INFERNO Complete Starter Kit

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INFERNO Complete Starter Kit


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The INFERNO is our most popular electronic cigarette starter kit. The same stylish design and powerful batteries now combined with a truly ground-breaking tank system, simple to use but giving a superb, unbeatable vaping experience


The Volcano INFERNO is the perfect e-cigarette kit for someone who's looking for great performance and long lasting battery life. The Tube Tank BCT (Bottom Coil Tank) setup and long lasting INFERNO batteries are an unbeatable combination. The pass-through USB batteries allow you to charge and vape at the same time and between them have enough battery life to vape for more than 12 hours between charges! The Tube Tank BCT (Bottom Coil Tank) system is a revolutionary vapour delivery system both simple and effective to use! Just fill the tube with your chosen e-liquid, screw on the base with its replaceable heating coil and you're set for hours of enjoyable vaping time! . This kit is perfect for for heavier smokers as well as occasional ones who want real power.

The all-new Inferno Kit includes:


  • Gift Box in the set colour of your choice
  • 650 mAH pass-through Volcano INFERNO Battery
  • 900 mAh pass-through Volcano INFERNO Battery
  • Wall Charging Adapter - UK or EU depending on your location
  • Mini USB charging cable
  • Tube Tank BCT setup including 1 1.8Ω heating coil & chrome drip tip
  • Pack of 3 1.8Ω replacement heating coils
  • 15ml Bottle of Premium e-liquid, tobacco full-flavoured unless you choose otherwise from our extensive range of flavours and strengths

This superbly designed, stylish kit gives you everything you need to start vaping seriously straight out of the box. Give the new INFERNO kit a shot today and you won't be disappointed. 


User manual:

Click here to view and download the user manual for this product.


Introductory video:


How to Use your Inferno:

Unscrew the end cap to expose the standard mini USB port allowing you to charge the batteries from a computer USB port or wall-charging adaptor. The battery is charging while the LED in the port is glowing; when the light goes out it's fully charged

To fill the BCT, invert the tube tank (ie drip tip/mouthpiece downwards) and unscrew the whole of the chrome base (which includes the removable atomiser) and drip your e-liquid in to fill the tank - but not above the level of the central air shaft. NB: do not get any liquid in the centre air shaft otherwise it will leak and spoil your vaping experience! Then screw the base back on, taking care not to cross the threads, firmly but not too hard.

The life of the heating coil varies according to usage, but you will know when its time is up as the vaping experience will degrade. To replace it remove the base (as above) and simply unscrew the central coil and carefully screw in the new one.

Screw the Tube Tank onto the Inferno battery firmly, ensuring that you do not cross the threads, but not harshly.

The Inferno battery is turned on and off with 5 rapid clicks of the main button; it will then blink purple a couple of times so that you know it has been powered on/off. If that doesn't take have another go with faster clicks and maybe a few more in case the battery didn't register your initial go. If you carry your Inferno in your pocket you are strongly advised to turn it off so that it is not accidently activated.

If the activation button lights purple instead of white then it is indicating that the charge is running down and will need to be re-charged soon.

When you first use your new Tube Tank, it's best to take a couple of Primer Puffs, without actually pressing the activation button, in order to pull some liquid through and saturate the coil. Then take one long pull with the button on - and away you go!

The new Inferno Tube Tank BCT should fit all standard 510 battery connections, but we cannot absolutely guarantee compatibility with any batteries, eGo or otherwise, not supplied by Volcano.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    volcano inferno starter pack
    Review by james pratchett on 25/02/2015
    well I got my inferno this morning and was really impressed when I opened the packaging it was wrapped in a named bag once taking the item out of the bag my immediate thoughts was this is a really well presented item once I opened the box the batteries and the tube tank where presented very well and the item looked really well made and very professional looking. Once I removed the middle of the box my e liquid I ordered , the manual,the charger, and the heating coils where underneath I was impressed that each order is hand packed with the items you order nice touch the only thing outside the box was the uk plug which was well packed. I quickly read though the manual and filled up the tank I left it to stand for half an hour but I have since been told you don't have to do that. just drip a tiny drop of e liquid in the hole of the heating coil my first few drags after dry sucking a few times where pleasant but then I got a bad burning taste which could be down to a faulty heating coil or me just not priming it properly I had the same problem with the other heating coils. I emailed customer services and called the customer care number on the website I left a message about twenty minutes later I had a phone call from tony price about my problems he talked me though a few tips and on one of the coils it worked iv managed to get the e liquid flowing into the heating chamber now and he also said he would contact the warehouse and send me out 3 new coils in case they where faulty. so far after a minor glitch the inferno is great far better then anything iv used before the vapour is great and the throat hit even better. its a classy item that does what it says it will do. the fact that I got called back less then 20 minutes after sending an email was good and to be called back by the company's managing director was great and he was very helpful overall up to now my experience with the product after a little set back has been great and the customer service even better. I would recommend this item to a starter because why bother with cheaply made e cigs when you can spend a bit more money and have a far better item that's under warranty works well and has customer service to match .

