New E-Liquid Mix - Bluewatermelon Mint Smoothie

Take a few minutes to yourself now and take a break with this week’s E-Liquid Mix of the Week, BlueWatermelon Mint Smoothie for a berry punch e-liquid flavour with a refreshing hint of mint that will surely take the edge off of your busy day.

Light and fruity flavors can always satisfy, so our talented mixologists were inspired to create an e-liquid flavour that would leave every vaper who tried it incredibly satisfied and much more relaxed after a quick vape session. Combining three customer favourites, they knew they hit the nail on the head with a blend of fruit flavors, sweetened coconut and a touch of mint.

On inhale, the juicy flavors of blueberries, watermelon and fruit punch envelope your palate. It combines with the nutty taste of ripened coconuts and ends in a fruit-filled minty exhale that lingers long after each puff. The ideal blend of fresh fruits and icy cool mint makes for a great all-day-vape that you’ll surely enjoy vaping away on.

The Mix

70% Bluewater Punch

30% CooCoo Coconut

2 drops of Menthol Burst

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