Paris VapExpo

A few weeks ago we were present at VapExpo in Paris. It was absolutely fantastic to see the vapers of Europe and especially France coming out in force. If you've never gotten the chance to visit one of the many Vape Expos that continually appear all over the place then you're missing out. So many different companies were showing off their impressive wares with music, models, freebies and samples galore. At one point I tried a fantastic liquid of Lemonade and Cucumber.

If you were there then you would have seen us in our typically Hawaiian booth with palm trees, sunsets and very tasteful Hawaiian shirts. We also had our usual full range on display with our brand new LavaLine (which went down a storm) and the brand new Lavatube 3. We also trialled our two new flavours, Salted Caramel and Pina Volada to great response.

You can see a couple of pictures from our Paris adventures on our Facebook and Twitter so make sure to follow and we'll see you at the next one!



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