Great New E-Liquid Mix - Oven Baked Apples

Here's something new to our blog and something new for you to try at home. In this article I'll show you a great mix of different Volcano E-Liquids in order to create an amazing new flavour...Oven Baked Apples.

Now that Autumn is here we thought we'd create a great new flavour and our mixologists have been working hard to find the very thing to vape as you watch the leaves turn brown and fall from the trees. This great taste is a mix of Aloha Apple, Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean and Red Hot Lava.

Check out this review by Alison from our Wahiawa Café:

“The Red Hot Lava really made this flavor pop! On inhale I can taste the vanilla and caramel, creamy and delicious—really like it. Then on my exhale I get a nice touch of semi-sweet apple pie flavor. It’s a really good take on oven-baked apples! It’s not too heavy of a flavor either, so if you like dessert flavors you’d definitely like this as an all-day-vape.”

To make this you need a mix of:

  • 50% Aloha Apple
  • 30% Salted Caramel
  • 20% Vanilla Bean
  • 2 drops of Red Hot Lava

Get mixing and let us know your results on Facebook and Twitter!MOTW-OvenBakedApples_header

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