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  • Lavabox Instructions

    What is a Lavabox?

    The Lavabox is an advanced high-power boxmod. This is an EV (electric / electronic vapouriser) or 'ecig' of box-shape format that can have a variety of heads attached by a 510 connector system for vapourising inhalable refill liquids as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. It has an advanced digital controller.

    The DNA200 device is the electronics at the heart of the Lavabox. It is a programmable digital controller and power delivery package that uses a DC power source (lithium ion cells) to power equipment (the heads) connected via a 510 connector in order to vaporise inhalable refill liquid according to complex variable parameters that can be preset in groups, using feedback controls, and providing a digital readout, with an exceptionally high power output in terms of consumer micro-electronics (up to 200 watts).

    The Lavabox has an associated computer program called Escribe that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. This can be used to manage some of the vape parameters, and to upgrade the firmware. Firmware is a hardware-level programmable operating system that controls computerised electronic systems without needing any human interaction.

    The firmware can be upgraded: for example if new coil materials with different characteristics become available, or if a new type of head (atomiser/tank arrangement) is invented that requires different power management. This is a step toward future-proofing, the idea being that the computer controls are upgraded to suit, instead of a new device having to be purchased.




    1. Product Specifications


    The LAVABOX is a high performance box mod equipped with the powerful DNA200 microchip. Featuring temperature control, 200watts max output, internal lithium polymer battery, cell-by-cell monitoring, upgradeable firmware, and an integrated 1 amp balance charger.

    The LAVABOX can be plugged into a PC computer and tune in your perfect vape with over 93 options. You can create 8 Profiles to suit the vape performance of specific heads and refills.





    • Material: 6061 Billet Aluminum
    • Dimensions: 46.19mm x 28.1 5mm x 94.87mm
    • Battery Type: Removable Lithium Polymer 900 mAh 3-Cell
    • Output Power: 1 Watt - 200 Watts
    • Output Voltage: 0.5 Volt - 9.0 Volt
    • Output Current: Continuous 50 Amps
    • Output Current: Instantaneous peak 55 Amps
    • Temperature Limit: 200°F - 600°F





    1. Display


    Watt setting:                        The power level currently set on the DNA 200.

    Battery indicator:         The current state of charge of the battery.

    Temperature display:   When not firing, the maximum heating coil temperature setting. While firing, the actual temperature of the heating coil is displayed.

    Volts display:                       The output voltage being supplied to the atomizer.

    Ohms display:             The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device. When using a temperature sensing coil, this is the normal resistance of the coil at 70°F.







    1. Operation

    Basic operation of the DNA 200 is as follows:

    • To wake the device from a power off state, tap the Fire button.
    • To generate vapor, press the Fire button.
    • To change the wattage setting for more or less vapor, click or hold the Up and Down buttons.



    When the DNA 200 is used with a temperature sensing atomizer, an additional feature called Preheat is activated. No vapor is produced when the temperature is below the boiling point of the liquid. Preheat applies extra power until the heating coil is up to operating temperature to shorten the delay between pressing the fire button and generating vapor. Because preheat is temperature based, it will not overheat or burn the vapor.





    1. Attaching a New Atomizer

    The DNA 200 uses the resistance of the atomizer to calculate the temperature of the heating coil. It continually checks whether a new or changed atomizer has been connected. If you are using temperature protection, be careful to only attach new atomizers that have cooled to room temperature. If a new atomizer is attached to the DNA 200 before it has cooled down, the temperature may read and protect incorrectly until the new atomizer cools.

    When you connect a new atomizer or disconnect and reconnect your existing atomizer, the DNA 200 will prompt you to confirm this change. When you fire the first  time, before activating the DNA 200 will prompt "New Coil? UP YES / DOWN NO":

    • When you see this prompt, with a new atomizer, press the UP button.
    • lf you have disconnected and then reconnected the same atomizer, press the DOWN button.





    1. Modes


    Locked mode:

    Pressing the fire button five times rapidly (less than 0.7 seconds between presses) will cause the device to enter Locked mode. In Locked mode, the device will not fire and the output power will not adjust accidentally. While in Locked mode, the screen will be off, except that pressing a button will show "Locked - Click 5X".

    To exit Locked mode, press the fire button 5 times.


    Stealth mode:

    While locked, holding the fire and down buttons simultaneously for five seconds will switch to stealth mode. In this mode the display is off. It will still show error and lock messages.

    To switch back to normal display mode, hold down the fire and down buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. This setting is stored to internal flash memory, and remains if power is removed.


    Power Locked mode:

    Holding down both the up and down buttons for two seconds will place the device in Power Locked mode. In this mode, the mod will operate normally, but you will not be able to change the power setting. This mode prevents accidental power level changes due to the buttons being pressed while in a pocket.

    To exit Power Locked mode, hold the up and down buttons for two seconds.