    One thing I will suggest is make sure your heating coil is taking in e juice by vaping a few times without the power on but once its flowing its a really pleasant vape.

    all the best

  • Overall rating
    Best cigarette-related purchase I've ever made
    Review by Maryon 08/02/2015
    I was convinced to give e-cigarettes a try by my best friend... and am sooo glad I did!
    Having been a confirmed 20-a-day Marlboro Red smoker, I did some research and settled on the Volcano Inferno, as it sounded like it gave the best resemblance of the cigarette-smoking aspects I most loved.
    I was sceptical. However, it's been a couple of weeks now and I've not once had any kind of craving for a cigarette... not for a second! I've tried a couple of other e-liquids, but the original one that comes with the Inferno starter pack is great - I can definitely recommend this. Wish I'd found this e-cigarette sooner!!
  • Overall rating
    I quit! I quit!
    Review by Lauraon 29/11/2014
    I have tried them all in search for something that was reliable and would actually get me to quit! It took a few weeks to break the habit but I'm there! Finally no more standing outside in the cold and rain! I have two of these sets, I prefer the larger battery as it lasts me a couple of days. The tank is big enough that you don't have to refill often. Happy to leave the house without a backup battery or extra juice as I know it won't fail me! Great product! Only downside is that after a while if you don't use the protective bag and like me just stick it in your handbag or pocket the paint chips off but only down to the silver does effect Usage in any way.
  • Overall rating
    Volcano Inferno
    Review by Taniaon 18/10/2014
    After trying to give up cigs for over 30 years I decided to try the inferno. Since I got it I have not smoked for six weeks and are positive I won't again. This has been suck a great success and would recommend it to all my friends and family. I get such a pleasant taste and satisfaction from my vape and thank Volcano for your help and exceptional support
  • Overall rating
    Very good
    Review by Mikeon 05/10/2014
    Bought this in July and have only just needed to order more liquids, when I'm using it I don't feel the need for a cigarette, my charger arrived broken emailed customer support replacement arrived 2 days later. Batteries are good around 16 hours use on the smaller one all round great product. To those who say it's a bit pricey I say it's priced perfectly you get what you pay for!
  • Overall rating
    Its got me off cigarettes
    Review by Paulon 23/09/2014
    The Inferno has completely replaced my 30-40 a day smoking habit.
    I enjoy using it, and love the crackling noise as it cooks my ejuice.
    Im spending out on an extra battery, spare tube tanks, drip-tips etc, and working my way to trying all the available ejuice flavours.
    The Magma carts can be used on the inferno battery, so I tried a bluewater punch cart, which I liked, then bought a bottle of it, which I didnt like. The resulting taste is different from the carts, I assume because it gets hotter in the tube tank atomiser than in a cartomiser. Ill just work my through all the eliquids instead. Tobacco, Cherry, and Menthol all good so far.
  • Overall rating
    The best E CIG
    Review by Titianon 15/09/2014
    I have been struggling to find the right E cig for me, mainly because I always end up spilling e liquid on the main battery and hence breaking them. Well no more!!! The inferno has a bottom heating coil and prevents E liquid from reaching the battery and the vape it produces is A LOT. SO if you are interested in a high quality E cig that is durable, produces a lot of vape and maintains its full flavour then look no further and grab an INFERNO while its hot.
  • Overall rating
    Review by Rayon 04/09/2014
    I've had this for about a week now and it certainly holds up to its name.I've tried another make of e-cig before the inferno and I wasn't getting a very good hit with it. I read some of the reviews about the inferno and thought to myself well lets try it and I'm glad i did - more vapour and a nice hit at the back of the throat. Well it looks like its the Volcano Inferno for me .I absolutely love it .Bit pricey but well worth it.
  • Overall rating
    Spot on
    Review by Joeon 28/08/2014
    It's quite expensive since you can get similar systems in Supermarkets for £20 now but the quality is unmatched and worth every penny. The unit is incredibly solid and the batteries last more than enough to get you through a day. Perfect for my needs.
  • Overall rating
    Excellent item
    Review by Länkkärion 20/08/2014
    Very good product. I am really happy with the service Volcano give. And the Inferno is excellent.
  • Overall rating
    Review by Umeron 09/08/2014
    Excellent item. Quick delivery. Good service
  • Overall rating
    Review by Adamon 08/08/2014
    I got my inferno today and although I've only had it a few hours I can already tell this is the best ecig on the market. It's super powerful the throat hit quality is brilliant and the over all build is very well done. I would order a second tank for the second battery just so you have two on the go. Only flaw I have with it is that it's such a good value for money product I feel as though I've robbed volcano haha. Honesty the best ecig I've ever used
  • Overall rating
    This is a great product
    Review by Geoffon 31/07/2014
    Just bought the Inferno starter kit and am really impressed. The first thing that struck me as I unboxed it was that this is a beautiful piece of kit. As soon as you pick up the various components, and begin to assemble them, it becomes clear that the quality of manufacture is extremely high. As for the vaping itself, nice clean draw, full of flavour (Vanilla bean) and plenty of vapour. Highly recommended.
  • Overall rating
    Review by Benon 29/07/2014
    Great product, you can feel its quality instantly, and it looks great too! compared to previous ecigs I have used the vapor it produces is a lot cleaner and with great flavour, well worth the money!
  • Overall rating
    Review by Nickon 25/07/2014
    Just got my Inferno starter kit today, and 'WOW' just about sums it up! I tried e-cigs when they first came on the market and wasn't very impressed. They just didn't 'feel' like I was smoking anything. As the technology has moved on since then, I thought I'd have another try, and after only a few hours with my Inferno, I really don't think I'll pick up another cigarette... and I'm a 30+ a day smoker! The 'hit' actually feels better and TASTES better than an actual cigarette!
  • Overall rating
    Seems great so far
    Review by Vailaon 15/07/2014
    Really simple to use and comes with good instructions. Produces much more vapor than my last e-cig which is a plus
  • Overall rating
    Five Stars
    Review by Paulon 15/07/2014
    Terrific product! I'm another pretty much continuous three-decade smoker who wants to stop, and I really feel this represents the breakthrough at last. The Volcano has a lovely sturdy feel, looks stylish and is well-made and offers a very satisfying vape. Strongly recommend.
  • Overall rating
    First Timer
    Review by Matthewon 14/07/2014
    I bought the INFERNO starter kit as my first venture onto electronic cigarette. Have been using it for a few days now and haven't touched a real one. The product is really good quality and everything you need to get going is included. I opted for the extra strong e-juice and it delivers a good hit of nicotine without the smell of normal cigarettes. I plan to gradually lower the strength over time.
    All in all good value for money and the tutorial videos are useful too.
    Thoroughly recommended.
  • Overall rating
    So far so good!!
    Review by Anneon 09/07/2014
    Was getting fed up having to keep replacing wicks on my ego v3 so wanted to find something more reliable with a good strong vape and looks like I have found it. It's a bit noiseier than the ego and it's bigger but you soon get use to that. The tank holds loads of liquid which is great and it looks very stylish. The only down side I have found is that it dosn't come with a flat mouth piece which I prefer and it dosn't look like you can get one either ....... So come on volcano, give us that option and you have the perfect ecig
  • Overall rating
    inferno stater kit
    Review by helenaon 08/07/2014
    quite simply amazing! came in a very pretty box with all components shinning! it works great and pulls very very well, best I have used by far. thank you volcano!
  • Overall rating
    Top Quality Equipment
    Review by Timon 07/07/2014
    Smoked for too many years, not had a real cigarette since. Right tools for the job.
  • Overall rating
    quality product
    Review by Nicolaon 04/07/2014
    very pleased with the quality and feel of the inferno starter kit. Bought one for my cousin a week later. Have finally managed to kick the smoking habit after more than 30 years!! Good flavours from the liquids, good vapour production, and easy to maintain and change out the coils. Very happy camper. Just want to collect a few other colours now lol. Customer service is second to NONE !!
  • Overall rating
    Review by Richardon 04/07/2014
    This is the best e cig I've had. Been smoking for over 30 years never thought I would be able to give up but this has made it possible thanks guys will be ordering all my accessories from you and recommending you to my friends.
  • Overall rating
    Review by Danielon 01/07/2014
    Much better than the cheap ego style battery's and easy to use. Creates a lot of vapour.
    Best feature is the USB charger so u can vape whilst on charge, great for when ur sat on ur laptop.

