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Needle Tip Bottle Cap


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The needle tip bottle cap is the perfect tool kit to fill your cartomizers. Attach one to your bottle of Premium Volcano E-Juice and it makes refilling even easier.


Volcano's needle tip bottle cap is perfect for making it even easier for those who like to use cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks. Attach it to a bottle of Volcano E-Liquid and fill 'em up! It also works really well for dripping on atomizers and will reduce the amount of excess liquid that sometimes clings to the side of the atomizer drip-tip. To install, simply remove the existing cap and the dropper from your existing bottle of Volcano eLiquid and screw on the needle tip cap - genius!

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    Must have
    Review by Dariuszon 29/07/2014
    Great tool, must have for any vaper.
  • Overall rating
    Great item
    Review by Richardon 04/07/2014
    This needle bottle cap is great it fits any bottle and makes filling easy making sure there are no spills
  • Just the job
    Review by Nigelon 17/08/2013
    I got this to aid with filling my lavatube and priming my cartomizers. Filling is now a dream and priming is as easy as pie, no danger of dripping down the air passage. Just the job.
  • nice
    Review by Marion 05/08/2013
    Great to fill the cartos and tank, and is more easy to fill with it so you dont need to worry about to mess with e-liquid!
  • what a gem
    Review by JANETon 16/07/2013
    Great to use makes filling cartomizers pretty easy especially when your eye sights not so clever .... I ordered two and worth every penny.
  • great idea
    Review by Laverticuson 31/05/2013
    Makes filling cartomizers and tanks a doddle. simple and very useful.
  • Love them want more
    Review by Jayne on 22/05/2013
    Makes priming carts a snip and also for the clearos they are indespensable. i had previously used hypodermic needles but they are a faff and expensive. this is the no mess no fuss option, best thing since sliced bread . i keep meaning to order more .
  • Convenient for all things.
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    Whilst you can fill many things without one of these, like cartomizers or tanks, but some things will need a needle like clearomizers. I found it makes things much easier though, even on simple fills like a tank! Just screw one onto whatever juice you're using and you're good to go regardless of equipment. Plus they can be easily rinsed clean and used with a new juice bottle whenever you want to switch - I'm still using the same one across about 10 bottles now.
  • You need one of those at least!
    Review by Tabuon 16/05/2013
    You must have one of this to be able to fill clearomizers, cartomizers and the tube tank, it fits almost all bottles, the only down side it is a bit pricey, best quality though.
  • Usefull.
    Review by Matton 05/05/2013
    Bought this with my starter kit and it is definitely useful to have around and makes filling the tank much easier.
    One slightly disappointing fact is that it doesn't fit the smaller bottles of liquid
  • Handy!
    Review by Borescopedon 11/04/2013
    5 stars for price, purpose and quality.

    As others stated before, very handy to have for filling tanks w/out messing with the caps. Also, you can use it for sucking the juice back out of the tank into the bottle if you need to! Bought this with my Magma T starter kit, and it's worth having it from the start.

    I recommend this item!
  • Great product
    Review by Nathanon 13/03/2013
    This is a must for filling up the blank tanks it does so without mess and very easy to use and even better its at a reasonable price. would recommend
  • Great help
    Review by Michaelon 20/02/2013
    Would be very useful for users that prefers to use refillable tanks/ carts.
  • Ease of access , simple as.
    Review by Danielon 20/02/2013
    Ease of access , simple as.
  • A big help!
    Review by Neilon 14/02/2013
    They say small things...
    But this really makes life easier when filling and priming your tank.
    Screws on to the bottle and has a connected top.
    A 'must have' in my opinion.
  • Ideal,does the job
    Review by Ovy on 06/02/2013
    I purchased some new clearomisers and this is essential to fill them.It did so easilly and without mess.Was easy to fit and clean afterward,Q-tips work great at cleaning it.Would also recommend this for filling tank o miser tanks after the initial fill to save the slighly difficult process of getting the tank caps on and off as you can just pour the liquid straight in with this.Invaluable!