The E-Cigarette Summit

With the battle against strict regulations for E-Cigarettes raging on, EC Forum LTD with Smooth Event Management Ltd, have organised an E-Cigarette summit. It's a great chance for all those involved in the debate to come together and discuss the issue. Policy makers, Ecig suppliers, health professionals and scientists will be gathering for a day of debate and discussion. Tickets won't be cheap but as the event isn't funded by any outside bodies the organizers will need to try and break even. You can get tickets and information from here.

Something I personally like the sound of, is that leading debaters for the strict regulation of Ecigs will be attending to argue their point of view. Jeremy Mean form the MHRA and Deborah Arnotte from ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) will be debating with the likes of Ex-ASH boss Clive Bates and Dr. Farsalinos, an independent scientist petitioning for fairer regulations. Whilst I disagree with the stance on stricter regulations, I think it's great that they will be there to make things a little less one-sided. Rather than just another rally for Ecigs, the event will be a proper debate and hopefully a chance to change some minds.

This event will be a great chance to promote fairer regulations for Ecigs, rather than just a blanket ban that the MHRA would seem to want. Perhaps we can use this to dispel some of the ridiculous myths that surround vaping and show that a lot of what people hear is the media blowing things out of proportion. In any event it'll be interesting and I hope to be posting a report on what went on right here.

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