Variable Voltage vs Variable Wattage

As of the end of September, we at Volcano will be introducing our brand new, variable wattage, Lavatube 2.5 ( Now if you’re like me and not altogether too sure of what all these different technical terms mean then don’t worry, I’ll explain to you exactly why we’ve made the change and the benefits that you will receive.

First of all you will need to know that our previous Lavatubes were all Variable Voltage. Now this was great as it gives users the ability to modify the output of their devices so that it burns the e-Liquid at exactly the right temperature for them. Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to this as some like their flavours more intense, some prefer something a bit mellower. Whatever you like you’ll set your device to give you the best result.


Both Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage allow you to do this but in different ways. The best analogy I can think of to describe this would be the difference between an automatic and a manual car, one you have to change the gears manually whilst the other does this without you having to do a thing. Allow me to use a comparison to explain.


Imagine two devices being used by the same vaper with a 3.0 ohm cartomizer. This vaper knows exactly how they enjoy their vaping experience and so sets their device accordingly. Now with the actual vaping experience there is absolutely no difference. Our imaginary vaper enjoys their E-Liquid exactly as they like it, burning at exactly the right temperature. Then comes the time when the cartomizer needs to be changed. At this point our vaper fits a new one into their TubeTank, no problem.


With the Variable Voltage device the vaper must now check the cartomizer, which may or may not be at the exact resistance (Ohms) as the previous one. Even if it has changed by 0.1 they must now play around to find the exact ‘sweet spot’ for vaping again (as several circuit values have changed: the change in Ohms means a change in Amps – the volume of electricity). The Variable Wattage (VW) device doesn’t have this problem as once you have set the wattage (Amps x Volts) to your preferred settings it will make the necessary adjustments for you, making sure you always vape at the right power (Watts) specifically for you.


I hope that explains this rather technical issue for you, enjoy your vaping!

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