Possible Australian Ban on Cigarettes

Whether this is completely true or not still remains to be seen but I've come across a couple of different sources today stating that the Australian government could be thinking about a possible ban on cigarettes in favour of allowing E-Cigarettes if they're found to be a healthier alternative.

According to The Age National, this ban could happen in 2015 if a study being funded by an NHMRC (National Health and Medical Research Council) project grant proves that Ecigs are the better way to go. Now since this study isn't being funded by the Australian government it can't be verified whether they are seriously considering this tobacco ban but it looks like all the components are there.

As Australian vapers will know, their government isn't the most tolerant bunch when it comes to ecigs and many vendors have been told they're not allowed to be selling E-cigarettes with any sort of nicotine in. As you can imagine this becomes a bit of a problem for most people interesting in making the switch from analogue cigarettes. So this move would be enough of a U-turn that it may be a slight exaggeration of the actual situation.

However, if this does prove to be the truth then the news looks hopeful for our Ozzy cousins. Every test has found E-Cigarettes to be safer than conventional cigarettes, so it seems very likely that this test will find the same results. Could this prompt a change in attitude from the government? We can only watch, wait and hope.

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