Our most popular Starter Kit, the INFERNO is the perfect choice for pack-a-day (and more) cigarette smokers who’re looking for an e-Cigarette with great performance and long-lasting battery life.


Tank Design

The BC TubeTank system is a revolutionary vapor delivery system that is simple and effective to use. Simply fill the tube with your chosen e-Liquid, screw on the base with the replaceable heating coil and you're set for hours of enjoyable vaping time.

Powerful Innovation

3.7v of tuned power delivers thick vapor.

Designed for Performance

Polished paint and food-grade plastic.

1-Year Limited Warranty

We stand behind our product quality.

Inside the INFERNO E-Cig

Ultra-Port™ Saturation

The powerhouse of the BC TubeTank is the newly designed heating coil. Ported with 8 exterior asymmetrical intake holes, the 1.8Ω single coil silica wrap sits in a brass housing and is coated to prevent micro-shorts. The new coil has been engineered for performance and durability.

Inside the INFERNO E-Cig

Define Your Style

The INFERNO has its own personality, best reflected in its eight eye-popping color options and high-quality finish.


You’re Always in Charge

Passthough USB batteries are included so you can charge and vape at the same time and have enough battery life to vape for more than 15 hours between charges.

INFERNO Charging

Easy Does It

One-touch activation makes your INFERNO easy to use. 5-click on/off prevents unwanted firings.


The INFERNO Kit Review

by Jennifer on August 18, 2014


“I absolutely love the inferno!! I received it over a week and a half ago. Highly recommended for anyone who has tried to quit smoking before and hasn't been able to. I tried countless times before and failed..... Until now! :)”

The INFERNO Kit Review

by Rich on July 19, 2014

Love it

“Love everything about it. The new Inferno style is much easier to fill, and lasts longer per fill and even has a more consistent taste. I made a quick short cost savings spreadsheet to show friends and that got their attention the most. Regular cigarettes cost $60+ a carton where I live. There are few things in life that will pay for themselves in the first month of use (with change left over!)”

The INFERNO Kit Review

by Jamison on February 7, 2014

So nice I bought it twice!

“I love my inferno. The batteries last so long, and now the kit comes with pass through batts. And as for the new bct tank, I am amazed. I have put 5 different flavors through 1 coil and I can't tell. I have also heavily vaped on the same coil for weeks. It is in my opinion the most versatile and reliable mid size ecig.”


The INFERNO Kit Includes:

  • (1) 650 mAH Pass-through INFERNO Battery with 5-Click power on/off
  • (1) 900 mAh Pass-through INFERNO Battery with 5-Click power on/off
  • (1) Wall Charging Adapter
  • (1) Mini USB Cable
  • (1) BC TubeTank setup with (1) 1.8 Ohm heating coil
  • (1) 3-Pack of 1.8 Ohm replacement heating coils
  • (1) 15ml Bottle of USA Made VOLCANO eLiquid