  • Overall rating
    Fantastic Product
    Review by Margareton 01/07/2014
    I havent received my latest yet but I have 3 Inferno Kits already and I wouldnt be without one. This product helped me quit tobacco .... 2 yrs since i quit and going strong !! Quality product !!
  • Overall rating
    Excellent Build quality and a exhilarating vaping experience.
    Review by Dunzyon 27/06/2014
    The first thing you notice about the inferno is the superb build quality and the way it feels in your hand. You can tell that high quality components and materials were used in its construction. The kit itself contains more than enough needed to get up and going and even some spares which I loved! I have tried many ecig's and the Inferno is the best one I have had the pleasure to use by a longshot! It provides nice dense thick clouds of vapour and has an efficent battery and really compliments the flavour of the eliquid used. I will always use Volcano's products and will no longer look anywhere else. I now have purchased the Lavatube and have no doubts it will be an excellent piece of kit! 1000 out of 10!
  • Overall rating
    Superior In Every Way
    Review by Davidon 26/06/2014
    Having gone down the route of buying a cheaper product first I can now see where they skimped to save money.
    Here's why Volcano are superior and well worth the money - Overall engineering and design far superior to cheaper brands. In particular the heating coil and method of charging the battery.
    Superior vaping experience, consistency of the vapour and flavour, quality of materials.
    Plus the ability to customise with different colours and battery & vial sizes
  • Overall rating
    super fast
    Review by elaine on 24/06/2014
    ordered yesterday received first thing this morning, easy to set up, so lets see, loving the service so far
  • Overall rating
    Inferno starter kit
    Review by Stephenon 07/05/2014
    Brilliant kit and feels real quality with everything to get started. So good I bought another for my mate
  • Overall rating
    So glad I did it!!
    Review by ashleyon 23/04/2014
    Been smoking for 30 odd years now, and have tried many times to give up....... Have now!! I have used other cheaper versions but none really did the job... poor quality. This works so well in every way CHEERS GUYS!!!
  • Overall rating
    Review by Pinktapeon 02/04/2014
    I tried e-digs a couple of years ago, but it didn't last ...
    This time, with the Inferno starter kit, I have switched completely - after 30+ years of smoking. I've been off the fags now for about 3 weeks, save for one "try" last week - when I got half way through a Marlboro and had to stop as it was horrible. The Inferno is simply SO MUCH NICER.
    I've now bought a further spare battery so I can leave one at work, and I've been experimenting with different flavours - which is a big bonus over smoking, too.
    Make the switch now - you won't regret it. Apart from anything else, I have already started to regain a sense of smell I never remembered I had, and my lungs feel so much better!
    As for the Volcano kit, it's well-designed, well-made and reliable. The battery lasts ages, too.
    I can't find fault at all. And the customer service is first rate!
  • Overall rating
    Best E-cig I've had so far
    Review by Geneon 31/03/2014
    easy to set up and refill, top quality and does what it says on the time, I haven't had a fag, since when I took my first puff of the inferno. great range of flavour and always get my nicotine fix.
    Over all I think it's a must buy for a smoker who wants to quit or have an alternative.
  • Overall rating
    Best E-cig I've had so far
    Review by Geneon 31/03/2014
    easy to set up and refill, top quality and does what it says on the time, I haven't had a fag, since when I took my first puff of the inferno. great range of flavour and always get my nicotine fix.
    Over all I think it's a must buy for a smoker who wants to quit or have an alternative.
  • Overall rating
    Review by karambiron 25/03/2014
    I use to smoke 20 a day and after buying INFERNO I didn't smoked ...I'm just loving it!
  • Overall rating
    Good Product
    Review by Ashleyon 21/03/2014
    I was initially sceptical about e cigs but after trying a friends inferno I was pleasantly surprised. The battery life is good and seems like a solid piece of kit.. 2 Weeks in I have not had a cigarette. My inferno was a good buy..
  • Overall rating
    Best investment
    Review by Jameson 13/03/2014
    I've been a 20 a day smoker for over 20 years and tried all other methods of giving up in vain. After hours of research into e-cigs I plumped for the Inferno starter kit. The build quality and ease of use is fantastic. The amount of vapour and throat hit is as good if not better than analogue's and the Inferno looks way cooler. I've not totally quit my normal brand of cigarettes yet but cut down significantly to around 5 per day and on some days none at all. Planned quit date is 1st April and with the Inferno I think I might just make it. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone and hope it will help many others like me, kick the ol' habit for good.
  • Overall rating
    My e-cig of choice
    Review by Patrickon 11/03/2014
    I've had the Volcano Inferno e-cig for 2 weeks now and I have to say I'm very happy with it. I've tried other e-cigs but for me this one is the best. The amount of flavour, vapour and throat hit is perfect and the design just makes it all the better. I don't use my other e-cigs anymore because this one is just so much better and easy to refill. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a new e-cig.
  • Overall rating
    Pleasantly supprised
    Review by Aleson 10/03/2014
    I tried a a-cig a few years ago when they first came out and wasn't really convinced. Seems like the quality has come a long way since then. Very happy with the purchase (went for the Inferno). When assembled and I had my first inhale, the reaction was holy smokes (smokes being a substitute for a word best not said ). I've now been using it for three days and only had three real cigarettes this whole time (one each morning), that coming from a passionate smoker.

