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In short, How does the Volcano eCig Work?

Our e-cigarettes vaporize liquid nicotine and flavoring producing a vapor that is inhaled by the user. This is done using the unit's three main components: the Battery, atomizer/cartomizer (also known as the heating element) and the e-liquid. When a user inhales on the e-cigarette or presses the activation button (depending on which model you are using), power is delivered to the atomizer/cartomizer. The atomizer/cartomizer, which is saturated in eliquid, heats up slightly and vaporizes the nicotine liquid into a fine vapor mist which is then inhaled by the user. Please check out our How it works page for more detailed information.

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How big are your eCigs?

The Volcano eCig is almost the exact same size as a regular cigarette. It measures in at at 3.46 inches long. 

The MAGMA eCig is similarly sized to a "100's" cigarette and measures in at 4.25 inches long in the drip configuration and 4.45 inches long in a tank setup. 

The INFERNO eCig is similarly sized to a sharpie pen. The INFERNO currently comes with 2 different batteries, a 650 mAH USB battery and a 900mAH USB Battery. When fully assembled with a TubeTank, the 650 mAH USB INFERNO measures in at at 5 inches long and the 900 mAH battery measures in at 5.5 inches long.

The LAVATUBE eCig is the largest eCig we currently offer and when fully assembled with a TubeTank, measures in at nearly 8 inches long.

Below is a picture of our batteries unconfigured to show you the difference in size.

volcanoecigs battery sizes

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What am I actually inhaling?

The vapor that is inhaled by the user is primarily vaporized nicotine, propylene glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade) and Natural and/or Artificial flavoring. The nicotine level and flavor differs based on the users choice. Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes which have over 4000 chemical additives, e-Cigarettes only include the additive Propylene glycol and/or Glycerine, a non-toxic, oil based humectant which is typically found in food coloring and cake mixes. It is considered to be generally safe for consumption by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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How much nicotine is in the liquids/VOLCANO cartomizers/ and cartridges?

Extra High: 24 MG of Nicotine - 2.4% by weight
Full Flavor: 16 MG of Nicotine - 1.6% by weight
Lights: 8 MG of Nicotine - 0.8% by weight
Zero: 0 MG of Nicotine - 0% by weight

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Do the VOLCANO cartomizers come in different flavors?

Yes! We currently offer our top ten (10) flavors pre-filled for you to choose from: Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry Lava, Pineapple Punch, Kona Coffee, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Coocoo Coconut, Waikiki Watermelon and Bluewater Punch to choose from. 

We also offer blanks which can be easily filled with any of the juices in our current selection if you are looking for more variety!

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How long does each VOLCANO cartomizer last?

Each cartomizer is filled with enough liquid to give you as many puffs as half a pack of traditional cigarettes. Our cartomizers are currently sold in a pack of five (5) for the extremely low price of $11.99 which means you are getting 2.5 packs worth of puffs for a fraction of the cost of a traditional cigarette. On top of that, they are refillable and reusable meaning you are getting the best bang for your buck when buying from Volcanoecigs!

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How do I know when the VOLCANO cartomizer needs to be replaced?

You will know that you need a new cartomizer when it stops producing a good amount of vapor or the quality of the flavor has diminished.

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How long does each battery last?

Each of our batteries have a different capacity or mAH rating which means each will perform differently.  It is also important to note that your personal vaping style and habits can play a large role. Here is a general guide to use when making the choice of which type of kit you would like to purchase and use:

VOLCANO Batteries: Roughly 30 - 60 minutes of continuous use time.

MAGMA Batteries: Roughly 60 - 120 minutes of continuous use time.

INFERNO 650 mAH USB Batteries: Roughly 2 - 4 hours of continuous use time.

INFERNO 1000mAH Super Batteries: Roughly 4 - 6 hours of continuous use time.

LAVATUBE Battery: Due to the variable voltage capabilities of the LAVATUBE, it is nearly impossible to gauge the amount of time the battery will last.  However, we feel comfortable in giving a conservative measure of 6 - 8 hours of continuous vaping time.

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How do I know when the battery needs recharging?

You will know that you need to recharge your eCig battery when the LED indicator light at the end of the VOLCANO & MAGMA eCig blinks repeatedly when you try to inhale on it and the unit does not produce any vapor.  The INFERNO LED indicator light is contained within the button that activates the unit and will turn from white to red when the battery is depleted to 10% charging capacity.  At this time it is recommended to recharge them.  The LAVATUBE has a battery voltage checker which will allow you to check the voltage during use.  Once the battery voltage has dipped to 3.6 volts, it is suggested to recharge it.

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Can I vape the your eCigs anywhere?

As much as we should be able to yes, due to rapidly changing laws and a wide spread misunderstanding of our products, it is best to use your own judgment and always consult management or an authority figure before vaping in a public place. You'll find that most places that usually do not accommodate traditional smoking are usually very accommodating to eCig users. Most times it just takes a little explaining of the differences of our product in comparison to a traditional cigarette. Such as the fact that there is no second-hand smoke, lingering smells, etc. inherent to our product. However, you should use caution and sound judgment anytime you use our products in a public place.

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Are your products healthier than traditional cigarettes?

Current restriction by the FDA and other regulating bodies prohibit us from making any health claims at this time. However, we will say that our USA-Made eliquids are manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients and production standards.  Each of our eliquids are batch tested by an independent third-party toxicology test provider and are held to stringent standards to ensure against impurities. All of the ingredients have been clearly labeled on the bottle for your reference.  Our products do not produce or emit smoke, therefore many of the chemicals and carcinogens found therein are not present in the vapors that are produced. There are currently hundreds of sites and news articles that you can find online from which you can draw your own conclusions on this matter and as always, we strongly suggest that you consult a physician prior to using our product.

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Will any of your products help me quit smoking?

Our products are not marketed as, nor has it been tested as, a smoking cessation device.  It is merely a smoking alternative and is intended to be used as such.

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Who should not be using your products?

Volcanoecig products are not intended for purchase or use by minors under the age of 18, non-smokers, pregnant women, women who intend to become pregnant, women who are breast feeding, persons at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and other breathing abnormalities, or persons taking medicine for depression or asthma.

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Where can I buy your products from?

You can purchase any of our products exclusively here at volcanoecigs.com or at any of our current retail locations which can be found on the contacts page.

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What's your shipping policy and how long will it take?

We work with two shipping carriers including USPS and FedEx and offer several shipping packages through them including FREE shipping for orders over $50. To learn more about our shipping policy, please visit our Shipping page.

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Is my purchase secure?

Yes! We have a 128 bit Secure Sockets Link (SSL) encryption on all pages which are deemed sensitive including checkout and your account pages. We also work exclusively with paypal, a highly reputable credit card payment processing organization for all of our transactions. Check out paypal.com for more info.

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What if I don't like the product?

If you don't like our product or have any issues with the packaging, operation, and usage, we stand here to support you. Feel free to contact us with any of your comments/issues and we'll support you in any way that we can.

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What if something breaks or malfunctions?

If one of our products breaks or malfunctions, we do offer a 1 year limited warranty, the details of which can be found on our Warranty page. The warranty is also subject to the Terms & Conditions agreement, so please make sure you read through that as well.

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Do you offer replacement/add-on parts?

Yes! All of our replacement/add-on parts can be found on our Accessories page.

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How do I contact you?

You may contact us via mail, phone, or our ticket system. Go to our Contact Us page for more details.

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