Introduction to E-Cigarettes

Hi, here we have an introduction to the world of E-Cigarettes. If you're new to ecigs, take a look at this video and find out all about the great new craze sweeping the world.

So what are E-Cigarettes?

So you’re thinking of trying them out for yourself but want to know what you’ll be getting in to? Well electronic cigarettes are exactly what they sound like; these are devices that use electricity to release a vapour allowing you to inhale the nicotine you would normally receive from a standard cigarette. By inhaling the vapour you can take in the nicotine without so many of the nasty chemicals and carcinogenics you would find with the tobacco equivalent. E-cigarettes range from styles that resemble an analogue cigarette, to futuristic yet stylish devices that can be used on-the-go. They also cut out second hand smoke, allowing them to be used in places an analogue cigarette would not. Oh, and not to forget that they are considerably cheaper to use and refill!

What’s all the fuss about?

Ecigs, as they’re more commonly known as, are now widely available for anyone to give them a try. In essence they are a healthier alternative to smoking that millions all over the world are taking advantage of. There is a huge selection of devices to use, plus an even bigger selection of flavours to choose from in any strength of nicotine you desire. The choices on the market are endless and allow users to have fun and enjoy getting to grips with the community at large.

An entire sub-culture has sprung up online in the last few years, all centred around E-Cigarettes. Terminology helps the users talk to each other about what brands they like, which flavours they’re trying and what advice they can offer to first timers. Using an Ecig is referred to as ‘vaping’, users are ‘vapers’, the liquid used is ‘juice’; plenty to get your head around but all the more enjoyable because of it.

Where should I start?

Well here at Volcano we have starter kits specifically for those who are just getting in to Ecigs and want everything they need to get vaping straight away. The two that we recommend for someone just starting out are our Magma and Inferno range.

The Magma kits are great if you’re finding the transition from analogue cigarettes difficult and want something that looks similar. Each battery can be fitted to either a Tankomizer or a Cartomizer, which makes it look like the original. Once you draw on the Magma the tip will glow, the battery will heat the juice and you can inhale the flavour. Each kit comes with a great carton that not only looks great and is handy for carrying around everything you need, but will also keep the batteries charged whilst you’re not using them. For information on the differences between Tankomizers and Cartomizers you can check out the videos on our blog section.

The other option is our Inferno range. This is a little different in that it’s a small, stylish device that can be carried round with enough battery power and juice to last you longer than a pack of cigarettes. It’s simple to put together and comes with a TubeTank and Clearomizer that works with any of our products. It’s sleek and easy to use so you can get going from the moment you open the box. And as with each of our kits, we’ll send one bottle of E-Liquid in any flavour you desire, just to give you a chance to try one of our fantastic range.

Understandably some of the names and choices of equipment can seem complicated at first and that’s why we have these starter kits. Essentially it’s all about personal preference as to whether you prefer a Clearomizer from a Tankomizer, therefore you should go ahead and try the one that appeals to you the most. Have a look at our videos to if you want to see the products in action.

And good luck vaping!

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