INFERNO - Super Battery

INFERNO - Super Battery


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This is a superb battery, stylish and powerful, the best single-voltage vaping device you can get. The monster 3.7V battery provides 900 mAH of battery charge and will easily last the heaviest vaper upwards of 6 hours of continuous vaping time.


This is the largest single-voltage battery in the Inferno range of e-cigarettes. The powerful 3.7V battery provides 900 mAH of battery charge and easily lasts the heaviest vaper more of 6 hours of continuous vaping time. You can choose from 5 stylish colours to suit. Try it with an atomiser, clearomizer, tank or cartomizer and, of course, one of the Volcano range of top-quality e-liquids.

As an Inferno battery it can also be used as a pass-through, i.e. you can vape while it is charging

You will need an Inferno USB Cord (which fits an Inferno Wall Charger or the USB port on your computer) in order to charge this battery.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    good product
    Review by Carlon 06/07/2014
    probably a little on the large size for me in the pocket, but maybe my pockets are short. But cannot question its battery life , sometimes get 2 days vaping of a battery . good quality, but probably replaceable annually for the best possible effect. but batteries don't last forever and this depends on how much you vape.
  • Overall rating
    Best part of the Kit
    Review by Margareton 01/07/2014
    These Inferno batteries last and last; not too big yet big enough to hold a good charge ,
  • indispensable bit of kit!
    Review by Ovy on 02/04/2013
    What can I say other than looks great is only slightly larger than a standard inferno battery yet lasts "forever".Pass through is great if it ever runs out.Doesn't feel overlarge in your hand and is comfortingly "weighty" to use.Couple it with a Mega Clearomizer and that's all you need for the day.First Class.