For the last several months vapers have been taking to Twitter with the hash tag EUecigBan. Originally this was used to express our outrage and support for those against the original vote that occurred in the EU parliament as to whether stricter, medicinal regulations were needed on Electronic cigarettes. The vote ended up going in our favour but the war is far from won, and now #EUecigBan has almost become a rallying cry for vapers to fight against organisations like the MHRA and others round the European Union who would effectively ban E-Cigarettes and regulate them as medicines. Type it into Twitter and you will find constantly updating tweets from vapers all over the continent expressing their heartfelt opinions on the matter.

Usually when I log on to Twitter during the weekends leading up to Christmas I'm inundated with Tweets telling me how wonderful certain X-Factor finalists are and how well they've done in their sing-offs. Well last weekend the #EUecigBAN ranked higher than X-Factor tweets by something like a hundred to one. This type of recognition gives us vapers strength to carry on battling the governmental forces that seek to regulate and ban what to many has become a life saver. This is merely the face of an ongoing campaign to bring the rest of the world into the know when it comes to Ecigs and how they can be a much better alternative to Tobacco, and not this monster that many in government and media make it out to be. In fact we can see a marked difference in the way modern media is treating vaping from this great article from the Independent that is such a refreshing change from the scare tactics we have seen in papers like the Daily Mail.

So next time you're on Twitter or even Facebook make sure to help get the phrase #EUecigBAN trending. Social media has given us a voice to say NO to those who try and stop us so let's use it.

You can also get involved with this event here.

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