Vaping on the Train

Many a time I've been sitting on the train, wiling away a long and tedious journey by vaping on my Inferno. Very pleasant it is to, I've even converted a couple of hardcore smokers who were very jealous I was inhaling my nicotine whilst they had to wait until well out of the station. It's one of the many advantages of vaping over smoking and I must say it's a pretty great one at that.

Now, however, I read that many train companies are looking to stop us vapers from using our E-Cigarettes whilst travelling. Most of them don't seem to give any excuse whatsoever, and those that do state many odd reasons that don't seem to have much weight. I heard one company saying that they thought allowing people to vape on the train might encourage smokers to light up in the carriage. Really? I would have thought the large NO SMOKING signs may have put them off a little more.

In fact I was almost kicked off the train a week or so ago as I argued to the stupidity of the rule with the conductor who told me to put me Ecig away. Even shoving the Inferno in his face and demanding he tell me how anyone could mistake that for a regular cigarette. I realised this wasn't getting me anywhere just in time to stop myself being thrown bodily through the window, but I feel my point was justified.

It's yet another discrimination of vapers from the powers-that-be. It goes along with the ridiculous decision from Wetherpoons to do the same. As sad as it may be to admit, I think we can expect the same thing to be happening a lot more frequently as the war of the EU bans carries on.

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