will go great for an after dinner indulgence.

Contains 1 15ml or 30ml child-proof bottle of US-made, top-quality, premium V-Liquid in your choice of strength.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavouring.

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Cartridge Color Black
Flavor Choconilla Haze

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    A lot of hype
    Review by Peteron 06/09/2015
    I don't get those prior reviewers. If you did a blindfolded test you would not guess the flavour of this one. And it's got a a little soapy touch on the tongue as well. Stay well clear of this one and go for the LAVALINE Vesuvius instead.
  • Overall rating
    A bit odd
    Review by Joeon 28/08/2014
    Not sure if you might be better off mixing chocolate and vanilla yourself to find your own preference. I found this to taste a bit odd, however I did have an old coil at the time so take this review with a grain of salt.
  • Overall rating
    great smooth taste
    Review by Elizabethon 09/08/2014
    This is my sister's all time favourite! So I tried it and it's a really lovely smooth taste
  • Overall rating
    nice flavour
    Review by Elizabethon 09/08/2014
    Now this flavour is my sister's all-time favourite so I thought I'd better try it, I really liked it ! it's got a nice smooth taste but it's not my all-time favourite. Although I would have it again
  • Overall rating
    Review by johnon 19/07/2014
  • one of my favorites!!
    Review by Brenton 29/10/2013
    this flavor has to be one of my all time favorites and i'm pretty fussy :P taste like hazelnut i give it 10 out of 10 :D
  • My No.1
    Review by Tadejon 19/08/2013
    I must say that this flavour is my No.1 and if you did not try it you should. I almost circulated all the e-liquids and for me this is the best flavour. Choconilla Haze is for me all day go and it goes perfectly with cup of coffe. Sweet but not to much all three flavours noticible. And this combination is really top. This flavour is always on my list when i order some new e-liquids. I have almost circulated all the e-liquids of volcano UK . This and menthol burst (you can also mix them) are my favorite flavours.
  • nice
    Review by Marion 23/07/2013
    I have try many of e-liquids, coffee, cappuccino, chocolade from diferent companys, and i have waste much money for that, couse none of them taste like coffee, chocolade etc. Then before 1 week i find the volcano in UK. I order this e-liquid and when i take my first drag of choconila, then it was a big smile on me and just WAUUU. IS soo amazing, now i know i wil not waste my money now, now i know what volcano is. Finaly i find one company who makes e-liquids right how they say. Choconila haze is great, little to sweet but i like it, so if you like choco, or vanilia so you have to try this one, is great, and so nice taste and good vapor. Thank you Volcano
  • Fantastic taste
    Review by Gail on 21/07/2013
    This a fantastic flavour, tastes of nuts and chocolate. If you have a sweet tooth or need a chocolate hit. This is the one to go for. I will Defiantly be buying it again.
  • All Day with MB
    Review by Ulason 21/05/2013
    I've tried most of the Volcano EU e-liquids and this one is amazing. At first it was too sweet for me to vape all day. It is an all day vape for me since i mixed it with MB.

    If you have a sweet tooth buy this ! If you dont buy this to mix with others ! Every vaper should have Choconilla Haze.
  • OMFG
    Review by Michaelon 06/04/2013
    I had tried a number of different eliquid flavours from all different vendors before getting Volcano's Choconilla Haze. Now this is all I want to vape (all day, every day).

    The mixture of chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut is perfect and not one of them overpowers the others. If you are a fan of any of these individual flavours, you have to try this. I have even had people who didn't like vanilla or chocolate eliquid, absolutely love Choconilla Haze.

    After trying this flavour I now have to order every other Volcano flavour (and more Choconilla Haze or course) as I cannot imagine anything being better than this. Even if other Volcano flavours come close to this they will be amazing.

    I highly recommend Choconilla Haze especially to people who like sweet flavours. This flavour should be in ever vapers collection.
  • Yummy!
    Review by Samanthaon 27/02/2013
    Just got this in full flavoured variety with my shiny new Inferno kit and it is absolutely delicious. It's quite sweet and smells and tastes a bit like warm chocolate cookies. Nice amount of vapour - not too much but enough to be satisfying. Good throat hit, again not too much but definitely satisfying. The after taste is very pleasant too, no nasty chemical surprises. Even thought I usually mix my own eLiquid I will probably buy this again :)