Vapers Tongue! What Can We Do?

Has it ever happened to you? Just another day vaping your favourite flavour, maybe Menthol Burst or Vanilla Bean, and then the worst happens. Suddenly you can't stand it any longer, the taste you have come to love turns to ash in your mouth.

If this is familiar then you've been struck y the menace known as Vaper's Tongue!

But never fear, for at Volcano we know that this is Not serious and definitely NOT permanent. Here I'l tell you how it happens and some great ways to cure it.

What is this affliction?

The term Vaper’s Tongue (or, sometimes, Vaper’s Fatigue) is used to cover a wide range of taste related ailments from going off a single individual flavour that you used to like to losing taste for all foods and drinks.

While the first example if this is far more common, the second can potentially be a lot more serious and is often linked to causes such as dehydration, vitamin deficiency and illness. In most of these circumstances the condition itself is only temporary and will resolve itself, but for those afflicted, here are some methods of getting rid of it that little bit faster.

Don't listen to the internet:

Sometimes trolls can catch you out with fake advice such as putting tampons in your mouth. These are lies and if it sounds ridiculous it probably is, take it out of your mouth.

Drink more water:

As I said, Vaper's Tongue can sometimes be caused by dehydration. Vaping can help increase dehydration so make sure to keep drinking water and it can help sort out any issues.

Good oral hygiene:

This should be a good idea anyway but it also helps with Vaper's Tongue. Not just brushing your teeth  but rinsing your mouth out with a minty mouthwash can always help. It's also good for fresh breath, so yet another bonus.

Mix up your flavours:

A great way of keeping off the dreaded affliction is by mixing up your different flavour types as sticking to just one can bring it on. Try, not just different flavours, but different flavour types. Sour, sweet, fruity, minty, really mix it up.

Try menthol:

Menthol is great for when you have Vaper's Tongue. The strength of menthol is enough that you'll still be able to taste it and enjoy your vaping experience, it might also wake up those taste buds and get them working properly again.


Try chewing or drinking something that has the flavour of ginger, or alternatively go for something sour or vinegary. Some vapers swear by this so it's always worth a try.


I hope this has been useful to any of you experiencing this. If you have any other tips or trick for sorting out Vaper's Tongue then do please let us know.

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