MAGMA Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack

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MAGMA Re-fillable Clearomizer - 5 Pack


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Volcano's new Magma Re-fillable Clearomizer, in a pack of 5, is a 1-piece unit including an e-liquid reservoir and atomiser to allow vaping all-day.


Volcano clearomizers are made from a clear plastic tube and do not need a cotton polyfill. With a full reservoir you can vape all day without needing a refill. A clearomizer is a one-piece unit that incorporates a proprietary atomizer/wick design and an ejuice reservoir in one piece and provides a convenient way to get vapor clouds similar to dripping without having to drip. Try one out today and you'll soon be a believer.


  • 5 Clearomizers
  • 1 soft needle tip for syringe*
  • 1 soft saloon tip*
The Needle Tip Bottle Cap must be used to fill these with eLiquid from a bottle. You cannot drip directly into the clearomizer from a bottle

* Needle Tip Bottle Cap not included

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    A must have...Highly recommended !!!
    Review by Josephon 27/06/2014
    Superb!! Excellent product! Before this I had only tried out the Kona coffee cartos and am not convinced that they were for me.Perhaps it was the fact that they were new to me or maybe because I couldn't tell if they were running low because I just didn't know what to expect. I tried these clearomizers and absolutely love them!! I can't stress that enough. The taste is true and you see just how empty or full it is. The vape from them is the best I've experienced so far, now I've only tried the cartos and tank-o-mizer tanks other than this. The tank-o-mizer seemed like I had to pull too hard, but I've only had the tank-o-mizer a couple days so I won't discredit or review it just yet. Bottom line, get yourself a pack of these, and you can't go wrong, even gives you a chance to carry extra for a change up of flavours while on the go.
  • Overall rating
    Superb invention
    Review by Cllinton 05/05/2014
    This is the best idea for a cigarette type ecig. Massive VAPOUR production..
  • Overall rating
    Good Product
    Review by Nufcon 24/03/2014
    Good product - Takes a little patience during the first few fillings but once you've found the "knack" they are good. I have the tank-o-miser as well as these and these do seem to produce more vapour than the tanks - as per previous reviews, make sure you have a needle tip for your bottles and you'll be away.
  • Great
    Review by Felixon 20/11/2013
    Having only used the prefilled cartomizers before, and these were a great step up. The vapor production is a lot better, and the flavor is much better (as too is the throat hit). It really doesn't take that much effort to refill, and it's a lot cheaper that using the prefills. I'm sold
  • Great for a quick taste
    Review by Jayne on 22/05/2013
    I use these more and more firstly because they taste great, dont take up much room if you want to rotate your flavours and they give great vapour production. very cost effective too which in these times of austerity is much appreciated cheers
  • Small, but great!
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    I generally find myself preferring the taste and vapour production of clearos over cartomizers, but they are a bit trickier to fill (you'll need a needle cap or a syringe). My main gripe with these is the amount of juice it holds. It's enough, but I prefer the mega-sized ones. Still, carry juice with you and you won't have any problems!
  • Clearomizer
    Review by Vikon 12/05/2013
    Please don't waste your money on Atomizers. Clearomizer work great and are far cheaper than atomizers. I was about to give up on Volcano products because of the cost of atomizers but decided to give these a try. Clearomizer are great, produce really good vapour and did I mention cheaper than atomizers. I use them on automatic batteries and they work great.
  • good value
    Review by Nathanon 14/04/2013
    Really good value for money and a cheaper option not to forget it gives off a good vapour cloud. only problem is it can be a bit awkward to fill up if your eyesite is not too brilliant.
  • Correction
    Review by Ovy on 27/02/2013
    Apologies but these DO work with Auto batteries,the one I tested had a glitch but a ne supply does work with the smaller auto just a slightly different drawing technique require but still great - and cheap!!
  • A Great Upgrade
    Review by Ovy on 06/02/2013
    These are fantastic much much better vapour than with a Tankomiser a gorgeous crackle when you fire up the Manual Battery (THESE CAN ONLY BE USED WITH A MANUAL BATTERY) Great storage capacity with admittedly a little more care to be taken when filling with the needle bottle cap but being able to see the amount of liquid left coupled with the increased performance is well worth the outlay on a new battery.Willl save you money on new Tankomisers replacements also.They do not however fit in the M case but a small price to pay.
  • Clearomizer
    Review by Craigon 26/11/2012
    Favourite. Much lighter draw needed and much better vapour. You can see how much liquid you put in and how much left. With the bigger manual battery better than the Inferno tank system for vapour (on my admittedly short test). Also seem to last better than the tank vaporiser, and on replacement terms a damn sight cheaper. Need the needle tip to fill.