    Only made one mistake when ordering - anticipating less than what you would get from a proper [insert brand here] light (6mg), I ordered the strongest liquid - 24 mg. I'd recommend to go for 16 mg version to anyone who was on light cigarettes before. 24 is just a bit too strong. Ordered a couple of 16 mg refills now.

    Overall: great build quality, not that I've handled many but it seems sturdy, easy to refill, shipping was very fast and well packaged. Volcano itself provides a better than good imitation of the stinkie as some people call it. Even the smaller battery lasts around a day as does a full tank of liquid - so no need to carry the bottle around. Pass-through usb charger is incredibly handy when you're on a computer all day.
  • Overall rating
    Review by edwardon 21/02/2014
    I used to smoke 20 a day of very strong cigarettes; since I started using the Inferno I haven't had a cigarette in 3 weeks and I don't want to ever go back. I'm also reducing the strength of the e-liquid gradually so soon I won't be dependent on nicotine at all.
  • Overall rating
    amazing head and shoulders above other e-cigs in its catogary
    Review by jamie on 17/02/2014
    I already have the lavatube, however I needed something smaller to replace my other vaporiser to take out and about. I was amazed by how great the Inferno is, the vape is good and strong and the battery life is great. If you are new to vaping you cannot go wrong with the Inferno it is easy to set up and the build quality is excellent.
  • Overall rating
    Just buy it now!
    Review by Jimon 08/01/2014
    Excellent kit all round, cant find any fault absolutely love it! Its my first vape and love the ease of use. After smoking for 30 years I never thought I could give it up, but now I know the inferno gives me what I need!

    My business partner tried it yesterday, within 5 mins I had to point him to the website and he purchased 2 starter kits!, then today another workmate tried it and wanted one hence why im back for our 4th inferno in 3 days!

    Im sure I will be back soon!
  • amazing
    Review by williamon 30/12/2013
    Thanks for your help the inferno kit is superb great quality and top vape .I had only tried a cheap ecig from a corner shop before to see if I liked it .after some browsing and a call to volcano I purchased the inferno starter kit and now don't smoke tobacco any more ! I was a very heavy smoker 25g a day !!! Thank you Tony life changing and far better than my roll ups
    Review by Mustafaon 30/12/2013
    This thing is one of the best e cigs out there. IF not the best. Its extremely simple to set up, great wide range of flavors and the amount of vapor this inferno produces is INSANE!!! I Love it and for sure going to be a regular costumer for thank you so much!
    Its indeed worth the money.
  • Great Kit
    Review by Williamon 05/12/2013
    Seems to give a good hit and has dramatically cut down my cigarette intake and is way nicer tasting and no stink!
  • Great Electronic Cigarette
    Review by JoeySweeneyon 05/12/2013
    I think the Inferno starter kit represents great value! I love that it comes with two batteries and the included Tube Tank means there is less re-filling between vapes! I know that Volcano are trying to cut down on the amount of paper they use (very commendable!) however considering the literature included; a quick start guide (especially for newbies such as myself!) wouldn't go amiss! The instructional videos online are quite informative though. Bite the bullet and buy one today. You won't be disappointed you did! Highly recommended. Thanks again to Volcano E-Cigs!
  • Awesome - grab one now!
    Review by Kieranon 12/11/2013
    Wanted to quit smoking but I still wanted that something to stop me craving a smoke after 3 or 4 pints. This is excellent. 3 weeks on I take it everywhere and have not needed a cheeky snout at all over that time. It's smart, easy to use and looks good. If you are thinking of taking the plunge this is the kit for you. Highly recommended.
  • Very Good
    Review by Danielon 12/11/2013
    I realised soon after Id placed my order that i'd messed it up so sent them an email. Received a near instant reply and it arrived the next day! Brilliant smoke in hindsight i should have gone for a lower mg as the 24mg is quite harsh. All round great product and have already ordered some more accessories. Top Stuff Volcano!
  • wonderful product
    Review by Raduon 29/10/2013
    I've tried many kinds of ecigs, but I find this one to be the best! I managed to quit smoking with this one. And damn it was easy ! Thank you Volcano for this great product !
  • Excellent product
    Review by Richardon 18/10/2013
    This thing looks so slick in person. My friends have the lavatube which is an awesome piece of kit, but a bit of a beast. By comparison, the Inferno is svelte, beautiful, and in my opinion feels more 'premium'.