    Resistance lock:

    The DNA 200 relies on the cold resistance of the atomizer to measure temperature accurately. lf the connection is not stable or if you find the measured resistance drifts with time, it may be desirable to lock the atomizer resistance.

    To do so, while locked hold both the Fire and Up buttons for two seconds to enter Resistance Lock mode.

    In this mode, the DNA 200 will use the present atomizer cold resistance without refinement until the atomizer is disconnected or the resistance lock is disabled. A lock symbol will replace the ohm symbol on the display.

    To disable resistance lock, repeat the procedure to lock it.


    Max Temperature Adjust:

    From Locked Mode, holding down both the up and down buttons for two seconds will place the device in Max Temperature Adjust mode. Once this mode is entered, the max temperature will be displayed. The up and down buttons are used to adjust the max temperature.

    To save the new temperature setting and exit, press the Fire button.





    1. Temperature Control - TC

    This is a temperature protection mode - you can set the maximum temperature that the atomiser coil reaches.


    How it works

    The DNA 200 directly measures and limits the temperature of the heating coil during operation. By preventing the coil from becoming too hot regardless of fluid, wicking or airflow, a variety of undesirable situations can be prevented. For example, appropriate temperature settings will prevent the wicking material from charring, which compromises taste and introduces unintended chemicals into the vapor.

    Appropriate temperature settings will also reduce the breakdown of flavoring and base liquid components, which could impact taste or safety.


    Important: coil material

    Evolv's Temperature Protection Technology requires a heating coil made from Nickel 200 alloy or other materials with a well-defined temperature coefficient of resistance, rather than Nickel Chromium or Kanthal alloys.



    If the temperature reaches the maximum value, the power (wattage) applied to the atomizer coil is reduced to prevent overheating. Please note that the temperature reading is the average temperature of the atomizer coil, so take care to construct the heating coil so that the temperature is uniform, without hot or cold spots.

    Because power, not temperature, controls vapor volume, large vapor volumes can be produced without unnecessarily high temperatures. TC is useful if the atomizer begins to dry out; the user pauses during a puff or the beginning or end of the puff; or if the power setting is too high for the attached atomizer.

    In normal operation, when the device is not firing the maximum temperature setting is displayed on the screen. When the device is firing, the average temperature of the coil is displayed on the screen.


    TC operation

    In Temperature Control, by default the Temperature Protection setting is 450° Fahrenheit. We advise the max temperature is set no higher than this, in order to avoid thermal degradation of the refill liquid. The maximum temperature is adjustable between 200° Fahrenheit and 600° Fahrenheit.

    To lower (advised) or change the limit:

    1. Lock the device by pressing the Fire button five times.
    2. Hold down the UP and DOWN adjust buttons together for two seconds.
    3. After two seconds, the maximum temperature will be displayed, and the UP and DOWN buttons should be released.
    4. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the maximum temperature.
    5. When the display shows the desired maximum temperature, press the Fire button to exit temperature adjust mode.


    Switch to degrees C

    To switch to Celsius temperature, adjust temperature down to 200° Fahrenheit, then press the DOWN one button one additional time. The temperature will switch to reading and adjusting in Celsius.


    Disable TC

    To disable the temperature control entirely, adjust the limit up to 600 degrees, then press the UP button one additional time. The temperature limit will read OFF.





    1. Profiles

    A Profile is a group of settings that suit your vape - probably for different heads. For example you can have one Profile for a dripper RBA and another Profile for a tank. Instead of having to change every setting when you change heads, you just change to another Profile.

    The Lavabox holds 8 Profiles.



    The DNA 200 allows you to save and select between 8 groups of output settings. Each group of output settings is called a Profile. To switch between profiles, put the DNA 200 into Power Locked mode by pressing and holding both the UP and DOWN buttons for two seconds. From power locked mode, to cycle between profiles, double click the Up or Down button. To select the displayed profile, press the fire button.


    What is in a Profile?

    Each profile contains the output power setting, maximum TC setting, resistance lock setting; plus other parameters (coil material, preheat) that you can fix using the firmware manager software, Escribe.

    The resistance lock setting and value for each atomizer is saved in the profile, which can alleviate temperature inaccuracies stemming from attaching atomizers before they have completely cooled. Many more output settings, including the coil material and preheat settings can be adjusted on a per profile basis using the Escribe PC software.

    Evolv recommends setting up one profile for each atomizer that you regularly use with the DNA 200. It is much faster to switch profiles than it is to set up an atomiser from scratch.






    1. Error Messages


    Check Atomizer:

    The DNA does not detect an atomizer, the atomizer has shorted out, or the atomizer resistance is incorrect for the power setting. You may just need to screw the head on firmly if it has worked loose.



    The atomizer or wiring are short circuited.


    Weak Battery:

    The battery needs to be charged, or a higher rate battery needs to be used. If this happens, the DNA 200 will continue to fire the atomizer, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Weak Battery message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.


