Top 9 Tips for Chasing Flavour

We all want the best out of our flavours don't we? We've spent money on great liquid, we've gone all out on the right gear, and now we want to make sure that each hit is the best it can be. But the big question is, how can we make this happen? Here I'm going to give you 9 tips to become a proper flavour chaser.

Take Care of Your Liquid

I would say that one of the most important things for getting the best out of your flavour is to take care of your E-Liquid. The flavour can degrade with poor storage so always try and keep it away from sources of heat and light. It's also best to try and minimise the liquids contact with open air. Sometimes it's worth using a method called 'steeping', the most common two ways of doing this is by either; keeping it in a cool dark place and shaking occasionally. Or by allowing your liquid to 'breathe' periodically for short periods of time.

Fight Vaper's Tongue

Check out this article on the dreaded Vaper's Tongue and how to avoid it and combat it. It can greatly decrease your enjoyment of any flavour but don't worry, it's easy to sort out and even easier to avoid.

Wattage and Temperature Settings

Each flavour has what we call a 'sweet spot' The perfect temperature that it burns at to get the maximum taste from your flavour. Each flavour is different in this regard, giving you the chance to play around with each one. Most flavour chasers will go for a device with variable wattage or variable voltage so that they can play around with the settings better. The best way to find this is to start at the bottom and work your way up until it you find the best temperature. The Lavabox is great for this as it has variable wattage, temperature control to stop things getting too hot, and you can create profiles so that you can change the settings for your favourite flavours without having to cycle through each time.

Choose Your Atomizer

Making sure you have the right atomizer is always a good idea as this is what is going to house your liquid and make sure it's burning at the optimum temperature. Most flavour chasers will go for a bottom-coil tank. A sub-ohm tank is also best as it keeps the resistance under one ohm which can really boost the flavour and vapour production. Our TubeTank Pro is great for this and something worth investing in when going for flavour.

If you're keen to go even further then you can always get into building your own coils. It's complicated but when you learn how to do it properly it can be satisfying and good fun. We have a huge range of everything you need to get started with our Tephra and Cauldron ranges.

Reduce Airflow

Cloud chasers like a lot of airflow as it produces big clouds of vapour, but this can have a detrimental effect to your taste. With tanks like the TubeTank Pro, there is a slider at the bottom which allows you to control the airflow. You don't want the airflow to be too closed off either as this can lead to less vapour production and your liquid burning too hot. Play around with it to get the absolute best for you.

PG/VG of E-Liquid

Those looking for clouds will go for a liquid that's higher in VG, but it doesn't hold the flavour as well. What you want is something with more PG to really get your taste buds working. Here at Volcano all our liquids are 50/50 PG/VG, we do this as it perfectly balances between the two camps and gives a great taste with a lot of vapour.

Wicking and Coil Materials

Silica wicks used to be the standard for E-cigs but this is all changing as they tend to mute the flavour of your liquid. That's why the tendency is now leaning towards cotton which is much better. We sell Japanese Organic Cotton which is just great for producing the cleanest taste possible. Ceramic can also be a good choice but really there are many options for you to check out.

When it comes to the atomizer Kanthal is always a good choice. Now with temperature control devices we are seeing other materials like nickel (Ni200), which still hold the flavour well. But you should avoid stainless steel and titanium which add a metallic taste to the liquid.

Drip Tip

The industry is tending toward wider drip tips which are great for vapour prodcution but, just like with the air-flow control, bad for flavour. You want to go for a narrow-bore drip tip which is most standard drip tips.

Keep it Clean

If you're switching between different flavours it's going to affect your taste. Make sure to, at the very least, give your tank a rinse with warm water whenever you switch out. You can take it apart and make sure to give it all a clean but this can be quite excessive if you're switching regularly. A quick rinse will make sure you get the best results from your liquid.


I hope this helps you chase that flavour and get the very best from your liquid. Let us know in the comments if you have any great tips as well.

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