    A note about liquids: I'm not a smoker but I got the strongest liquid offered (24mg) to get the best bang-for-buck. Despite this I found it fairly easy to puff on, it wasn't too irritating to my throat as I was warned it might be.
  • gotta like it!
    Review by Pahvilootaon 13/10/2013
    Stopped smoking normal cigarettes after I got this. 2 weeks only ecig. got my taste and smell senses back. not going back to tobacco.
  • Second starter kit for my brother
    Review by Piotron 06/10/2013
    We had some little issue with this one but customer service is unbeatable - fast and professional. Very happy being under your wings!
    Review by Piotron 17/09/2013
    I didn't want to write anything just just after I got my inferno kit in place, but now after almost 3 weeks without a regular cigarette I can honestly say that Inferno's met my expectation FULLY and even more! I'm so surprised because It wasn't even difficult to switch to E cig. After firs two days of vaping I knew I'm not going back to bad habit anymore ( and I was I think heavy smoker !5-20 cig per day per over 10 years of constant smoking). .

    Highly recommend this product and just regret I didn't get it earlier....
  • Amazing product and wicked customer service!
    Review by Izzyon 14/09/2013
    Have had my Inferno 2 days and haven't smoked a fag yet. The product is stylish and easy to assemble. (Loving the pineapple and the cinnamon e-liquids atm) I've emailed Volcano a few times with questions and they're always friendly and quick to respond. Cheers volcano!
  • Very Impressed with my first E-cig!
    Review by Jaykeon 21/07/2013
    Been a Smoker for 5 years and decided to switch to one of these so I can quit but still enjoy a smoke. So far I'm really impressed, I got mine with some pure tobacco V-liquid which took a little getting used to but now tastes better then real cigs tasted! The vapor is fantastic producing an even and satisfying pull every time that can even kick your throat if you want. The build quality is awesome, the V-Liquid in the tank looks especially cool when you tilt it around, the stainless steel finish of the silver version I have is high quality. All round a great product I'll be recommending to everyone! Keep it up volcano!
  • Pink Inferno kit
    Review by JANETon 16/07/2013
    Looks really nice and stylish...had this for nearly three weeks and not had a cigarette since. Set it all up quite easily. I have been smoking for 30 years and this is the only thing i have found that works for me......I have even converted my hubby,,,,he has purchased the Black Inferno kit.
  • I Love the Inferno
    Review by Margareton 09/07/2013
    I love the Inferno Kit ! I bought this on a visit to Hawaii after seeing our travel guide vaping on one . I have not picked up a cigarette since that day !! I feel so much better for not smoking and i dont smell of smoke and im saving a fortune . I always order from Volcano UK and love the service . I get asked all the time about the Inferno as most dont know what it is . I give out Volcano's name almost on a daily basis . As you can tell ...... I love the Inferno !!!
  • Inferno just arrived
    Review by Johnon 02/07/2013
    It was quick and easy to set up after watching the vids. It feels like a real cigarette hit, even a bit of nicotine spin from puffing to much, I will order more stuff now that I am happy with my initial try out.
  • Quality stuff
    Review by Paulon 30/06/2013
    I was smoking for 37 years. Tried many times to give up over the decades, but I've been free of tobacco now for over a month and really enjoying the move to the wonderful world of vaping.
    Did a lot of research choosing the best system, and there are so many out there. Finally settled on the Inferno and so pleased I did. This is a top quality product, that delivers exactly what it promises for a very reasonable price.

    If you're new to vaping, the support from the forum and all of the YouTube videos is invaluable, and Volcano customer service also seems to be top notch which is a great bonus.

    Do you own homework - look around to see what else is out there, then come back and buy an Inferno kit - there really is no comparable product on the market and you will not be disappointed.
  • Better than NRT!!
    Review by Oliveron 27/06/2013
    I smoked for 8 years and have now been quit for 2. I have been hooked on the Nicotine Lozenges for the past 2 years, these were giving me stomach aches and mouth ulcers.

    I picked up one of the e-cig trial packs from the petrol station and thought that they were O-K, they ran out far too fast, tasted odd and made me feel queezy due to the high nicotine content.

    I decided to take the plunge and go for an Inferno.... Haven't bought any nic lozenges since, I actually prefer using this device to actually smoking. It tastes better, feels better and is pretty geeky which suits me to a T.

    I decided to go for the 8mg liquid as I was never a really heavy smoker, you can puff on it all day long and not feel dizzy or have a headache. I found I drank a little more as it dries your mouth out if you go a bit crazy.

