World Health Organisation Needs to Support Ecigs

Just over a week ago, over 50 top scientists from around the world have written to the World Health Organisation in protest over their policy on electronic cigarettes. At the moment the WHO class E-Cigarettes in tobacco products, and seem to be leaning towards a ban of our beloved vaping. In light of this, the scientists from around 15 different countries have all come out against this decision in a bid to get them to change their minds on the subject. The WHO have predicted one billion preventable deaths due to tobacco smoking this century, yet they seem to refuse the evidence that shows Ecigs as the solution that could massively reduce the number of deaths.

Professor John Britton of the Royal College of Physicians had this to say: “E-cigarette use has been a consumer led revolution and grown as a bottom-up public health initiative that could save millions of lives. It has moved at a speed that shows just how much smokers want and will choose nicotine products that don’t kill. I hope the WHO and all public health decision makers can recognise and harness the health opportunities that e-cigarettes can provide.”

It would now appear that they are holding off on a final decision until more research can be completed on the health risks associated with E-Cigs, but who knows whether any other studies will convince them when so many others have failed to make an impression.

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