    Temperature Protected:

    The heating coil reached the maximum allowed temperature during the puff. If this happens, the DNA 200 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired power.


    Ohms Too High:

    The resistance of the atomizer coil is too high for the current wattage setting. If this happens, the DNA 200 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired power. The Ohms Too High message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.


    Ohms Too Low:

    The resistance of the atomizer coil is too low for the current wattage setting. lf this happens, the DNA200 will continue to fire, but will not be able to provide the desired wattage. The Ohms Too Low message will continue to flash for a few seconds after the end of puff.


    Too Hot:

    The DNA 200 has on-board temperature sensing. It will shut down and display this message if the internal board temperature becomes excessive. This indicates excessive power use in a high temperature environment, or similar.

    Do not leave the Lavabox in full sun inside a vehicle - not on the dashboard in summer for example.







    1. Firmware Manager


    The Lavabox has upgradeable firmware (operational software at the hardware level) called EVOLV Escribe. You must download this to your computer. It runs on Windows and allows you to control some Lavabox functions externally, and also to upgrade its firmware.

    The DNA200 device is the electronics at the heart of the Lavabox. It is a programmable digital control package that uses a DC power source (lithium ion cells) to power equipment (the heads) connected via a 510 connector in order to vaporise inhalable refill liquid according to complex variable parameters that can be preset in groups, using feedback controls, and providing a digital readout, with an exceptionally high power output in terms of consumer micro-electronics (up to 200 watts).

    Escribe is the software package used to configure, monitor and modify the operation of the DNA 200 processor on the Lavabox. It installs on a Windows PC, and connects to your DNA 200 using the USB port.


    The Escribe website

    Escribe has a separate manual and tutorials which can be found on Evolv’s site:

    The Lavabox is powered by the EVOLV  DNA200 chip. This is the Evolv page for Lavabox owners:

    Here you can find all the information you need on firmware downloads, spare parts, data sheets, and the DNA forum. The Escribe software is the firmware viewer and upgrader, it runs on a Windows device with a USB port.


    The sections are:

    • About the DNA200 controller chip.
    • Escribe guide.
    • DNA200 tech drawings.
    • Replacement batteries.
    • DNA forum: more info and support.
  • LAVATUBE 3 DNA 40 Instructions


    The LAVATUBE 3 by VOLCANO EU is the is the device you’ve been waiting for. This product is a culmination of all the great features that past LAVATUBE models poses, however it is still the original variable voltage/ wattage device.

    It’s skilfully crafted from high-grade 6061 billet aluminium and is available in 3 colours: Black, Gunmetal Grey and Polished Silver. Though the LAVATUBE mod series is well known for Personalisation, the LAVATUBE 3 goes a step further with its interchangeable grip, which is available in a variety of colours. It also features a flush-mount 510 connection for seamless integration of the Tube Tank Pro, or any tank or RBA of your choice.

    The three-button feature has been upgraded to a circle on and off switch by the two semi-circle (+) & (-) buttons, purely for a better performance and usability. We have also improved the screen by creating a larger OLED display, which shows the atomizer’s resistance, temperature, wattage, voltage, battery life and more.

    If you decide to use Ni200 pure Nickel wire instead of a kanthal build, the unit will monitor the resistance of the nickel wire and display the atomizer’s temperature limit in place of the wattage. If it is used properly the LAVATUBE 3 will guard your vaping experience from the taste of burning wick and dry hits. The temperature control/ protection that the DNA 40 chip features, allows you to set a maximum temperature cut off limit. When the temperature does reach this range, the chip will pull back on the wattage/voltage output automatically so that the device doesn’t go over the set temperature.

    The battery for the LAVATUBE 3 is a 18650 battery, built to give you more life and performance, even when performing at a higher wattage.


    The LAVATUBE 3 comes with a factory 120 day warranty valid from the date of purchase against any and all defects in workmanship and materials. If our RMA team find that you have a valid warranty claim, then we will replace the unit in full after inspection. For more information please visit (html for website)

    For more detailed information on the Evolve DNA 40 Chipset, please click this link (Link).


    The VOLCANO EU Lavatube 3 is an advanced vaping device, which is equipped with a DNA 40 chip from Evolve Vapour that allows for 2 usage modes; Temperature protected mode and non-temperature mode. This device will automatically detect whether a temperature sensing (Nickel 200) or a standard (Kanthal etc) coil is attached. However it is up to you to engage the temperature limiting feature.


    Unscrew the 2 parts of the device. The lower part or battery bay (1) is covered with a rubber grip(5), and the top part or Control Unit(2). The two parts separate just above the rubber grip.

    Once the device has been opened, simply insert your LAVACELL battery with the negative side facing down. The Large red cross on the side of the battery should be at the top.

    STOP! Now would be a good time for you to add some Noalox to the threads of your Lavatube 3, whilst your device is open. If your interested and want to know more about using Noalox, please visit this article. (LINK)

    Now you can screw your device back together, make sure you don’t cross thread the unit.

