New ASH Study

Earlier this week ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) completed a study on who, in the UK, uses E-Cigarettes. One of the main arguments against vaping and E-Cigs has been that it acts as a gateway to smoking for those who have never smoked before. Apparently electronic cigarettes "normalised" smoking in the eyes of children and teens, and made people think it was okay to smoke. Well ASH have now found this to be complete and utter rubbish. In fact it shows that, of all ecig users in the country regularly vaping, only 0.1% of them have never smoked before. It also shows that one third of vapers are now ex-smokers thanks to ecigs, the other two-thirds have used them to cut down on tobacco smoking. ASH has always been a little on the fence when it came to Ecigs but even they have to admit that these findings go a long way to showing how effective they can be when it comes to helping smoker cut down or quit.

You can find the study here.

A list of useful statistics can also be found here.

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