Tube Tank (7ML / clear tank / chrome cap)

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Tube Tank (7ML / clear tank / chrome cap)


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Tube Tanks allow you to store a much greater volume of eliquid around the built-in, changeable cartomizer and dramatically cut down on refills. Volcano tube tanks are top-quality and are the best on the market today.


Volcano Tube Tanks are brilliant for real vapers and are specifically for use with the Lavatube. These tanks come as a complete set-up: the tube houses a classic cotton polyfil cartomizer with a hole punched into it to allow eliquid from the outer tube to continually feed the cartomizer. This keeps the heating element and wick fully saturated at all times, increasing vapour production and lengthening the life of the cartomizer.

The pack includes: 1tube tank, 1polyfill cartomizer and 1drip tip these 7ml Tube Tanks include a 3.0 ohm Single Coil Cartomizer allowing the full power range of the Lavatube to be used

More Information:

  • The Tube Tanks are no longer suitable for the Inferno Range; for the Inferno they have been replaced by the new BCT system

  • For more detail on how to fill and use the tube tanks check out the instructional video 'Intro to the Tube Tank' on the Blog: Instructional Videos

  • Cartomizer info: The 1.5 ohm Dual Coil cartomizer should not be used at a higher voltage setting than 4 volts, so to use the full power range of the Lavatube we suggest you use a 3.0 ohm cartomizer when purchasing refills.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    ALways handy to have a spare
    Review by Michelon 29/07/2014
    I like to vape 2 flavours at once. THis is must if you want to switch.
  • Overall rating
    misleading picture
    Review by Colmon 29/07/2014
    Unlike the picture used, this product comes with a cheap plastic drip tip.