New E-Liquid Mix - Vanilla Coffee Cake

Need something different to satisfy that sweet tooth with lent firmly underway? No problem, this is one that's guaranteed to peek your interest. We present the Vanilla Coffee Cake mix, just the thing for you mad vaping scientists out there to concoct on a cold February evening.

For this one you'll be blending Vanilla Bean, slated Caramel and Kona Coffee to give you the taste of a freshly baked cake. This is one you can vape in the morning to get you up, after a nice cup of tea, or even an after meal treat.


  • 50% Vanilla Bean
  • 30% Kona Coffee
  • 20% Salted Caramel

How does it taste? Ask Kapua over in the States:

“ On my inhale I taste the creaminess of the coffee mixed with vanilla bean, then on my exhale I can taste the sweetness of the salted caramel. It’s super creamy, definitely perfect for vapers who love creamy flavors.”

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