    Once your device is fully screwed together, press the Fire Button(6) you’ll then be presented with the Welcome Screens.

    First- Lavatube 3
    By Volcano

    Second- Powered
    By Evolve DNA

    If you are not greeted by these messages or you receive and error code, then please check our error code list below.

    Finally…You are now ready to use your Lavatube 3.


    If you receive a the warning “! WEAK BATTERY” on your screen, then this means your battery charge is low and your battery needs recharging. It can also mean that a higher rate battery is needed. The Lavatube 3 will still fire if this this happens, however will not be able to provide the desired wattage. After the end of each puff, the weak battery message will continue to flash for a few seconds until the reason is corrected.

    If you choose, the Lavacell in your Lavatube 3 can be removed and charged with our XTAR battery charger, however the Lavatube 3 has an on-board charger built in. All you need to do is plug in the supplied micro USB charging lead into the micro USB port, which is on the side of the Lavatube 3 and then plug the other end into the supplied USB wall adapter or a USB Port in your computer/laptop. (Do NOT use any non-compatible USB lead)


    As long as there is a battery in your Lavatube 3, then the Power is on. If you press any button on the device it will wake from sleep mode. To stop your Lavatube 3 from activating by mistake we highly recommend that you lock your device. should you wish to store or transport it with the battery still inside.

    To lock/ unlock your device you must press the Fire Button(6) rapidly 5 times. When the device is locked the screen will display a locked screen message. When the device is unlocked, you will see a similar screen letting you know your device is unlocked.


    PLEASE NOTE: The Temperature protected mode requires a heating coil made of Nickel 200 alloy for it to function.

    Atomizer Monitoring

    During the use of the Lavatube 3, the resistance of the atomizer calculates the heating of the coil and is continually monitoring your setup to check whether or if a new atomizer has been connected. If you’re using temperature control, please be careful to only attach new atomizers that have cooled down to room temperature. If a new atomizer is attached to the Lavatube 3 before it has had time to cool, the temperature may be displayed and protected incorrectly. Your Lavatube 3 may also prompt you to confirm any changes if you connect a new atomizer, or disconnect and reconnect your existing atomizer.

    New Atomizer?

    When your atomizer is in temperature protect mode and you fire it up for the first time, the Lavatube 3 may display:


    When you see this message;

    If you have attached a new atomizer, press the “+” button to confirm.
    If you have disconnected and reconnected the same atomizer then press the “-“ to confirm.

    Activating Temperature Protect mode:

    1. Lock your device by pressing the fire button 5 times rapidly.
    2. Hold down the + and - buttons at the same time for 5 seconds
    3. After 5 seconds the maximum allowable temperature will be displayed, at this point release the + and - buttons.
    4. Use the + and - buttons to adjust the maximum temperature.
    5. When the display shows your desired temperature, press the fire button to exit the temperature adjustment screen.

    NOTE: Whilst adjusting the maximum temperature, please be aware there are both Fahrenheit and Celsius options. Make sure you have selected the correct temperature measurement.

    Temperature Protect Mode Display:

    Watt Setting: The Power level currently set.
    Battery Indicator: The current state of battery charge
    Temperature display: When the atomizer is not being fired the display will show the maximum coil heating temperature. When firing the atomizer, the actual temperature of the coil heating is shown.
    Ohms Display: The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device. This is only measured when the unit is transporting power to the atomizer. At other times it will display the most recent measurement.

    Disabling Temperature Protect mode:

    The maximum temperature is adjustable between 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius.

    To disable the Temperature control entirely:

    1. Lock the device (click the fire button 5 times rapidly)
    2. Hold down the + and - buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.
    3. After 5 seconds, release the + and - buttons when the maximum allowable temperature is displayed.
    4. Use the + button to set the maximum temperature to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, then press the + button one more time.
    5. The Set Temp will display “OFF”
    6. Click the Fire button to exit the temperature adjustment screen.

    By doing this will also disable the New Coil/ Same Coil prompt, when a new atomizer is attached.

    What the Display shows during Non-Temperature Control:

    Watt Setting: The Power level currently set.
    Battery Indicator: The current state of battery charge
    Volt Display: The output voltage that is supplied to the atomizer.
    Ohms Display: The resistance of the atomizer attached to the device. This is only measured when the unit is transporting power to the atomizer. At other times it will display the most recent measurement.

    Additional Modes:


    Stealth mode will turn off the screen, so it does not light up when any of the buttons are pressed. It’s a great mode for night time vaping, when you don’t want the brightness of the screen lighting up.

    To enter Stealth mode: (It’s advised that you set your device the way you want it, as you won’t be able to see the changes once you do.)

    1. Lock your Lavatube 3 (click the fire button 5 times rapidly)
    2. Once locked hold the fire and (-) buttons down together for 5 seconds.

