New EU Vote on Ecig Ban

Today marks a great change in attitude by the EU government towards E-Cigarettes. The vote on how much the EU should regulate Ecigs today ended up being a great victory for those who have been campaigning for months (even years in some cases) to keep our Ecigs from fading away. The end result is that E-Liquid will not be classified as a medicine, meaning that strict regulations and taxes will not be placed on strengths and flavours.

There will be regulations but these will mostly be aimed at advertising and selling to minors, which is not the end of the world. There is also a new regulation on the amount of nicotine allowed in E-Liquid, It is now limited to 30mg. This is quite a large amount so it shouldn't trouble too many of us. The important thing is that the main goal of medicinal classification has been overturned.

We're still unsure of the full ramifications of today's decision but the outcome is being viewed as a definite positive one by EU vapers. Many campaigners in the UK have been keeping abreast of the situation with the MHRA and their intention to regulate Ecigs as a medicine regardless of the EU vote. We're still unsure if today's events have changed things but hopefully we will soon find out.

So whilst today has been a triumph we can't relax just yet, especially for us here in the UK. The battle has been won, but the war rages on.

You can see a brief outline of what happened in the EU here:

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