The Death of Smoking

Smoking rates in Great Britain have hit a dramatic low, and some would attribute this fall in smokers to the rise of vaping. Only 17.2% of British adults now smoke, which is the lowest it's been in 10 years with record high quitting rates as well. This is fantastic news for those of us who champion vaping as we can see and almost direct correlation between the rise of use in e-cigarettes and the fall in smoking tobacco. Whether we can attribute the fall in smoking entirely to ecigs isn't sure but it's undeniable that they have made a serious impact. Hopefully, this means we will see this figure drop even lower, though with the TPD this drop could be slowed.

Something of concern is the rise in young people trying vaping, now up to 30% according to ONS data. This is certainly something that the mainstream media routinely trots out and it is something that many of us e-cig vendors do worry about. But, given the lack of evidence from research to support a gateway effect, if this blocks them from progressing from tobacco experimentation into fully-fledged smokers then shouldn't we be happy that they're vaping? Only 20.7% of young people smoked tobacco cigarettes last year, and this represents a drop from five years ago when the rate was up to 25.8%. i would say that this is a good result no matter whether vaping was involved or not.

Let's hope that as the years go on we see even bigger drops in the number of vaping and people keep either quitting or turning to vaping as a much healthier alternative.

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