    The screen will shut off and stay off until you turn Stealth mode off. Even in Stealth mode your Lavatube 3 will still display error messages and lock messages.


    To enter Power Locked mode:

    Start with the device UNLOCKED
    Press and Hold the + and - buttons a the same time for 5 seconds.
    The display will read “PWR LOCKED” (Hold + -)

    To Exit Power Locked Mode:

    Start with the device UNLOCKED
    Press and hold the + and - buttons at the same time for 5 seconds.
    The Screen will show the normal display


    The colour of the rubberized grip can be changed simply and easily, allowing you to fully customise the look of your Lavatube 3 to match your mood.


    1. Take apart the two halves of the Lavatube 3 by unscrewing them
    2. Take out the battery
    3. The rubber grip simply slides up and off the battery bay, over the threaded end of the tube
    4. Replace it with new rubber grip by sliding it on the same way
    5. Replace the battery and screw the device back together


    Taking good care of your device will make sure that it lasts for a long time and will always perform exactly as it should.


    Once a month or so you should take your device apart fully and, using a q-tip, paper towel and rubbing alcohol, clean all the threads and contacts of your Lavatube 3 inside and out.


    When you’re cleaning the device, it is a good idea to apply Noalox to the threads. When you do, always make sure to apply it only to the body threads, never the 510 connector threads at the top of the device.



    If you see this error message it means:
    1. The LT3 cannot detect your atomizer or coil build
    2. Your atomizer has shorted out
    3. The resistance of your atomizer is wrong for the power setting

    How to fix this:

    Unscrew and remove your atomizer from the device and use a flathead screwdriver to lift the contact pin which is located at the top of the device within the 510 connector. It takes some trial and error but you will know eventually when your atomizer makes contact with the device pin. If the ‘Check Atomizer’ error is still appearing, even if you’re sure the atomizer is touching the pin, you will have to take your tank apart make sure that your pre-built coil is securely screwed into the tank. If you’re using a re-buildable coil then make sure your wires are securely attached to the RBA’s posts and that none have become crossed. If none of these fix the issue then you may need to either change to a new tank or new coil.


    The coil build on your atomizer has short-circuited. Straight away you must remove the atomizer and re-check your build. Do not attempt to fire once this message has appeared until you have thoroughly re-checked your build.

    How to fix this:

    Remove the atomizer and check that the wires inside have not crossed. You may wish to consider re-building it to be safe. If it is a tank with a pre-built coil then take the tank apart and check that the coil inside is correctly installed. Once you’ve checked all the possible errors, if the problem still persists then re-build the coil or switch it out for a new one.7


    If this appears on the screen then your battery needs to either be charged or switched for a fully charged battery. Using the Lavatube 3 with a low battery will still allow it to fire but you will notice a reduction in vapour production. The ‘weak batter’ message will still flash up with every puff.

    How to fix this:

    Swap the battery for a fully charged one, or charge your current battery either within the device or in a separate charger.


    If this message pops up then it means your coil build has reached the maximum allowed temperature that it has been set for during use. If you increase the wattage to get a hotter coil temperature then the device won’t fire at that rate due to the control settings of the device.

    How to fix this:

    The Lavatube 3 can be set to protect your vape from going over a certain temperature, so if it has reached that temperature then it’s performing correctly. You are always able to adjust it lower or higher to suit your needs and preferences. When you make that adjustment then the Lavatube 3 will set a new parameter to reach before it flashes the warning sign again.


    If you attach your new coil build and see this warning sign flash, it means the resistance of your coil is too low for the current wattage setting of the device.

    How to fix this:

    Your device will keep firing when you press the activation button, but it won’t be able to provide you with the power (wattage) that you want. To fix this, you will need to either decrease the wattage, or simply re-build the coil to a higher Ohm rating. If you don’t fix this then the error message will continue to flash on-screen at every puff. And you won’t be vaping at the level you have built your coil in order to achieve.


    This error message will appear when the temperature sensing ability of your device has sensed that the device is too hot to properly operate. The message will flash first, then the device will shut down automatically if the internal board temperature is too high.

    How to fix this:

    Start by checking the resistance of the atomizer and make sure that it is in a safe operating range with what your battery can handle. Don’t use the atomizer if the Ohm rating is too low for your battery, instead build a new coil at a safer Ohm rating. Perhaps, if your coil build works fine with the capabilities of your battery, then your Lavatube 3 simply needs time to cool down. Give a good ten minute break (so that it is cool to the touch when you pick it up) until you take another puff.

  • Flavour of the Month - Kona Coffee

    This month's top flavour is Kona Coffee. When you need a pick me up in your E-Cigarette in the morning, this is just perfect. It mirrors the wonderful blend found only in Hawaiian coffee, smoky, deep and rich in texture and flavour. Fancy a change this month? Then pick up a bottle and get vaping!