    I also decided to go for the pure tobacco flavour liquid. This is mild tasting, I don't really taste the tobacco in it but you can puff away on it and it is quite pleasant, unlike the disposable e-cig from the garage. I have now ordered Cherry, Coffee, Blue Water Punch and Regular Tobacco flavours in a hope that I will find a flavour more to my liking.

    In my opinion anyone that is a smoker or has been and wants a change from Gum/Patches/Lozenges should buy one of these, I cannot recommend it enough!!

  • Delivered on its promise
    Review by Benjaminon 26/06/2013
    I am only 23 but i wanted too quit smoking and this product has alleviate the habit for me with has prove to be harder to ignore than the cravings and straight away i have cut down to 1 cigarette a week, from this week on i am confident that i have kicked the habit. I had a terrible cough for the first 2 weeks (i can only assume the tar exiting my lungs) and now i love having clean lungs. Amazing product quality btw very impressed.
  • The Sonic Screwdriver of Smoking
    Review by Eurielon 24/06/2013
    I've smoked Blucigs for the last 6 months and while it did help kick the habbit of normal smoking for me it didn't give me the experience I wanted from smoking. It was alright.. It was even good but this... this is la creme dela creme of smoking.

    It's a thing of beauty. I often joke calling it my sonic screwdriver whenver anyone asks. It looks scifi and sleek like something out of Judge Dredd but it's unbeatable on value.

    I carry it with me everywhere now and it's my go to for smoking or vaping if you will. If you buy this you wont be disappointed.
  • Accidently given up smoking
    Review by scotton 23/06/2013
    i have to start by saying, at 46, degree educated, health professional, i know the worse parts about smoking. However, I'm also (was also) a dedicated recreational and passionate smoker. I mean I enjoy smoking, love the taste, have my routine; when i get up; the drive to work; lunch; the drive home; after coffee; after s*x (yes even at 46); before bed, the lot... I enjoy a smoke.
    So, I also know the risks and thought I'd try these to see if i could cut out the odd ciggie during the day, you know, every little helps...
    I didn't want to give up you understand; actually I'm afraid to give up; so many of my friends failed and my father still has cravings 20 yrs later; who the hell wants that.....
    So here's the rub.... day 6... haven't had a ciggie... it's not that I don't want to smoke, its just that these taste so much better. I've even broke my 'routine', again I didn't plan it.
    Now I'm not saying these are some miricle cigarette substitute that's for every one. But I smoked 10-15 hand rolled tobbacco fags a day for the past 26 years. I still feel that I'm getting a 'hit'. I tried e-cigs 3-4 years ago and gave up after 24hrs because it felt like i was inhaling second hand smoke. These however are fantastic. I think it has to do with the density of the vapour and the bite at the back of the throat, not to mention the mild warmness in the lungs; it actually feels like you are inhaling smoke (but without all the nastiness).
    I read some of the other reviews about the different tastes and mixing nd to be frank, thought, well.... its a bit 'gay'. But I'm going to appologise profusely at this point, because even after 6 days I've also bought the Blue water one (nicotine free) ad the choco hazelnut one - they're actually very nice.
    As far as what makes the differrence (for me anyway) I use the clearomiser (?) with the coffee flavoured one (medium nicotine). It tastes very nice; has a good 'bite' (only way I can describe what a ciggie does) and satisfied my initial craving (I assume that is what it is) for nicotine. However I quickly turn to using the tank filled with the Blue water one. I found the tank produces a heavier / denser vapour with the blue water, than the clearomiser did and it produces a better 'bite' and even though it's nicotine free, I still feel like I've had a ciggie.
    So in summary, a great product whatever you use it for, but don't be surprised if you find you've gone off the fags.
    Cheers guys (oh, P.S. my wife thanks you too...)
  • Best out there
    Review by Laverticuson 31/05/2013
    I bought this after trying several other companies hardware that had been recommended to me but turned out to be awful.
    The quality is fantastic, the presentation box is great and the actual hardware is the best i have come across.
    Both of the batteries last me all day before they need charging and the tube tank is great too.
    Will keep recommending this to everyone!
  • Have not smoked since
    Review by Andrewon 23/05/2013
    I bought this for my health and i havn't smoke a cigarette since. Its been 2 months now i love having clean lungs, i would recommend this to anyone that wants to stop smoking.
  • These are simply fantastic
    Review by Jayne on 22/05/2013
    I bought an inferno kit a while back , then i bought my partner one, then when on offer i bought us both a spare one. god i have alsorts on them the tube tank when i know i am gonna be out all day and the mega carts when i want to try something new and the little ones when i just wanna taste of something. i finally "get" accessorising.. wonder what colour my next one will be . i also have a Lava tube for blasting away on telly time ( thats watching tv in the evening after work) haha thanks volcano
  • All Day
    Review by Sx1907on 21/05/2013
    If you are tryin to decide between Magma kit and Inferno kit this review may help you.

    You wont have any vapor/flavor problems with both kits but flavor is a bit muted in tube tanks. Thats the reason i am using clearomizers, mega for inferno and normal size for magma.

    With 650mH battery and 1,5 mega clearos, i get about a full day and i used to smoke 1,5 packs a day. So with inferno you can get thru a day without any hassle. But with Magma the batteries ran out very fast and i need to swap with spares and keep charging. I also need to pack at least 4 clearos for a day. I is a hassle But Magma is easy to carry around and sexy..

    I bought those sets 2 months ago and i can easily say that i would go with inferno any day.
  • Fantastic device - brilliant kit.
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    I've had my Inferno for a little over 6 months now, and I've decided to submit a review because it really is just... great. I started off with a two-piece mini ecig. It worked well, but I started getting frustrated with the constant battery swapping and the lower power unit. It wasn't bad - but it wasn't enough. So I decided to upgrade.

