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Non-conductive and able to withstand high temperatures, VOLCANO Ceramic Tipped Tweezers are an essential tool for any serious RBA builder. A great addition to any vaping arsenal, these tweezers are perfect for adjusting coil builds while they are still hot from dry firing.


VOLCANO Ceramic Tipped Tweezers Rebuilding a good coil involves compressing the coil while it is still hot. VOLCANO Ceramic Tipped Tweezers are equipped with tips that are molded from high-quality ceramic and are well suited for the task. Non-conductive and able to withstand high temperatures over 2000 °F, it is the perfect tool to adjust your coils while you dry fire. VOLCANO Ceramic Tipped Tweezers make rebuilding your coils much easier and is a necessity for any RBA builder. Do not use too much force on the tip when it is in contact with heated coils as the ceramic tip might crack or shatter.

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