INFERNO Carrying Case

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  • INFERNO Carrying Case
  • INFERNO Carrying Case

INFERNO Carrying Case


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A stylish way to carry around your Volcano Inferno e-cigarette. This padded case comes in either black or red.

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You will probably want a case to carry around your Volcano Inferno electronic cigarette and this is the perfect choice. The Inferno carrying case comes in either black or red and is just the ticket to hold the stylish, powerful batteries from the best in vaping.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall rating
    Review by Al Won 22/10/2014
    Will fit a fully assembled inferno with the 650amh battery, spare coils and a 15ml bottle of juice. What I can't fathom is why the pockets on one side face one direction and the pockets on the other face the other. I didn't look close enough at the photo, but that is correct. The elastic is reasonably tight so I don't think things will fall out when the case when it's held upright, but over time it could relax. I mean we're told to store these up right, but anything else would be upside down..
  • Overall rating
    Keep all your accessories in one place
    Review by Geoffon 04/09/2014
    A good looking and well built case which comes with two elastic loops which are perfect for my spare tank and battery as well as 3 interior mesh bags which I use for spare coils, q-tips and and a bottle of juice.
  • Overall rating
    Carry case
    Review by Stephenon 07/05/2014
    Spotted this in accessories, the inferno is so classy had to have a case to keep it that way
  • Keeps everything nice and tidy
    Review by Paulon 30/06/2013
    An upmarket case for an upmarket product. This is a hard case allowing you to keep both batteries and juice, and other accessories all together in one place. Impressive!
  • Very convenient and protective!
    Review by Syedon 20/05/2013
    Bought one of these to go along with my Inferno kit as I didn't think the tube sock was enough protection for travel. I usually carry my devices loose in my pocket, but whenever I go away for a couple days or more - I always pack this case. Fits my two batteries (complete with a tank) as well as having room for a bottle of juice, a few clearos, usually and atomizer and any other bits of pieces i need like the needle cap or a drip tip. 30ml bottles will also fit inside, but it'll be a tighter fit - 15ml bottles are perfect! My case is black and looks great and gives ample protection to everything inside. I can chuck it into my bag and go!
  • Easy
    Review by Steveon 12/03/2013
    I carry two batteries one with a tank and one with a cart. A bottle of e-liquid plus a spare drip tip and there is still room for more and still sits in my jacket pocket. :)