Intro to the Clearomizer

Hi, and welcome to the instruction video for using Volcano’s Clearomizer. This will give you the ins-and-outs of using the Clearomizer.

This video will explain how to fill and use a Clearomizer, or Mega-Clearomizer. They are an improvement upon the cartomizer design and are the next step in vaping technology. They are a heating element that includes an atomizer and E-Liquid reservoir. They are most notable for delivering the truest E-Liquid flavour.

First equip your bottle of E-Liquid with one of our needle-tip bottle-caps. This also comes in handy for removing the two plastic rings in order to fill the clearomizer. First insert the needle-tip in and use it to pop each cap out as shown. Make sure you know which way they came out so you can put them back in the correct way. Once these are out you can see the exposed heating element and the two filling holes on each side. Now just push the needle-tip into the hole and begin to fill the reservoir. Feel free to switch holes to make sure each side is filled to the top. Once it’s filled, pop the two plastic pieces back in the correct way. Or only the first plastic piece if you’re using a drip tip.

You can use the Clearomizer with any of the Volcano devices, but if you’re using them with the Inferno, make sure to grab one of our cones, or XL cones for the mega-clearomizer, for that sleek look. Well that’s it for the clearomizer, make sure to check out our other instruction vids for more information.

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