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Premium USA V-Liquid - BlueWater Punch

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Hand mixed in the US this E-Liquid brings that Bluewater Punch flavour straight to your tastebuds. A careful blend of watermelon, blueberry and fruit punch, our Bluewater punch was newly crafted in the Volcano Vapour Bar.


Hand mixed in the US this E-Liquid brings that Bluewater Punch flavour straight to your tastebuds. A careful blend of watermelon, blueberry and fruit punch, our Bluewater punch was newly crafted in the Volcano Vapour Bar. Invoking the rich waters of Hawaii, it will take you away to your own slice of heaven.

Contains 1 15ml or 30ml child-proof bottle of US-made, top-quality, premium V-Liquid in your choice of strength.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavouring.

Additional Information

Cartridge Color Black
Flavor BlueWater Punch

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    Refreshing juicy taste
    Review by Simolioon 10/04/2015
    One of my favourite liquids, this has got a really refreshing, light fruity taste. I personally wouldn't mix with a darker full bodied liquid. This is a juicy melange where you can taste the hint of watermelon and blueberries and one that you won't get sick of too quickly.
  • Overall rating
    Sooooo Refreshing
    Review by Joannaon 29/07/2014
    Great for a hot summers day, the watermelon tastes so cool and refreshing with a slight hint of blueberry
  • Overall rating
    Blue Punch
    Review by Pon 16/07/2014
  • Overall rating
    Review by Stephenon 07/05/2014
    Brilliant flavour, tried a few and this is great
  • Overall rating
    Superb Vape
    Review by Cllinton 05/05/2014
    Addictive, fruity and very moreish.
  • Overall rating
    nice mild flavour
    Review by Elizabethon 21/04/2014
    lovely mild melon flavour, I enjoyed this but is a little mild for my taste but saying that I would order again for a change
  • Overall rating
    Nice mellow taste
    Review by Elizabethon 21/04/2014
    tried this one as the flavour of the month and I wasn't disappointed although it is a little mild for me I still enjoyed it and would order again
  • Overall rating
    Great Flavour
    Review by Benon 24/03/2014
    Has a great flavour along with a good throat hit, really good product
  • Overall rating
    Review by JANETon 20/03/2014
    Used this flavour quite a few times...its nice fruity and light to vape i use it with my small cartomisers when i fancy a change from tobacco its a good holiday one...
  • Overall rating
    Review by Nathanon 20/03/2014
    Got this one on flavour of the week, being my first flavoured juice i have to say i was impressed like others have stated i get a strong watermelon taste would buy again really enjoyable vape.
  • Overall rating
    A taste of summer!
    Review by Helenon 17/02/2014
    Light and fruity. Good flavours come through. Delicate. Will buy again.
  • Nice and Subtle
    Review by Williamon 05/12/2013
    A pleasant refreshing vape, mostly watermelon though.
  • Subtle
    Review by Felixon 20/11/2013
    Really subtle flavor, but great tasting! I personally order this with no nicotine so I can keep on using it without my heart going into overdrive because I am in love with this flavor. Similar to the watermelon.
    Also if you do an irish waterfall with it you can smell how your breath is: useful!
  • it was ok
    Review by Brenton 29/10/2013
    not bad not that good however that's just my opinion i have sampled some really good flavors on this site but for me at least this is not one that stands out however having said that i didn't mind it....
  • Yummy
    Review by Andreason 22/09/2013
    I quite like this flavour! To me the watermelon comes through the most, but blends in nicely with what tastes like a compote of other fruits. Really nice!
  • Could do with a bit more flavour
    Review by timon 03/09/2013
    Bought this along with Cherry, Grape and Pear (special order...I hope it becomes regular stock on here as it's fab!) and it was certainly the weakest in terms of flavour of the 4. That's not to say it wasn't good...far from it as I polished it all off pretty fast. Great for all occasions! Would probably buy again but would like to try the rest of the flavours available first.
  • Good
    Review by Marion 21/08/2013
    Is a great liquid. You can taste fruits and aftertaste of watermelon. Wil buy more of this.
  • great flavour
    Review by jasonon 09/07/2013
    I really like this one. As other reviews have stated, it's got an initial watermelon flavour with a hint of other fruits. Really light and refreshing.
  • Lovely juice
    Review by Stuarton 03/06/2013
    One of my favourites. Have just ordered some more. Similar to Watermelon but a bit more of a fruity hint to it. A good all day vape.
  • Great
    Review by Andrewon 23/05/2013
    I love this flavour, I could vape this all day.
  • Nice mixed flavour.
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    I got this with my original kit because I heard good things. I wasn't disappointed! I would certainly describe it as "watermelon with a hint of.." as it a strong watermelon taste, but you can pick up the other fruit tasts almost as an aftertaste when you've exhaled. A favourite for many, and is recommended!
  • Smooooth
    Review by Simonon 18/05/2013
    Perfect for relaxing with on a lazy sunday afternoon.
  • really nice
    Review by garyon 10/04/2013
    This is a really nice flavour, mild but one of my all day vapes. One to drift away with like being on a tropical beach almost. I Love it..
  • Favourite
    Review by Algolon 06/04/2013
    This is my favourite. Soft and tasty. Unlike cherry lava and methol burst, this is not sharp but satisfying with soft and tasty flavour. I think the flavour is a little bit hard to describe. But watermelon taste is dominant.
  • subtle and smooth
    Review by Jayne on 19/03/2013
    I find this flavour a really good one for relaxing.. it has a beautiful melon flavour but avoids being too harsh or synthetic tasting.
  • Silky Smooth
    Review by Ovy on 02/03/2013
    This stuff is beautiful,mild and flavoursome no dryness and so so subtle on the tastebuds consists mostly of watermelon with hidden undercurrents and is gorgeously smooth without being oversweet.
  • Silky...
    Review by Michaelon 20/02/2013
    Ideal for vapors that likes their liquid feel smooth and light both inhale and exhale. Special and one and only from the volcano brand.