  • New Flavour of the Month

    Take a look at our brand new Flavour of the Month. RY-4 is the first ever flavour made for vaping and now we bring it to you at a great price. It's an interest take on the tobacco flavour for your e-cig, some love it and some hate it but it's definitely worth a try just in case you fall in love with it.

  • Flavour of the Month - Coo Coo Coconut

    We now have a brand new Flavour of the Month, and we're all going coo coo about it. It's one of our best sellers, Coo Coo Coconut, a great taste to relax with as Spring rapidly approaches. It's a mild flavour, but one that will play on your tongue with the tropical taste of a Caribbean coconut. Vape away, and imagine you're lost on a deserted island this coming April, you'll be ready for that summer holiday in no time.

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  • The EU Tobacco Products Directive

    How the European legislation is expected to affect the Electronic Cigarette business

    You have probably heard that the bureaucratic machine in Brussels has finally decided to lump e-cigarettes (e-cigs) into its latest Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), thus regulating them officially for the first time. So what does this mean for the ecig industry? Is it an opportunity or a threat? Sadly rather more of the latter than the former, unless you are part of Big Tobacco, so here is some background and an outline of the proposals and how and when they may be implemented.

    Until now ecigs have been regulated by general trading standards regulation as they are not medicines, despite the attempts to have them classified as such, or a tobacco product, or at least not in a way that such a classification has always meant to apply. However the commercial interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the tobacco industry, with their enormous resources for political lobbying and PR, have prevailed in Brussels to include ecigs in EU tobacco legislation so that they will be specifically regulated for the first time.

    A ‘Directive’ is a method of controlling legislation across the EU by laying down certain end results that must be achieved in every Member State; it is effectively a pan-EU law that all countries must obey. Once in place each EU country must duplicate the legislation; a country may introduce stricter laws in this process, but not laws that are more lax or more permissive.

    All sales and marketing of tobacco in the EU are controlled by the Tobacco Products Directive, which is the core regulatory instrument for these products. This directive controls what products may be sold, how they may be sold, and how they may be marketed in the EU. No EU country can sell or market tobacco-related products unless as regulated by the TPD.

    The TPD, as it pertains to ecigs, is an unfortunate mish-mash of ill-thought-out, illogical and irrelevant measures, the end result of which, should they be fully implemented, would effectively be to restrict the ecig market to pre-filled cartridges on cig-a-like batteries.


    The main proposals in essence are:

    • E-liquid to be supplied in refill containers not exceeding 10ml, disposable ecigs or in single use cartridges;
    • Electronic cigarettes and the refill containers must be protected against breakage and leakage and have a mechanism ensuring leakage free refilling;
    • Cartridges or tanks shall not exceed a volume of 2ml;
    • E-liquid not to contain nicotine in excess of 20mg/ml;
    • Various regulations on quality control and permitted ingredients in e-liquid;
    • Various regulations on labelling and the like;
    • No advertising permitted, as with tobacco cigarettes;
    • No cross-border sales – ie you cannot sell from one EU country to consumers in another;
    • Manufacturers and importers of ecigs to submit full sales data and information on which consumer groups use their products.

    In practice, the following will be banned or probably banned:

    • All currently available refillable products (just about every tank, clearomizer, cartomizer etc)
    • Rebuildable mods and replaceable heads
    • Vari-volt and vari-watt products would be either banned or reduced to a very few models indeed as the testing regime would be enormously expensive.

    E-liquid flavours as such are not banned but the high cost of complying with the regulatory framework under which they must be produced will greatly restrict the number of possible suppliers and the range available.

    It does rather seem that the TPD is designed to protect Big Tobacco’s entry into the ecig market and negate the competition from smaller and innovative newcomers, competition which is severely eroding the conventional tobacco market. The pharmaceutical industry aren’t too worried either, as they make their money from the illnesses caused and exacerbated by smoking, and the largely ineffective smoking cessation products they sell. And who will most likely be looking after the UK’s implementation of the TPD? None other than the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), a QUANGO largely funded by …. the pharmaceutical industry!

    Finally, each national government must pass laws which implement the detail of the Directive, but can be stricter if they wish to, as with the various countries that straightforwardly ban ecigs. Of course in the UK we like to do things properly and then actually abide by the laws which are properly enforced, which is not always the case elsewhere in the EU.

    What is the timetable for all of this? The TPD was passed by the European Parliament in April 2014, came into force on the 20th May 2014, and must now be implemented by law in all of the individual EU countries by the 20th May 2016. There is however a provision for ecigs which delays the relevant articles by six months to the 20th November 2016. And then any ecig products on sale at that date (but not new products introduced afterwards) may continue to be sold until the 20th May 2017.

    Is there any good news? Well not much if this all proceeds as it stands, but I am somewhat sceptical that it will. Regulation of the quality of hardware and e-liquid can only improve the standing of our business and consumer confidence in it, which must be a good thing. But can the detail of the TPD really be implemented? Take the clause specifying the necessity that “Electronic cigarettes and the refill containers are protected against breakage and leakage and have a mechanism ensuring leakage free refilling”; can that really be drafted in any realistically enforceable way?

