How do Electronic Cigarettes Work

How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

How e-Cigs Work

E-Cig Batteries

The batteries that come in our electronic cigarette starter kits are what provide the power that is needed to vaporize the nicotine solution that we call “e-liquid”. The resulting vapor is what is inhaled by the user, simulating the the sensation of smoking.

The size of the battery greatly affects the amount of vapor the unit produces and also determines how much charge capacity is at your fingertips. That means, the larger the battery, the more continuous vaping time and the stronger your clouds of vapor will be.

MAGMA e-Cig MAGMA Kit Output Volatage: 3.7V Capacity: 220 mAH capactity Continuous Vaping Time: 1-1.5 Hours

Similarly sized to a 100’s sized tobacco cigarette. Makes transitioning to vaping easy. Best fit for casual/light smokers. Perfect for on the go.

INFERNO e-Cig INFERNO Kit Output Volatage: 3.7V Capacity: 600 mAH & 900 mAH capactity Continuous Vaping Time: 3-5 Hours

Similar diameter as a sharpie pen. Extended battery life for more vaping/less charging. Manual button activation. 5-Click on/off feature.

LAVATUBE e-Cig LAVATUBE Kit Output Volatage: 3.7V Capacity: 1600 mAH capactity Continuous Vaping Time: 8-10 Hours

Highest performance of all our batteries. Safe chemistry LIMN removable battery. Supports variable power settings of the LAVATUBE. Also available in 2000mAH capacity

E-Cig Heating Elements

The electronic cigarette heating element is known by many different types of names such as an “atomizer”, “cartomizer” or “tankomizer” etc. All you really need to know is that the heating element is the wheel that drives vapor production.

We provide a variety of different heating elements designed to suit the needs of all kinds of vapers. Every heating element we offer has one basic component and that is the heating coil. This is what heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid into the tasty vapor that you will come to love.



Come in prefilled and blank versions. Heating element built right in. Also available in clear construction.

Tankomizer System


Great flavor reproduction Sleek, rugged construction. Works great on all models

Cartomizer Tube Tank

Cartomizer Tube Tank

Comes in both 4ml and 7ml sizes. Great flavor reproduction and throat hit. Inexpensive replacement cartomizers. Fill and go convenience.

Bottom Coil Tube Tank

Bottom Coil Tube Tank

The perfect match for the INFERNO. Most convenient tank design to date. Inexpensive replacement heating coils. Fill and go convenience.

E-Cig E-Liquid


In order for the electronic cigarette to create vapor, you must supply the heating element with a steady supply of e-liquid. There are several different vapor delivery methods as explained above in the heating element section.

From pre-filled cartomizers that have the e-liquid and heating element built right in, to blank cartomizers and tank systems that give you the freedom to refill yourself with our e-liquid bottles, your options are truly endless.

What really sets us apart is our Premium, USA-Made e-liquids that are sourced from quality vendors and batch tested to ensure quality and freshness.

Vapor Chick

E-Cig Vapor

It’s time to get your puff on.

So now that we’ve combined our battery power with a steady supply of e-liquid and a heating element, we have a fully functioning electronic cigarette that will provide us with satisfying clouds of vapor with each and every puff.

For more information on how to get started check out our starter kits comparison page to see a break down of the different types of starter kits we have to offer. This will help you choose whichstarter kit is the right fit for you. Happy shopping and most of all, happy vaping.

Vapor Chick

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