How to Build a Coil

Welcome to the world of mechanical mods and RBAs. The world of vaping offers users from all walks of life different options, and mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers are most certainly another world in itself.

For those dabbling in the world of ego style devices or “cigalikes” the jump to mechanical mods may seem daunting. Fear not! There is tons of information out there on where to start and what to do.

In this video we will build a simple coil on a RBA. Let’s get to it.

What you’ll Need:

Mod, Battery, Multimeter, tweezers, wire clipper, wick, wire, coiler jig (optional)

There are many different kinds of wire, a good place to start is a standard 28 guage Kanthal USA Made resistance wire.

To begin, take your wire and cut 2 strips about 6-7 inches long.

After you have cut your wire, grab your coiler. You can use an easy jig such as this coiler shown here to wrap your coils or opt to use drill bits and hand wrap the coils. The coiler is simple and makes prefect coils.

The jig comes complete with different size rods to wrap around which will have an impact on your final resistance depending on what your desired final resistance level will be. Some trial and error is necessary here for beginners, don’t worry.

Insert your wire in the inlet opening and give it a half wrap so the wire points straight up.

Take the coiler end of the jig and use the small metal guide to start wrapping your coil. The trick is to keep the coil wraps tight together. Make 6 full wraps.

Once complete, remove the coil from the jig. With your wire clippers trim the excess leads and leave about 1.5 inches on either end.

Repeat for one more coil.

Grab your RBA and screw it onto your multimeter, this makes it easier to build on. In this video we are using a 3 post CAULDRON RBA. The center post will be the positive charge and the two outer posts will be the negative charge once the wire is installed.

Take one of your two coils and install it in one negative side and one positive side. It is easier to screw down the negative side first and move on to the second coil. Do the same on the opposite side of the RBA with the second coil.

Now that both negative terminals are tightened, go ahead and slide in one positive coil lead. Now is a good time to trim the positive lead. Finish with the second lead and tighten down the center post.

Once complete, turn on the multimeter to read your resistance. You should be somewhere between .2 and .4 for a beginners sweet spot. Lower resistance levels will result in hotter vapes and are recommended for more advanced users.

Pay close attention to the resistance level before installing on your device and using, operating with resistance levels which are to low is dangerous. For more information visit

Now that your RBA is showing a safe resistance level, reinstall it on our mod and give it a dry fire. Your coils will light up orange, be careful, they are hot!

Let the coils cool down and grab two small pieces of wick about this big. Twist one end of each wick to make it easier to be pulled through your coil . Once inserted, it helps to frey and trim the sides of the wick before tucking in the access wick neatly into your Rba.

Now that your wick is properly installed, get your favorite juice and start dripping to saturate the cotton. Once fully primed, you are ready to vape your new build.

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