Lavatube Bottom Coil Tank (BCT)

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Lavatube Bottom Coil Tank (BCT)


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Now available for the Lavatube, the new Bottom Coil Tank (BCT) offers longer lasting coils, a much more durable construction and the best vaping experience you can get - anywhere! With Ultra-Port saturation technology and a standard 510 connector you need it to take your vaping to the next level.


The Bottom Coil Tan (BCT) is built with the same high quality stainless steel as our Lavatubes and gives it the sleek design and powerful vape you've been looking for. The clear tank will hold 3.5ml of E-Liquid and is made from stainless steel and USA FDA-Certified food-grade top-quality plastic that handles pretty much any type of E-Liquid you might use. Each BCT comes pre-loaded with a removeable, replaceable 2.5 ohm resistance heating coil with a silica wick assembly and Kanthal wire coil giving it the very best performance available. Combined with the simple fill-and-go design this makes the Lavatube BCT the product of choice. If you want to experiment the replacement coils come in a range of resistances; 3.5 and 3 ohm in addition to the standard 2.5 ohm.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating and the way they treat THEIR customers .
    Review by Dantheman012008on 26/11/2014
    I was very impressed when I recieved a phone call after ordering tube tank cartomisers for my 7ml tank .
    The gentleman in question (TONY) asked if I had looked at the BCT Tank which I had but that I was not sure if the tank innards were compatible with my tank ,
    TONY explained that it did not ,
    then told me to give the new tank a try and give a review on what I thought of the new BCT Tank .
    It arrived very quickly well packaged and as soon as it did I quickly unwrapped it and began using it .
    My review of this tank is that it blows the Tube Tank out of the water .
    It does not bend the tank off the battery when in my jeans pocket or any other pocket due to it being a threaded tank that is tightly screwed on via its base before being screwed onto the battery .
    The very well built coil attatched 3.5 ohm gives a very genorous blast of vape and flavourable taste . (Lavatube only)
    I have had a couple of tastes of burnt coil but I was caning it a bit being new and all that but it does not linger and stay there like the Tube Tank cartomisers do .
    To be absolutely perfect all we need now are screw on tips that are square in the middle of the tip at the threaded end in case of snapping while screwed in and a sqare tool to undo the tips that would then give us the B all and End all
    of all vaping machines in the WORLD !
    Do I like the BCT - - - - - YES .
    DO I I LOVE THE BCT - - - - - - YES .