    This kit, as soon as I tried it I realised what a difference it makes. The batteries are fantastic. They look great (mine is red!), feel great, the finish has barely been nicked over the last 6 months. Being able to charge them via any standard mini-USB is amazingly useful. Pretty much everyone has that cable lying around, so if you need a quick charge - just plug it in to any USB port or charger. Plus with it being a pass through, you don't even have to stop vaping.

    Battery life is also great. I use mine pretty heavily, and I get about a full day from the small 650 battery, and a day and a half from the 900. Truly excellent - my old 90mah ecig batteries died within about 1 hour of use and had to be swapped out for the spare. None of that with these!

    The kit comes in a great box with everything you'd need - wall charger, USB cable, a tube sock, both batteries, a bottle of any eliquid to get you rolling and the Tube Tank.

    The tank is another great piece of kit, fits flanged cartomizers and I have genuinely had no issues with it at all. Performs well and the convenience of the tank size means I can generally be out all day without worrying about anything at all.

    In short: it's a brilliant kit and is well worth it. If you're considering it - you cannot go wrong with the Inferno.
  • Inferno - AWESOME
    Review by Michael Hon 19/05/2013
    Hi All from Australia! I received my Inferno Kit about a month ago and am happy to say I have not picked up a cigarette since that day; and this is after smoking for more that 20 plus years anywhere from 25-35 cigarettes per day! I feel better, love the fact that there is no smell in my car or on myself from alweful cigarette smoke. Since then I have also placed a couple of other orders for accessories and I must say I am totally impressed with the delivery speed and communication to Australia. The "how to" videos have been very helpful also. A+++++ is all I can say. Thanks to all at Vocano and keep up the great work, Michael H - Sydney, Australia
  • Easy To Use
    Review by Simonon 18/05/2013
    MY Inferno kit took over a week to arrive (that may be down to the UK postal service) but was worth the wait. Very easy to use and looks great.
  • only chance for us to beat tobacco industry
    Review by Kristofferon 18/05/2013
    this is only my own conclusion and my own point of view but...- this is the only chance that we have to get rid of one of the scariest, worst and more destructive habit ever! - and Inferno CAN be used to do so!

    I went from 25+ regular cigaretts to 0 in a matter of 6 days - no problem (after 20 Years of smoking)

    You can do two ting (if You are beginner/want to quit smoking):
    buy regular starter-kit (like Inferno) or save for models that costs 2-3 times more - but if You are new to vaping there is a good chance that You will try this out before going for something more advanced - and Inferno is the bomb (for me any way)

    - I prefer TubeTank from clearomizer (TubeTank is longer lasting - ergo: cheaper in use then regular claromizer and with larger capacity)
    - battery are desent (my next ones will be at least 1100mAH but those two are FINE! - especially becouse they are Pass-through battery)

    it works! - maybe just like any other e-cig but...- I'm very pleased that I went for Inferno (they are not new to the business and what can I say...- they know their stuff)

    it's business like everything else...- it is! - but hey! - this may save many lives!!! - maybe own...- but I'm thinking about next gen as well (actually more)!!! - and I'm really hoping that they will continue what they are doing! - great job Volcano!

    if You are new to vaping: buy Needle Tip Bottle Cap - it cost £1.49 but it's so much easier to refill TubeTank and Carto with it

    great support (I had some questions - they ware answered within a couple of hours - perfect and helpfull!)

    there IS a difference between e-cig's (like with everything else) - Inferno kit is great for me and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others!!!

    product vs. price vs. functionality: 9,5 out of 10
  • Suprising
    Review by Matton 05/05/2013
    Previously I have been using the intellicig but decided to move to the inferno because of the larger battery and liquid tank.
    When I first received the inferno I have to say I was disappointed because of an unpleasantly harsh feeling it gave, and continued to use my intellicig instead.
    After trial and error I realised that this was my fault in not priming the cartomiser correctly. Once this was resolved I have to say I am completely sold on this product.
    The battery lasts for an incredibly long time and the tube tank can go for ages without being refilled plus it produces a massive amount of vapour.
    I would definitely now recommend this vaporiser above all others I have tried!
  • Great looking e-cig!
    Review by Lornaon 27/04/2013
    Just received the pink version of the inferno and it looks fantastic! More of a magenta than a pink which looks fab! Got the clearomisers and cone to go with it as well as the tube system and both work great. So easy to use, it took minutes to assemble. The battery life is superb too! This kit us great value for money and the inferno set up is so versatile that it can be used with carts, clearomisers and the dripping method. Even the presentation box is stylish! If you are considering getting this, I would say go for it! I have three other brands of ecig and this is by far the best to use and the most stylish! Thanks volcano.
  • A love affair...
    Review by Tabuon 26/04/2013 my little secret... by now... not everybody knows I left Virginia behind... but soon they will... she is still waiting for me, sitting in my table... looking with despair while I steam the juices out of my new lover... and I say: I'm sorry blonde, but you know you are not good to me, you hurt me enough, we are through...
    Tonight my mates will say, "let's get out?" and I will introduce them... "guys? meet INFERNO"
  • Just Great!
    Review by Savvason 18/04/2013
    I got my inferno kit almost a month ago and I'm very happy with it. Easy to use and good vapor. Thanks!
  • Heavy smoker loving the inferno
    Review by Meisiraon 14/04/2013
    Hey, received my inferno a couple weeks ago and love it!! great design and good vaping.

