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The MAGMA® e-cigarette looks and feels like a traditional tobacco cigarette making it easier to switch. Its simple two-piece design is convenient and flexible for both new and experienced electronic cigarette users. With its superb battery life and newly-designed pre-filled cartomizers, the MAGMA is perfect for a regular smoker.

The Magma starter kit comes in a choice of either black or white, and with one 5-pack of USA-made, premium e-liquid filled cartomizers in your choice of nicotine strength. A pack of cartomizers is roughly equivalent to about 50 tobacco cigarettes making them excellent value! We also offer you blank black or white cartomizers to fill with any of our more than 30 VOLCANO e-liquid flavours. When fully charged you can expect up to one hour's continuous usage from each MAGMA Battery.


The MAGMA Tank Kit includes:

    (1) Gift Box
    (2) M-Batteries (Automatic Draw with Red LED's)
    (1) M-Pack
    (1) USB Charger
    1) Wall Charging Adapter
    (1) Mini USB Cable
    (1) 5-Pack of US-Made Prefilled Cartomizers in your choice of strength and flavour

    This kit gives you everything you need to start vaping straight out of the box. Give the MAGMA kit a shot today and you won't be disappointed!

    Have a look at the Magma Accessories page for extras, including a choice of manual batteries both regular-sized and MEga-sized, again in black or white, for even longer battery life

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    Review by Eszteron 05/10/2014
    It's a great starter kit, includes everything you need in the beginning.
  • Overall rating
    Very pleased to have this as my first starter kit...
    Review by Josephon 27/06/2014
    This has been my very first starter kit and I've been using for a month now. I was between a half pack to a pack a day. This suits me for the most part, on occasion I have been thinking should I have maybe gone with the Inferno. But what I do like about this pack is that a battery will get me through half the day and the two of them definitely do, but even if they don't I can put one on charge in the M-Pack. Very handy feature as well as a nice case that has a nice comfortable slightly rubberised feel to it. It carries my extra battery and up to five extra cartos, clearomizers or even the tank-o-miser tanks. I tried out the Kona coffee cartos and am not convinced that the pre filled cartos are for me. Maybe it was the fact that they were new to me or maybe because I couldn't tell if they were running low because I just didn't know what to expect. I tried the clearomizers and absolutely love them!! I can't stress that enough. The taste is true and you see just how empty or full it is.
  • Overall rating
    Powerful & Slick
    Review by Clinton 05/05/2014
    This is a great product. Superb design and great vaping power.
  • Style and convenience
    Review by Felixon 20/11/2013
    Really useful pack. I love how useful it is to charge on the go and have space for more batteries. Shame that it makes a rattly sound with the cartomizers inside, but its a small price to pay.
    Review by Shalla Marieon 31/08/2013
    I'm so happy I got this. I changed from my Skycigs which seem to be of poor quality. These look amazing in the hand, everyone in Paris(analog cig smoking central) stares at me whilst I'm 'vaping'. The customer service was great,I was able to get the purple led batteries instead of the red led. Everything you need is in the box. However , it would have been nice to have received an instruction manual with my pack because I had to go onto youtube to find out how to use it but so far so good. The M-pack is pretty cool and the battery screen is very useful. This starter pack would have been perfect if it came with 2 cartridge packs instead of 1 like on the US Volcano site. I'm giving you guys a 4/5. I'm very happy overall. :)