Glasgow and E-Cigarettes

So for those of you who enjoy a bit of sport I expect your excited to be hosting this year's Commonwealth Games. It should certainly prove to be an excellent event and whilst I won't be making it up that far north, I'll certainly be tuning in to see the athletes competing in such a great city. There is, however, one minor hiccough in what should be a great time for all, Ecigs have been banned from all venues..........

I was very disappointed to see this recent development as it came in tandem with their decision not to allow smoking in any of the sports venues or on the grounds. The ban of smoking is a great idea, and one I agree with wholeheartedly, but I can't help but think they're missing a trick by allowing E-Cigs, and thus the promotion of a healthier alternative. Instead it seems the organisers have bought into the false propaganda of E-Cigarettes being unsafe and marketed towards children.

If you wish to stop many of the sports fans from smoking and getting the urge to smoke, then Ecigs are the best way to do that. Perhaps we would do better with Commonwealth organisers who are a little more informed on the facts of vaping.

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