Reasons Why Electronic Cigarettes Work

I recently read an interesting study in the Addiction Science and Clinical Practice journal (found hereĀ, in which a study showed five main reasons why E-Cigarettes work in helping people make a healthier change from smoking tobacco. In my opinion this study seems to be more about personal opinion as well as scientific fact but nonetheless I was inclined to agree with their points. I'll sum up the five main reasons here and you can draw your own conclusions.

1 - Bio-Behavioral Feedback

Possible one of the more complicated titles but actually the simplest of reasons. The fact is that vaping is a lot like smoking in the way that it works. Not necessarily the fact that most Ecigs are shaped to look like analogue cigarettes, it's the way you inhale the vapor that has a direct correlation. The way the vapor hits the back of your throat before you inhale it is the same feeling that makes smoking so satisfying sometimes. It's why switching to vaping is so easy for smokers compared to other alternatives.

2 - Social Benefits

One of the first things I knew once I became a vaper was the amount of other people around me doing it to. When you type Ecigs in to Google one of the very first results is ECF (E-Cigarette ForumĀ and that's just the icing on the cake when it comes to forums, blogs, case studies, chat rooms, all geared towards Ecigs. The amount of online support and information to help new and old vapers alike is both staggering and reassuring.

3 - Hobby Elements

Ecigs aren't just about vaping and getting your fix of nicotine; if you want to you can turn it into so much more. It's all about the variety of products you can try, the flavours that you can purchase and create through mixing. You want something a little different? The mods on offer are endless, and endlessly fun. Vaping is something you can just have fun with, a reason to eagerly await the post.

4 - Personal Identity

The word I've been using frequently in this article, Vapers, gives us a personal identity. It stops us looking at Ecigs as merely a way to quit smoking and see it for what it truly is, it's own thing entirely. This is a healthier alternative to smoking, not an off-shoot designed merely to help people quit. The term Vaping shows the rest of the world this fact (even if a large part refuse to admit it).

5 - Difference between smoking cessation and nicotine cessation

As a smoker, when you turn to nicotine patches or gum to help you quit you're aware that this is only a temporary fix until full, cold turkey. This works for some people who really do want to give it up completely but many find themselves falling off the wagon. Many smokers also have no desire to give up nicotine even though they wish for better health. Vaping is sort of the best of both worlds. Don't fancy giving up nicotine? Want to improve your health? Here's the thing for you.

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