London Walking Tours - special offer

This a little off-topic for our usual posts on Ecigs and vaping, but we wanted to promote a new company that we've become associated with and that we thought might be of interest to our customers, both at home and abroad who might live in or be visiting London and looking for a new experience.

Introducing The LordPrice London Experience, a London-based business that specialises in fun and historical London walking tours, and games and experiences that you can book for groups and special occasions. They have an ever-expanding list of walking tours that will take you around the city of London and see things you may never have known about. Tours on the Swinging 60s, London's famed Southbank and the statues of London and their stories. These are just the beginning of what they offer.

As a bonus just for our customers, they are offering 20% off all tours by using the code VOLCANO20 when you book a tour with them.

Check them out today!

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