    Got my family to switch from analog cigarretes to the inferno e-cig also and they are loving it ;-P.
  • Amazing
    Review by Patrickon 10/04/2013
    Received my brand new Inferno over the weekend (4 Days ago) and have been vaping ever since.

    At first I was one of those non-believers but I have to admit, that is the past tense.
    Having been a heavy smoker for almost 14 years it is such a freedom to wake up in the morning not troubled by cough (still some, but getting better) and not smelling like an old ashtray.
    Family is loving it, especially since I am actually there to watch a movie with them and not out on the porch half the time.
    Kids are loving it as I can read them stories again with no interruptions, and am getting more physical active again so once the weather is better can engage in outdoor activities again.


    Love the flavors as well - took some getting used to, but now, looking forward to the next delivery of other flavors to try.

    Can only recommend this product to anyone who wants to kick those pesty cigarettes once and for all.

    No nicotine withdraw symptoms (use nicotine e-liquid), and taste and health is slowly returning!
  • Small enough to take anywhere.
    Review by garyon 08/04/2013
    I bought this to use at work and in the car and so far its worked faultlessly and im very pleased with it. But when im home i use the lavertube 2 which is a little bit big for carrying around but the performance is simply awesome.
  • Best Kit out there
    Review by Alion 31/03/2013
    After trying different ecig's and kits I came across Volcano. I have since never looked back and cant stress enough that Volcano is the way forward. Excellent value for money with exceptional quality in all departments you will never go wrong if you buy a volcano.

    The customer service is second to none (10/10)

    Since having the volcano I have tried my friends equivalent ecigs and I can honestly say Valcano beats them in all departments hands down.

    So save yourself time, money and disappointment and buy yourself a volcano and keep vaping!!!!!!!
  • Top notch quality all around
    Review by Jacqueson 28/03/2013
    I chose this kit because it was looking for a mid range ecig that had a tank system as opposed to your standard OEM C4/C5 clearomizer kits on the market. The tank system did not disappoint me in the least, so far have not experienced leakage as other kits, easy to fill and looks really nice. I was impressed by the sleek design, the tiny grip indentations in the battery that make it non slippery and saves from accidentally dropping it, and its surprising light weight compared to other kits I have owned. This is by far the best kit I have put my hands on, thank you Volcano for making such a great product. The only improvement I can think of would be to have a choice of an automatic battery versus manual button.
  • New User
    Review by shaunon 27/03/2013
    This product has way exceeded my expectations.
    Im 24hrs in and have not touched a nasty :-)

    Cant wait to order lots of new juices to try.

  • Fantastic
    Review by Jayne on 19/03/2013
    I have been vaping for 6 months, and this is the best of this kind of kit i have found. I have spent a small fortune on various systems and kits and this is by far the best made and nicest looking. The tank system is the best i have tried no leaks and no flooding. excellent. thank you volcano
  • Nice bit of kit.
    Review by Tomon 10/03/2013
    I am completely new to E-Cigs and was recommended here and I started with the Inferno a few days ago. I'm not exactly sure of the difference between the magma and Inferno. My girlfriend has the Magma and I haven't tried it but from what she says it doesn't seem as strong as the inferno. Great product, although I wish I had maybe started out with the magma to get used to vaping. If you're a new Vapor then maybe try the Magma as I'm sure its not as intense. 10/10 for Volcano, Quality products, Great price, and outstanding customer service.
  • No more ciggies for me
    Review by Stuarton 02/03/2013
    I've now got 2 Inferno kits, silver & black, plus a nice selection of juices. Good quality kit with good battery life and plenty of vapour. Giving up smoking with the Inferno has been amazingly easy.
  • Excellent
    Review by Samon 27/02/2013
    I got this as an upgrade from my (other brand) basic tank and battery setup which was pretty rubbish. This on the other hand is excellent. Top class build quality, looks good (mine is silver), easy to refill tank system, long life batteries and works a treat. It's also not too bulky or heavy which some of the more "pro" setups can be. I have small female hands and it doesn't look out of place. All this for the same price as a lot of far inferior kits so its excellent value for money too.
    Also, top marks to Volcano for customer service. Order arrived quickly even with free postage - I've paid for postage and its taken much longer with other companies.
    All in all I'm very happy and will be sticking with Volcano from now on :)
  • Outstanding customer service
    Review by Michaelon 20/02/2013
    I must praise: Brilliant price, first class build quality, a very unique produce, wonderful design and fantastic assistance from the Volcano staff when I came across personal difficulties, a great experience itself. Thank you!
  • Well worth the money.
    Review by Neilon 14/02/2013
    Bought as an upgrade to my defunked ego T.
    The quality is superb and looks fantastic, it would definitely suit a beginner or novice vaper.
    I bought the inferno from the UK site and the service was second to none.
    This is definitely a brand I'm sticking with, very happy with the INFERNO :-)

  • Just as good as the real thing.
    Review by Boomer01on 03/10/2012
    Before buying this starter kit I had only ever tried small, 'cigarette looking' e-cigs. they were fidly and required too much topping up and recharging and didnt give me the satisfaction a cigarette does. I decided to buy this as my last attempt to give up my 20 a day 'real' cigarette habit. I havn't smoked an anologue cigarette since. I bought the pink kit, looks great and Battery and liquid last forever and I am a heavy smoker. It is larger than a normal cigarette but feels more durable and better quality than a normal sized e-cig. I would recommend this to any heavy smokers who no longer want the expense of normal cigarettes but want the same amount of satisfaction in smoking they usually get.