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To follow our Tips and Tricks posted through Facebook and Twitter, here is our blog spot for all your helpful hints for vaping. Every few days we'll post some great new things for you to try but feel free to post anything you've found yourself in the comments section and we'll add it to the list.

Tips and Tricks for Vaping

- An easy one to start things off. It can be difficult pouring your E-Liquid without spilling it and wasting precious Juice. A great way of avoiding this is to get yourself a needle-tip bottle cap. They are very cheap but very effective, and can be very necessary for filling things like Clearomizers.


- Here's a great tip we found for resurrecting a spent Atomizer. Whilst it's always better to simply replace them, sometimes this can be useful for when you're waiting for a new order and need one right away:

  1. Get rid of any excess juice by blowing it out.
  2. Rinse it with water and blow it out afterwards (Doesn't need to be dried overnight).
  3. Connect it up to your battery of choice (preferably something with a higher voltage).
  4. Keep the button pushed down until the Atomizer's insides grow orange from heat (not too hot, as in white hot).
  5. Once it is then you will need to cool it. Let off the button and blow the inside from a distance, to flash cool it.
  6. Repeat the 4th and 5th step about 5-10 times. Once you have it dry it should begin to glow a lot quicker.
  7. Once at this point begin to pulse the Atomizer. Press and release the button at a rate that maintains the orange glow for about 20-30 seconds, making sure it doesn't go red/white hot otherwise it'll pop.
  8. Once this is done repeat steps 2-7 one more time.

This should give you an Atomizer that works as good (if not better) than new. It's very easy to pop an Atomizer doing this until you're used to the method so do be careful. There's also no need to remove the wick during this process as it'll clean along with everything else


- Some people like to leave their new E-Liquids to 'age' after they first get it. Apparently, like a fine wine, it can improve and strengthen the flavour. It's under debate as to whether it matters if the lid is left off but you can try each way for yourself to find the best result.

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