    We can but hope that when it actually comes down to drafting enforceable legislation, the difficulties of reconciling the TPD, much of which conflicts with other EU laws and directives, which in reality may well prove a stumbling block. There is every chance that legal challenges will be made to the legislation, although the pockets of those defending the TPD, ie Tobacco and Pharma, are effectively a bottomless pit of money and those who might oppose have limited resources; and in law, of course, money talks. And then our relationship with the EU and its legislative process is not exactly an immovable feast as it currently stands.

    What can you do? Lobby your MPs and MEPs like crazy, because this legislation is crazy, and sign up to the European Free Vaping Initiative ( ) – and get all of your friends and family to do likewise. Look out for and support Trade Associations, and if there is a credible request for crowdfunding of legal action then please donate.

    So watch out for what’s happening, and make sure you are able to give your opinion on what’s happening in the future of your E-Cigarettes.


    Written by Tony Price, Managing Director of Volcano EU

  • The E-Cigarette Summit

    With the battle against strict regulations for E-Cigarettes raging on, EC Forum LTD with Smooth Event Management Ltd, have organised an E-Cigarette summit. It's a great chance for all those involved in the debate to come together and discuss the issue. Policy makers, Ecig suppliers, health professionals and scientists will be gathering for a day of debate and discussion. Tickets won't be cheap but as the event isn't funded by any outside bodies the organizers will need to try and break even. You can get tickets and information from here.

    Something I personally like the sound of, is that leading debaters for the strict regulation of Ecigs will be attending to argue their point of view. Jeremy Mean form the MHRA and Deborah Arnotte from ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) will be debating with the likes of Ex-ASH boss Clive Bates and Dr. Farsalinos, an independent scientist petitioning for fairer regulations. Whilst I disagree with the stance on stricter regulations, I think it's great that they will be there to make things a little less one-sided. Rather than just another rally for Ecigs, the event will be a proper debate and hopefully a chance to change some minds.

    This event will be a great chance to promote fairer regulations for Ecigs, rather than just a blanket ban that the MHRA would seem to want. Perhaps we can use this to dispel some of the ridiculous myths that surround vaping and show that a lot of what people hear is the media blowing things out of proportion. In any event it'll be interesting and I hope to be posting a report on what went on right here.

  • Variable Voltage vs Variable Wattage

    As of the end of September, we at Volcano will be introducing our brand new, variable wattage, Lavatube 2.5 ( Now if you’re like me and not altogether too sure of what all these different technical terms mean then don’t worry, I’ll explain to you exactly why we’ve made the change and the benefits that you will receive.

    First of all you will need to know that our previous Lavatubes were all Variable Voltage. Now this was great as it gives users the ability to modify the output of their devices so that it burns the e-Liquid at exactly the right temperature for them. Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to this as some like their flavours more intense, some prefer something a bit mellower. Whatever you like you’ll set your device to give you the best result.


    Both Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage allow you to do this but in different ways. The best analogy I can think of to describe this would be the difference between an automatic and a manual car, one you have to change the gears manually whilst the other does this without you having to do a thing. Allow me to use a comparison to explain.


    Imagine two devices being used by the same vaper with a 3.0 ohm cartomizer. This vaper knows exactly how they enjoy their vaping experience and so sets their device accordingly. Now with the actual vaping experience there is absolutely no difference. Our imaginary vaper enjoys their E-Liquid exactly as they like it, burning at exactly the right temperature. Then comes the time when the cartomizer needs to be changed. At this point our vaper fits a new one into their TubeTank, no problem.


    With the Variable Voltage device the vaper must now check the cartomizer, which may or may not be at the exact resistance (Ohms) as the previous one. Even if it has changed by 0.1 they must now play around to find the exact ‘sweet spot’ for vaping again (as several circuit values have changed: the change in Ohms means a change in Amps – the volume of electricity). The Variable Wattage (VW) device doesn’t have this problem as once you have set the wattage (Amps x Volts) to your preferred settings it will make the necessary adjustments for you, making sure you always vape at the right power (Watts) specifically for you.


    I hope that explains this rather technical issue for you, enjoy your vaping!

    For more information and a great discussion on the subject be sure to visit this thread on ECF:

  • Tips and Tricks

    To follow our Tips and Tricks posted through Facebook and Twitter, here is our blog spot for all your helpful hints for vaping. Every few days we'll post some great new things for you to try but feel free to post anything you've found yourself in the comments section and we'll add it to the list.

    Tips and Tricks for Vaping

    - An easy one to start things off. It can be difficult pouring your E-Liquid without spilling it and wasting precious Juice. A great way of avoiding this is to get yourself a needle-tip bottle cap. They are very cheap but very effective, and can be very necessary for filling things like Clearomizers.


