Video: MAGMA Drip eCig TutorialVideo

Video Transcript:

Assembling and using your MAGMA Drip eCig for the first time is very easy to do.  Simply take your fully charged MAGMA battery and MAGMA atomizer and screw them together like so. Once you have screwed the atomizer into the battery, apply the drip tip to the top of the atomizer and push firmly on the drip tip to make sure its is firmly attached to the atomizer.  The drip tip has a rubber o-ring on it to keep it securely attached to the atomizer at all times.

Now that your eCig is fully assembled, simply drip 2-3 drops into the top of the eCig through the drip tip hole making sure to not get any eLiquid on the outside of the drip tip.  If you miss, simply wipe the excess liquid off with a napkin or paper towel. It’s a good idea before taking a draw to gently blow into the end of the drip tip to force any liquid that may have clung to the sides of the drip tip down onto the atomizer. After that your eCig is ready to vape. 

Each drip will roughly give you 3-5 puffs and its important to note that your Atomizer can only holds 3 drops of eLiquid at a time without leaking.  If you drip too much liquid into your eCig, liquid will leak out of the bottom of the atomizer and there will be a gurgling sound when you try to inhale. If you experience this issue, simply remove your atomizer from the battery and drip tip and blow it out into a napkin to remove any excess liquid. After doing this you will need to re-prime your atomizer with a drip or two to give it the liquid it needs to produce vapor again. 

You will know your eCig needs a few more drips as the vapor starts to lose its flavor.  As I mentioned earlier, each drop of liquid will give you roughly 3-5 puffs so 3 drops on a dry atomizer should give you 9-12 puffs, or roughly the equivalent of one cigarette.

Dripping truly gives you the best vaping experience possible and is easily mastered over time.  So keep at it and enjoy the tasty bountiful vapor clouds your eCig will produce.

Well that cover the assembly and use of your MAGMA drip eCig, happy dripping and until next time…Aloha ~