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  • Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer


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Replacement cartomizers for your Tube Tank come in either a 1.5 ohm dual coil or a 3.0 ohm single coil configuration. If you use a Tube Tank for your Inferno you need the 1.5 ohm refill carts; if you have a Lavatube you are advised to use the 3 ohm ones.

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The Volcano replacement cartomizers for your Tube Tank are superb value! If you have a Lavatube you are advised to use the 3 ohm carts as the higher resistance allows you to use the full range of the Lavatube's power variability; the 1.5 ohm ones should only be used at the lower end of the power output. If you still use a Tube Tank for your Inferno then you need the 1.5 ohm carts as the 3 ohm ones are not suitable.

Note that the Tube Tank for the Inferno has now been superceded by the brand new BCT system, and it's worth giving it a go!

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    Review by Dariuszon 29/07/2014
    Product is fine, very long lasting
  • Overall rating
    great vape just one problem
    Review by Jay-Don 26/07/2014
    these give you a great high quality vape with the only problem being that they occasionally detach from the 510 connection at the base making a bit of mess
  • Overall rating
    Superb performance
    Review by Cllinton 05/05/2014
    Superb performance and at an amazing price.
  • Overall rating
    Great Product
    Review by Elizabethon 07/01/2014
    These are great! these cartomizers last me about a week or just over they may last longer but I love the great quality vape you get when you replace them and at the great price you can afford to replace them every week compared to even 1 pack of cigarettes
  • Long lasting
    Review by Bradleyon 05/12/2013
    Brilliant. I find the dual core to be a creamier vape, but the single core to be less taxing on the battery. Both last a long time and are good value when you buy 5.
  • best product i've tried
    Review by Raduon 29/10/2013
    this atomizer is just perfect. It just makes lot of vape and last at least 1 week (which is quite reasonable for the price). Just imagine how much money you can save by using this product. I used to pay for a pack of cigarettes twice the price of this atomizer... and that was daily :(. If you are a smoker and you plan to quit, I would suggest for beginning to buy the 1.5 dual coil atomizer due to the fact that it produces much more vape than the 3 ohm coil. But perhaps the best is to try the both of them ;-)
  • Lasts long!
    Review by Zachon 26/09/2013
    These cartomizers last quite a while, easy to set up and use, and it arrived very fast in the post. Definitely ordering again!
  • Consumable order lots
    Review by Andyon 03/09/2013
    An important factor for any new comer to vaping is when to replace the cartomizer. You will find it difficult to draw on the Tube Tank, or find that e-Liquid is bubbling up the drip tip. The mileage will vary on the e-Liquid/voltage/inhale style. Once you get a feel for how long it lasts just swap it out as scheduled. Simple and effective design, you just pull the unit out your Tube Tank and throw away. Push a new unit in and fill up your Tube Tank with chosen e-Liquid then prime the replacement to enjoy that new cartomizer feel. My preference is on quality of experience, I like to draw deep for that full flavor and effect, vaping around 4.5v I find the unit lasts about one week with continuous daily use. So plan ahead and buy according to your schedule.
  • Long lasting
    Review by Margareton 23/08/2013
    These cartomizers last me quite a while , tricky to fill but are worth the effort .
    Little dissapointed that it took 2 weeks for my order to arrive ... usually it only takes 1 week .
  • Refill cartomizer
    Review by kathyon 02/08/2013
    Great product and speedy delivery.
  • Great...when i master the priming ect
    Review by JANETon 29/07/2013
    I have burned 3 out of 5 not sure if this was my fault and i may need a little practiice, I have now done one right and it is brilliant with my tube tank...Ijust hope i get the next one i am going to persevere.... any help would be appreciated.
  • Refill Cartomizer
    Review by jameson 22/07/2013
    excellent product.
    + great delivery service
  • good product, cartomizers wrong
    Review by Richardon 20/07/2013
    love the gear, the threads on my cartos are wrong but other than that great stuff

    PS: Customer Services have now sorted out the problem!
  • Exellent
    Review by Benon 17/07/2013
    Great build quality and fast delivery. Good flavor from them too!
  • 3.0 ohm cartomizer
    Review by jasonon 09/07/2013
    These are excellent. Great build quality and they work like a charm with the tubetank. They seem to last for ages too.
  • Excellent
    Review by Laverticuson 31/05/2013
    Have been using these and found them to be excellent. Great quality and not had any problems with them at all. And they last for ages.
  • 1.5 ohm Cartomiser
    Review by Michaelon 30/05/2013
    Produces great flavour and the perfect vape that keeps me going throughout the day and night.
  • Excellent 3.0 ohm Single Coil flanged carto
    Review by Robon 21/05/2013
    Quick delivery and Excellent 3.0 ohm Single Coil flanged carto. These give plenty of vape,throat hit and flavour and I have had zero gurgling or any other problems and have not had any fail on me.
  • Well performing dual coil cartomizers.
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    Works with the tube tank perfectly. I've never had any problems with these (that weren't my own fault - I burned one or two early on). I've only used the 1.5ohm dual coil ones, but they do work great. Sticking with the same juice, I can usually have one last me for a couple of weeks - more if I don't use it all day every day.
  • Ideal
    Review by Simonon 18/05/2013
    I use 1.5 ohm single coil cartomiser with a tube tank on my inferno and can vape all day without having to refill. Last cartomizer lasted nearly a month.
  • 1.5 Ohm
    Review by Savvason 18/04/2013
    I used 1.5 Ohm so far with my inferno and it is the 3rd week now and still going! Very happy.
  • The best
    Review by Gazon 18/04/2013
    Having tried the boge cartos and getting several duds and no flange on the bottom i wasn't to impressed.
    Then I tried the smoktek cartos, and while they are pretty good I felt they were lacking a bit in flavour and they can quickly become harder to draw from.

    And then I found the lavatube cartos. I have to say im very impressed with these cartos (1.5ohm) the flavour and vapour production are excellent and it has a much easier draw as well.

    And all that for the same price i had been paying for the inferior cartos, thanks Volcano.
  • The benefits of switching from tobacco to vaping
    Review by Ashokon 15/04/2013
    it was in march I first came to know about your web site & decided to go for the Lava tube, believe me after the initial setting up I took my first vape & immediately was highly impressed that how satisfying the whole experience was,been a pipe smoker for 30 odd years believe me since I started vaping I have not touched my pipe,moreover no smokers cough. Well impressed with the construction of lava tube, my full marks to your engineering team. Once again many thanks
  • Excellent Performance
    Review by Alion 31/03/2013
    This config with the 1.5 Ohm cartomizer and tube tank you are ready to go vape all day without refilling. Great choice if your on the move.
  • Good price&performance
    Review by Denizon 25/03/2013
    I tried both: 1.5 Ohm single coil and the 3 Ohm dual coil. The single coils work a lot better for me. Mine last for about 10 days.
  • good for the price
    Review by Brenton 15/03/2013
    Quite simply put, the 1.5 duel core cartomizers are great. With my use they last a week maybe longer and areeasily changeable
  • Perfect intake of vapour.
    Review by Danielon 20/02/2013
    Perfect intake of vapour.