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Because the EU Tobacco products Directive (TPD) takes full effect on the 20th May we will have to change our range of E-Liquids.

Bottles can be no bigger than 10ml, strength can be no higher than 20mg, the registration requirements for eliquid are onerous and expensive, and special offers etc are no longer allowed. Order before the 20th May for your Volcano ELiquid as after that the range will change and you might not be able to get what you want.

You may have to wait a week or two for delivery while we move stocks around our warehouses but you will get your order.
The ‘4 bottles for the price of 3’ still stands, even though we are discounting the Premium range by 40% and the LavaLine by 53%!

lava line

Signature Blends

Take a trip around the world with the LAVA LINE. Four signature blends named after iconic volcanoes from around the world. Each unique blend pays tribute the culinary traits from that region taking you on a journey across the world.


Viscount e-Liquid

Brand new range of top-quality e-liquid with your old favourites and then more with superb new and exciting flavours.

Premium Eliquid

Premium e-Liquid

From base flavors to original VOLCANO mixes, we've got you covered. Choose between over 40 highly rated tobacco eliquids, menthol, candy, beverage, or dessert flavors available in both 15ml and 30ml bottle sizes. A flavor for each and every pallet.

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