MAGMA Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer - 5 Pack Sale

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MAGMA Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer - 5 Pack

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The new Volcano Magma Re-fillable Clearomizer 5 Pack, but in a larger size! They hold twice as much e-liquid and will provide enough vapor from one fill to have you vaping all day.


Volcano's new Clearomizer is the next evolution in cartomizer technology. Made from a clear plastic tube the clearomiser does not use a cotton polyfill. It will hold enough ejuice to have you vaping all day without filling up! A clearomizer is a one-piece unit with a proprietary atomizer/wick design with its juice reservoir in one piece and is a convenient way to get vapor clouds similar to dripping without the hassles of repeated refilling. Definitely worth a try!


  • 5 MEGA Clearomizers
  • 1 soft needle tip for a syringe
  • 1 soft saloon tip
The Needle Tip Bottle Cap must be used if you want to fill these with eLiquid from a bottle. You cannot drip directly from a bottle into the clearomizer

* A Needle Tip Bottle Cap is not included

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    its worth getting the big ones
    Review by kraygon 11/02/2014
    These things work great. Much easier to judge usage than the smaller versions and they seem to keep the nasty taste away longer. The downside is the are a little weak in some areas, which can be a problem if you carry them around in an unsafe pocket. Which is totally not what I do.
  • Overall rating
    Smooth drag and more low profile than tube tank
    Review by Bradleyon 06/01/2014
    Very smooth vape, looks cool, and more in keeping with a slim battery than a tube tank. Would definitely recommend.
  • Elegant
    Review by Chik'kion 07/07/2013
    I now use these almost exclusively, and with the addition of an XL cone, they give my Inferno a rather elegant look.

    The use of the twisted wick rather than cotton fill improves the flavour of the vapour and the lack of volume when compared to a tank is not a problem as one mega clearomiser will last me a couple of days on a single fill.

    I would recommend getting a medium gauge hypodermic needle for refilling if you can get one; it made the process a lot easier than both the flexible needle or the steel needle tips sold on the site.
  • Fantastic
    Review by Jayne on 22/05/2013
    use these on the larger of my inferno batts, great when you want to fill and go , or try something new before filling a tube tank. i have a cone which covers it and with a drip tip on looks the part too. Has clean taste and loads of vapour .. what's not to like??
  • Great Clearomizers!
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    I do like these quite a lot. I bought a pack and whilst I haven't used them all up yet, I am enjoying them. I have found clearomizers to be a bit fiddly at times in general, but the taste is better than my tubetank and probably produces a bit more vapour too.

    The larger size is great - lets me carry more liquid with me without worrying about bringing juice with me if I'm out for a little while. Usually lasts me most of a day on one full one.

    The plastic can crack a little, and be wary of tightening them onto your device too much and twisting the inner parts with it (happened to me when I was a little heavy handed) but overall they work great.

    I cover mine up with an XL cone and slip a drip tip onto the top - it keeps the device looking slick too!
  • Not bad
    Review by Mercedeson 27/04/2013
    Received them a week ago, not bad though I prefer my Tube Tank. Had to refill too often but good vaping :)
  • Truth hurts....
    Review by Denizon 25/03/2013
    I got mine today. Okay, they are ugly. But excellent vapor and taste with a warm cloud. I am sure they will last longer than cartomizers. The only disappointing thing is; they don't fit in the tank as a replacement for the cartomizers for modding. And drip tips don't fit either....
  • Marvelous
    Review by Steveon 12/03/2013
    I have a pack of these I use them if I am out and want to be more discreet with my vaping, once an XL cone is used to as a cover then I am happy to have this in my pocket. Also gives a different taste to your E-liquids so worth a try.
  • Must Have
    Review by Ovy on 27/02/2013
    Love these,they hold so so much more than the standard size still give that gorgeous "crackle" when fired up and are so easy to fill,showing exactly how much you have left so no running out in error.Have found that if careful you can easily remove the "third" seal with the needle cap allowing easier filling and simply push back in place with a cotton bud (Q-tip to our American friends)>Great good value product and an instuctional video is available.
  • Awesome!
    Review by Brianon 25/02/2013
    I was skeptical of these clearomizers because I had a bad experience with another company's take on them, but I was very pleasantly surprised by these. They are sturdy, so I don't feel nervous about having them in my pocket (a definite "no no" with that other company's version) and they are basically a tank of juice once filled, which cuts down on refills.

    I'm currently using these with my LavaTube II running at 3.9 volts and consider that my "Sweet spot" with these. Excellent product, as always, from Volcano!
  • Genius!
    Review by Michaelon 20/02/2013
    Very smart and helpful, I love the fact that you can see how much liquid you have left so never was I caught running out of liquid by surprise ;) and like that it works also work with other electronic cigs from volcano
  • Good vape but could be clearer on how to fill
    Review by Scotton 09/02/2013
    Being new to this product and not completely sure on how to fill it, there is no steps shown on the back of the box or even a small leaflet in the box.

    After figuring out there is 2 small needle holes beneath a rubber o-ring inside the clearomizer filling was not so bad.

    Vaping with this on my pass-thru is very enjoyable and would recommend it.