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LAVATUBE 2 - Device Only


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The LAVATUBE Version 2 is the culmination of our team's extensive R&D and is the most powerful and customizable eCig we currently offer. We've reworked the design of the entire device and are proud to bring you the most advanced variable voltage vaping device currently on the market.

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Variable Voltage Vaping From Volcano ECigs.

Say hello, again to the all new LAVATUBE Version 2! It's time to to take your vaping experience to the next level with a device tuned like no other! The all new LAVATUBE Version 2 is a specially designed variable voltage electronic cigarette that provides you with anywhere from 3 to 6 volts of vaping power with the easy click of a few buttons. Our team spent many months designing this device and there are many high tech features that separate the LAVATUBE Version 2 from the crowd. Here are the full set of specs:

LAVATUBE Version 2 Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy body
  • Anodized aluminum finish
  • 1- power / activation button
  • 1- voltage up button
  • 1- voltage down button
  • 1 Bright blue LCD screen
  • 1 510 threaded connection
  • 1 Lanyard clip
  • 2 vent holes
  • 18650 and 18700 battery compatability

Tech Specs:

  • Selectable voltage from 3v to 6v in 0.1v increments
  • Power / Activation Button: Click five times fast to power the device on / off; Hold the button down to activate.
  • + Button: On press, increases voltage by 0.1v increments between 3 volt and 6 volt. After reaching 6 volts, the user reverts to 3 volts
  • - Button: On press, decreases voltage by 0.1v increments between 3volt and 6 volt. After reaching 3 volts, the user reverts to 6 volts
  • + and – Button: Press and hold both buttons for five second to disable the + and – buttons, locking the device on the voltage to which it is currently.
  • Regulated Output: Advanced pulse-width modulation power output with accurate voltage settings tuned to VRMS
  • Auto Shutoff: If the activation button is held down for 10-12 seconds or longer, the LAVATUBE Version 2 will shut itself off until the button is released to prevent overheating the atomizer and the device.
  • Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection: The LAVATUBE Version 2 can recognize an atomizer with too low of a resistance for the current voltage setting and will drop the voltage to 3.7v to protect both the battery and atomizer. If the atomizer is too low or shorted out it will shut off power to the device to protect the LAVATUBE Version 2 from being damaged.
  • Reverse Battery Protection – Protects the device in case the battery has been inserted the wrong way round
  • Battery Monitoring/Over-Discharge Protection – The device monitors the battery voltage and automatically turns it off when the battery is discharged, preventing damage to the battery by over depletion.
  • Battery Voltage Meter: The LAVATUBE Version 2 has a voltage meter built in, simply press and hold the - button for 5 seconds and it will display the voltage of the battery. This way you can monitor the power left in the battery before it needs to be recharged. 18650 batteries provide 4.2v at peak charge and over the life of the battery that voltage will decrease to about 3.2v level before needing to be recharged. This will help you monitor the life cycle of the battery.
  • Atomizer Ohm Meter: The LAVATUBE Version 2 has an atomizer ohm meter built in, simply press and hold the + button for 5 seconds and it will display the ohm's resistance of the atomizer that is connected to the device.
  • Amperage Limiting: 3 amps – The device should monitor and shut itself off if it detects any excessive over-current conditions.
  • Vent holes: 2 Vent holes on the bottom of the device for added safety

Special LAVATUBE Warranty Information:

  • The AW IMR 2000 mAH High Drain 18650 LiMN Rechargeable Batteries will be warrantied for 90 days from the date of purchase. Please make sure to fully charge your batteries in-between use and to follow safe storage practices when they are not being used.

Warning: This device has been tested with and should only to be used with Authentic "AW IMR batteries". For safety reasons, please do not use this product with any other batteries.

For a complete listing of written instructions for the Lavatube Version 2 Kit, please visit this forum link:

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Customer Reviews

  • Excellent quality, friendly price
    Review by Norberton 28/10/2013
    An unusual size but megszokható.A device accurately and easily rivals the ProVari. Beautiful and inexpensive. Thank you Volcano!
  • LvaTube Ver 2
    Review by Bobanon 23/06/2013
    Really great machine. It exceeded my expectations by far. I really don't have anything to complain about. I tried in the past different machines and I still craved for analogs, but with this machine I really don't even think about cigarettes any more. It is not equal pleasure to cigarettes it is a lot better. Well done Volcano!!!
  • Regarding Gold LavaTube 2
    Review by Danielon 08/02/2013
    The connection on the top is a GREAT improvement ,
    it is now a sealed unit just like the inferno unit ,
    (no seepage into batter comartment at all)
    the battery compartment is centred
    ( a gold rubber o-ring would perfect that seal / Volcano?)
    also a small tight fitting rubber o-ring around the top of the tube tanks protruding cartomizer gives a slightly better grip to the cartomizer to remove the tube tank from the unit , just an idea if it was supplied in gold with the starter kit or even as an extra that would add finesse.
    Last of all the colour - GOLD - I love it.
    Thanks Volcano Team ,
    D Chadwick.