the MAGMA E-Cigarette

The MAGMA e-Cigarette mimics the look and feel of a tobacco cigarette, which makes it that much easier to switch. With its top-performing battery life and retooled cartomizers, the MAGMA is a perfect choice for half-pack a day smokers.

Form & Function

Simple two-piece design.

Retooled for Performance

Providing solid clouds of vapor.

1-Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind our product quality.

  MAGMA Cartomizer White MAGMA Cartomizer Red MAGMA Cartomizer Green MAGMA Cartomizer Blue MAGMA Cartomizer Orange

Variety Gives Life its Flavor

Each MAGMA starter kit comes with two packs of 5 USA-made, premium e-Liquid-filled cartomizers in your choice of flavor and level of nicotine strength. A pack of cartomizers is roughly equivalent to about 2.5 packs worth of puffs making them a tremendous value. We even offer blank cartomizers, which enables you to fill them with any of the 40 VOLCANO e-Liquid flavors we currently carry.

Take Charge

The M-Pack stores your e-Cigarette components, and also doubles as a mobile charger for your batteries when you’re on the go. When fully-charged, you can expect nearly an hour’s worth of continuous use from each MAGMA battery.


The MAGMA Kit Review

by Bud on November 11, 2013

Excellent Product!

“Best I have used thus far, portable, small and powerful. The power pack built in the case is great for a quick charge while on the go. I am highly satisfied with this product and will use nothing else. Highly recommend this product for the average smoker.”

The MAGMA Kit Review

by James on July 6, 2014

Very Satisfied

“This is a big improvement over the lava system and I am glad I bought it, being refillable is what really sold me. Not only that but refilling is very affordable, I was concerned that a 30ml bottle might not last me very long (used to smoke a pack a day) but these cartomizers only need .7ml for a proper refill.”

The MAGMA Kit Review

by C Smythe on February 7, 2014

Great Product & Idea

“I have to admit I was skeptical when I first heard of this from a coworker. I smoked for 43 yrs & needed/decided to quit due to family health issues. I ordered the magma with 0mg nicotine. I am able to kick the "habit" gradually without the nicotine (which I don't miss all that much).”

MAGMA Starter Kit

The MAGMA Kit Includes:

  • (1) M-Pack in the color of your choice
  • (2) M-batteries (automatic draw with red LEDs)
  • (2) Packs of 5 USA-made prefilled cartomizers in the strength and flavor of your choice
  • (1) USB e-Cigarette battery charger
  • (1) Wall charging adapter
  • (1) Mini USB cable