INFERNO 1.5 Low Resistance Atomizer

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  • INFERNO 1.5 Low Resistance Atomizer

INFERNO Low Resistance Atomizer


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The Volcano Inferno 2.0 Low Resistance Atomizer gives you more and warmer vapour and is also useful for sampling different e-liquids.


The Volcano Inferno 2.0 Low Resistance Atomizer gives even better performance than the standard 2.2 ohm resistance classic MAGMA Atomizer. Use one with your Inferno battery for a cleaner 'hot' vape that more closely resembles the pull of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Because you 'drip' in the e-liquid rather than pulling from a reservoir it is excellent for vaping small amounts of juice and thus comparing different flavours and strengths.

(This product is not intended for use with the Volcano or Magma series of products. With its low resistance, it is recommended for use only with the powerful Inferno)

The average lifespan of an atomizer is 1 month: Atomizers are NOT covered under our 1-year limited warranty.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love these!
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    I really do love these. The flavour is great - better than any tank or cartomizer I've tried, and it produces more vapour too - warm ones, if you especially like that. I also like how easy you can just mix in different flavours and switch them at will. Just drip in a drop of this and a drop of that and see what it's like! Of course, these aren't exactly convenient when you're out and about - having to drip in every little while, but sat at home or at your work desk - they're amazing!
  • How COOL
    Review by shaunon 27/03/2013
    Just fired up one of these and have been sucking on it for the last couple of hours :-)
    Using a combo of tobacco and cherry.
    Awesome :-)