Vaping in Films

Now that many celebrities have taken up the craze of vaping, we begin to see many Hollywood blockbusters and popular TV programs throwing the odd electronic cigarette into a scene. It's really great to see, so I thought it might be interesting to find out the best sightings. I'll list where I've found them, and please feel free to comment with any I've missed.


- Zac Effron in 'Bad Neighbours' just sitting, having a think and vaping away.

- Kevin Spacey in 'House of Cards'. He may be cold and calculating but he knows how to save his health.

- Johnny Depp in 'The Tourist', making sure he's looking cool as usual, helped by his ecig.

- Dennis Qaid in 'Beneath the Darkness', didn't know the design but they had a whole song titled Electronic Cigarette in the credits.

- John Cusack in 'Drive Hard' vaped his way through the whole film.

Here's been only a few but do feel free to let me know of any more you might find and the list will grow.

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