    - Here's a great tip we found for resurrecting a spent Atomizer. Whilst it's always better to simply replace them, sometimes this can be useful for when you're waiting for a new order and need one right away:

    1. Get rid of any excess juice by blowing it out.
    2. Rinse it with water and blow it out afterwards (Doesn't need to be dried overnight).
    3. Connect it up to your battery of choice (preferably something with a higher voltage).
    4. Keep the button pushed down until the Atomizer's insides grow orange from heat (not too hot, as in white hot).
    5. Once it is then you will need to cool it. Let off the button and blow the inside from a distance, to flash cool it.
    6. Repeat the 4th and 5th step about 5-10 times. Once you have it dry it should begin to glow a lot quicker.
    7. Once at this point begin to pulse the Atomizer. Press and release the button at a rate that maintains the orange glow for about 20-30 seconds, making sure it doesn't go red/white hot otherwise it'll pop.
    8. Once this is done repeat steps 2-7 one more time.

    This should give you an Atomizer that works as good (if not better) than new. It's very easy to pop an Atomizer doing this until you're used to the method so do be careful. There's also no need to remove the wick during this process as it'll clean along with everything else


    - Some people like to leave their new E-Liquids to 'age' after they first get it. Apparently, like a fine wine, it can improve and strengthen the flavour. It's under debate as to whether it matters if the lid is left off but you can try each way for yourself to find the best result.

  • Introduction to E-Cigarettes

    Hi, here we have an introduction to the world of E-Cigarettes. If you're new to ecigs, take a look at this video and find out all about the great new craze sweeping the world.

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  • Charging the Inferno

    Hi, and welcome to the instruction video for using Volcano’s Inferno. This will give you the ins-and-outs of using the Inferno.

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  • Intro to the Clearomizer

    Hi, and welcome to the instruction video for using Volcano’s Clearomizer. This will give you the ins-and-outs of using the Clearomizer.

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  • Intro to the TubeTank

    Hi, and welcome to the instruction video for using Volcano’s TubeTank. This will give you the ins-and-outs of using the Cartomizer.

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    Our brand new Customer of the Month:

    Brian Tomlinson
    What is your name?
    Brian Tomlinson

    How long have you been vaping and how long have you been using Volcano?
    I’ve been vaping and using Volcano products for three years.


    What products do you currently use?
    I use a LavaTube II with Volcano brand MEGA Clearomizers and full strength BlueWater Punch and Vanilla Bean e-juice.


    What’s your favourite product from Volcano?
    My LavaTube II, it’s a beast!


    What are your favourite Volcano flavours?
    BlueWater Punch and Vanilla Bean.  They are strong enough to taste, but in no way overwhelming.  My wife says that she can catch a slight whiff of them and that they smell pleasant.


    When did you decide to become a vaper, and how has it changed your life?
    I decided to start vaping after I found out that my children had developed asthma despite my best efforts to never smoke in their immediate vicinity.

    Have you ever fallen off the wagon and gone back to smoking? If so what’s your current smoking situation?
    Three times and only for a day or two at a time.  The only reason why these events happened was because I had not timed my orders properly and ended up running out of juice or usable cartomizers/atomizers before my shipments had arrived.  Each time I resorted to analogue cigarettes or cigars while awaiting a shipment, I’d end up vomiting.


    How much money do you think you’ve saved by taking up vaping instead of smoking? Do you do anything interesting with the extra money?
    I’d guestimate thousands, I was a very heavy smoker before vaping.  Any money saved from no longer using analogues ends up going toward small trips to fun places for the kids, new computer hardware, or (now) savings.


    What are your goals with vaping? Do you plan to quit altogether or remain a vaper?
    I have no intention of quitting vaping.  There’s no harm being done to myself (other than the effects of nicotine, which are almost no different from the effects of caffeine), there’s no harm being done to the people around me (studies confirm no second hand nicotine), and with all of the negative aspects of smoking not being at all apart of vaping, there’s no real reason to cease what is an enjoyable activity and conversation starter.


    What would you say to people thinking about making the switch to vaping?
    Do it! Sure, the first two weeks will be a bit rough (I went “cold turkey” from analogues to ecigs) but the benefits are readily able to be seen, felt, and smelled.  Do make sure that you go with a high quality brand like Volcano, the quality of hardware has a lot to do with the vaping experience.  Other “good selling” brands may not provide high quality batteries, or worse, atomizers/cartomizers, which means that, regardless of ejuice strength, the hit you get won’t be at all satisfying.  Spend the extra few bucks on the initial investment of a great piece of hardware from Volcano, as well as the recommended accessories, and you’ll find yourself a much happier camper.


    Anything else you’d like to share with us?
    Volcano rocks! Your service is top notch, you provide your products to a wide audience, and the quality of your products ought to be the bar that all other providers seek to exceed, if they aren’t already. Thank you also for being able to ship out here to Norway, you guys are lifesavers!

    Thanks Brian! Until next month Vapers!
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