New Ecig Study

So this week the news on Electronic Cigarettes has been going mad over this new study that's been released saying that using E-Cigarettes is 60% more likely to help you stop smoking tobacco over going 'cold turkey' or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). In a study done by the University College London on 6,000 smokers attempting to quit, they found Ecigs to be far and away the best way to do it for the majority. This study was published in the journal Addictions, and really sheds some light on some key problems that critics are having with vaping.

This week we saw sites like the Guardian and the BBC reporting on this great new finding that once again asks questions on why there are those who would want to ban E-Cigs. This still won't assuage fears of the health risks that they may pose but even so, with this new statistic and theĀ fact that ecigs cause so much less harm than smoking tobacco, how could you disagree with the need for them in our society. There are literally millions of lives that could be drastically improved if only the government would get behind the vaping movement.

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